Van 4 or Bust!

We have wonderful news! Because of RPM’s wonderful fosters and volunteers, strict health protocols, and focus on customer service, we have several no-kill groups and shelters in other states wanting to work with us and save BARC’s death-row dogs and cats. Many of these places have just a few dogs and/or cats in their entire program, and they have a waiting list of adopters. Accordingly, these groups really want the harder-to-adopt pets, including the big dogs that have heartworms. Families want to adopt them!

The problem we have run into is that we have more demand than we can accommodate with our current three vans, and we are desperate for a fourth van ASAP to go on this Thursday’s transport. Our crazy goal, then, is to raise $65,000 in just 3 days! To do that, we need serious help from you!

If each of you who read this post donated just $15 to $20 RIGHT NOW, we would raise enough to buy a van outright. It is the only way we can do it.

As an incentive, below are dogs that we would NEVER have been able to save without a fourth van. We rented a van last week to carry a load of cats up to Colorado. The rental is terribly expensive, and we cannot afford to rent every week.

So look into the eyes of these lovely souls, and please donate and we will share your name as a comment to our Van Fundraising Facebook Post. We are trying to get over 4000 donation comments, and we have a LONG way to go.

Please, donate by clicking here!

Please help us help these babies!

Jacob is a 4-week-old puppy that needed surgery so we couldn’t hold him for 2 shots. He could travel only if he only rode with cats, so he rode in the fourth rented cat van!

All of these sweeties are heartworm positive, and we would never have been able to save them before:


unnamed (1)

Large, length-of-stay pups, who otherwise had no chance:



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