When the Wheels Come Down

On Friday we had our first transport of the new year–fifty-two dogs boarded the van in a couple of locations.

Tinsel was ready to roll!

So were all these adventurers.

Of course, there were plenty of puppies making the journey.

Sometimes it can be hard for fosters to say goodbye because they all take such loving care of one another.

But new friend Shorty is there to be a strong and comforting presence for Halo and Angel on the trip.

And they’re on their way!

Thanks as always to BARC, the boarders, vets, transporters, fosters, volunteers, donors, and our dedicated affiliate organizations in Colorado who will find all these dogs their best forever homes.

2 thoughts on “When the Wheels Come Down

  1. Kimberly Peeples - January 4, 2014

    I sure missed coming home to little Derby last night! Can’t wait to see him in his new home!!

  2. Patti Hinson - January 6, 2014

    It sure was hard to say goodbye to my foster puppies Halo and Angel !!!!!!! I miss their sweet faces.

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