Another success story: Rodney

Here’s an update from our friends at Houston’s Homeless Pet Placement League:

Meet Rodney, calm as can be, before boarding the van and riding to his forever home in Colorado. Once again HPPL and Rescued Pets Movement have partnered to save a great animal. Rodney came to BARC with two fractures, leg and hip. BARC reached out to RPM and RPM reached out to HPPL. As a result of all parties working together, this sweet dog had surgery, received plenty of love and care in his RPM foster home and after his “trip to the Rockies” met his adopter last weekend. We hope you never tire of these heartwarming stories of team work resulting in lots of smiles because HPPL has more coming up in the next few weeks.

This is what happens when rescue groups work together, and we’re proud of our partnership with HPPL.

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