Success Story Saturday: Dexter (formerly Aries)


Today’s Success Story Saturday is about Dexter. When he was an RPM dog his name was Aries. His foster mom, Lisa, described him as “a special boy. The love he has shown just confirms that a rescued soul is forever grateful. He is SO LOVING….he will climb up in your lap and lay there for hours…he likes to be close and those sweet floppy ears and eyes just melt our hearts.” Aries was moved to one of our rescue partners in Colorado and became Dexter. He was adopted by Megan, who sent Lisa the following message:

Aries (Recently renamed Dexter) is now living in Laramie, Wyoming. I met him on the Gondola in Telluride and fell instantly in love. He spent a week with me traveling around Colorado on my Spring Break. Now he has settled into life in Laramie. He loves taking several walks on the prairie everyday and he loved going to my ranch this weekend. He really loved the horses, and they liked him too!

We are working hard on obedience and will start a class in the summer. I’m hoping, with his mellow attitude and kind heart, he will one day become a therapy dog I can take into my classroom.

He still loves to snuggle, which I love! I’m pleased with how well we get along and by how quickly I’ve become his mom. Thanks for bringing him west!

2 thoughts on “Success Story Saturday: Dexter (formerly Aries)

  1. Marilyn Russell - June 1, 2014

    I have now helped 13 babies I feel so happy for them all…God Bless you all

  2. rescuedpetsmovement - June 1, 2014

    Thank YOU for everything you do!

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