Success Story Saturday: Gipsy.

An update from Gipsy’s new home in Montana:

Gispy is doing great, she’s growing like a weed, and is a healthy 13.5 lbs. She’s one week away from getting her STAR puppy certification. Her confidence levels are up and rules over the cats; Pippin has gotten used to her, and she’s constantly cuddling up next to him or crawling all over him…We were just playing outside so I took a few photos and I thought you might like to see them. It’s been snowing fairly heavily here and she’s loving the snow, when it’s warm enough to play [outside]. Hope all is well!


1 thought on “Success Story Saturday: Gipsy.

  1. Becky - February 16, 2014

    Dear John–I loved seeing these photos! Thank you for sending them to RPM. It means a lot to the fosters and volunteers to see the dogs and cats who’ve passed through our hands in their new homes. Gipsy looks like she’s having the time of her life!

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