Success Story Saturday: Kira.

Kira was an RPM adoption dog who lost one eye because of a severe case of glaucoma, but that never stopped her from being very sweet and loving to everyone she met. She went to a couple of adoption events here in Houston, but for whatever reason she was overlooked every time. That was fine by Kira’s foster mom, Bevin, who absolutely adored her and enjoyed the time Kira spent with her family. Finally, a potential adopter in Las Vegas was found and Kira traveled to Denver, Colorado, where RPM friend extraordinaire Kiersten was waiting to personally drive Kira to her new home. We really had to twist Kiersten’s arm to do a road trip to Vegas. (*sarcasm*) Kiersten told us, “We got there at 5:30 in the morning after Easter Sunday and she had coffee and cinnamon rolls ready and it wasn’t even just like a drop off. We sat and talked with her and Art till after the sun came up. I may or may not have cried when leaving her.” We had a feeling Kira was home. The above photos are of Kira in the backseat of Kiersten’s car and of Kira in her new home with Karen, Art, and her brother Charlie. The below note from Karen, Kira’s new mom, is from one of many emails sent to Kiersten and Bevin, because Karen is wonderful about staying in touch. She’s also just wonderful.

We are beginning day three! It seems like we always had her. She follows us everywhere, so now Charlie follows us everywhere! When she sees us with the leashes in our hands, she gets so excited for her walks. (I say “walks,” but it’s just around the block!) She is always meeting new neighbors and new pets. Her behavior is impeccable; we’re hoping some of it will rub off on Charlie and that none of his behavior rubs off on her! They seem like great friends. This morning I decided to walk her by herself so we could have a little girl time. As we were leaving, she looked back a few times and whimpered–I think wondering where he was! She seems to like it better when we’re all together. She is just so sweet! Art and I had to leave for an hour yesterday afternoon to buy a new washing machine. She was either anxious to go with us or anxious that she was being left. We kept reassuring her that we were coming back and this was her forever home. When we returned, we gave her a treat and told her she did a great job of holding down the fort. I can’t thank the both of you for all you did for Kira–and for us! I knew when I saw her little face that I had to have her–especially when I read her story. When we’re explaining Kira’s story, by the way, to others, Art still becomes emotional.

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  1. Judy Indest - September 6, 2014

    Nothing I EVER get in an email moves me like all these precious stories of saved pups going through the RPM system. They bring tears of joy every time. Makes me reach for my checkbook to support this blessed work

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