Success Story Saturday – Late Edition: Brooks Brothers Dog.

Last weekend we were in Colorado visiting some of our rescue partners and attending a fundraiser they held to benefit RPM. There wasn’t a lot of down time and I completely forgot about doing a Success Story Saturday post. My apologies. Here it is now. It’s a good one!

Rescue has been a family affair for us. All of our fur babies have been rescues, and our son, Tristan, has volunteered for years with the founders of Rescued Pets Movement. It has become a way of life.

So when Simon and I went to a fundraiser for RPM, we were amongst friends. I looked across the parking lot saw a dog who was so stunning I was simply drawn to him. The voice of my rational side (that would be Simon) kept reminding me that we had six fur babies at home, and that we couldn’t have another one. I told him I knew that, and then took the handsome boy out for a walk.

Brooks Brothers Dog, formerly known as Harris, was rescued from BARC’s death row. He had had his ears chopped off, most likely by a pair of scissors (according to the vet). He was frantic for attention, and for action. This is one active dog.

Simon watched me for the next few weeks, and kept saying, “You’re thinking about him again, aren’t you?” Of course I was! Simon relented, on the stipulation that our girls got along with him. The initial introduction was a hit with one dog, and pretty shaky with the other. Brooks’ wonderful foster parents were there, and were very patient with us as we all got to know each other.

Brooks Brothers Dog now lives with his sisters, Foley Dog and JC Penney Dog, as well as 4 cat brothers (although he is still learning how to treat feline family members with care and respect). He adores Tristan’s rescue baby, Atticus. A very happy, friendly, loving boy. We are so lucky to have him!

Thank you!

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