Success Story Saturday: Madison (formerly Betty Boop)


One of our Colorado rescue partners wrote to tell us that they picked Betty up and delivered her to a foster/possible adopter home and reported that she “was the most broken dog Jeff or I had ever met…some horrible human had abused the life out of her.” Despite that, like us, they were convinced Betty Boop could bounce back and be a happy dog again. We were thrilled by the email from Betty’s adopter that our partner passed along to us. We agree that it’s a great statement for the resilience of the canine spirit:

This is Maddy (short for Madison, who was Betty) and I promise this is the very last time I will change her name! About thirty minutes ago, she had gotten up from the laundry room, with no coaxing or treats from me, and came over and laid down by my feet while I was doing dishes! I had to sit down and cry!

Last night was okay; I ended up carrying (she absolutely would not walk on the leash) her out back twice and once out front with no success.

We had one accident this AM which was absolutely my fault; a great success out back because of that accident; two and a half hours of alone time while I went to my appointment (no accidents while I was gone!); an incredibly successful second trip out back with some coaxing and treats (no carrying or leash trauma anymore) while Kris and Zach (they were most instrumental in this endeavor!) were here for dinner and she has been roaming on her own throughout the kitchen most of the evening. She finally worked her way over to where I was and laid down and then I got my first kiss. I’m sorry, but I just had to sit down next to her and have another cry. We are going to make it, I just know we are!

So I will call you all tomorrow and let you know how our evening goes. We hope you both have a great rest of the night and thank you so much for indulging me and for bringing me this sweet loving girl.
Lynda and Maddy/Betty/Brooklyn

1 thought on “Success Story Saturday: Madison (formerly Betty Boop)

  1. juliet - May 10, 2014

    That story made ME cry! Thank heavens for loving people. 🙂
    And thank you, RPM!

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