Success Story Saturday: Buddy (né Ruger).


I’m willing to bet anyone who has met Ruger and read the title of this post is very excited to know how he’s doing. I suspect Ruger has never met anyone he doesn’t like, because he’s one of those dogs who has nothing but love and affection for everyone he meets. I can never understand how dogs like him are turned in to BARC. The first time I met Ruger he was hanging out with us on Transport Day and would go home afterward with Jon, one of our volunteers who agreed to foster Ruger for us. I crouched down to say hello on his level and Ruger leaned against me and lay his big head on my shoulder. Nothing but love from the big lug. Everyone had nothing but praise for Ruger that day, and he soaked up their love as if he were a dog shaped sponge.


While he had him, Jon had nothing but good things to say about Ruger. I’m sure if he could talk, Ruger would say the feeling was mutual, because Jon took very good care of him. We quickly had interest from a Colorado adopter and Ruger returned to Transport Day, this time as a passenger and not just an observer. He was transported to Colorado at the end of March. Everyone was sorry to see him leave, but happy someone was willing to give him a chance. Tears were shed for both reasons.


I’m happy to say I received an email from Kiersten, who coordinated Ruger’s Colorado adoption, and she said that when they met his adopter “dropped to the ground in work clothes and started playing with him and ruger was in heaven!” In a more recent email Kiersten said this:

Things are going well! He has been renamed as Buddy and he is close to perfect! Bobby, the adopter, is head over heels. He keeps going on about how smart he is and he’s so excited to get him into training to see how much he can learn!


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