Success Story Saturday: Charlie.

Some of you may recognize Charlie from the large photo (pictured in the above gallery) hanging in our office, which was taken by Holly Davis when she fostered Charlie and her siblings, back when Charlie was known to us as Noel. Recently, Charlie’s family got in touch with me via Facebook to let me know how much they appreciate RPM for bringing Charlie into their life.

One month after getting married and one week after moving to Denver Colorado, my new husband and I passed a 4 Paws 4 Life adoption event at Petco and we instantly knew that we’d be leaving with a dog!

Sure enough, within 5 seconds of being at the event I spotted baby Charlie fast asleep in her crate and I knew we’d love her forever. She was so sweet and cuddly, with the most adorable playful side.

About a week after adopting Charlie I was on the Rescued Pets Movement Facebook page and saw that a foster family in Texas had posted a picture of three puppies of all different colors, but one really caught my eye. She had the same black and white fur with little spotted “boots” on her paws and a small white smudge on her nose – just like miss Charlie!

Long story short, we connected with the sweet Texas family and after exchanging many pictures and stories of our sweet girl, we learned some seriously heartbreaking news – at 1.5 weeks old, Charlie and her two siblings were 45 minutes away from euthanasia before they were rescued!

If the sweet foster families in Houston had not stepped up to save these innocent animals, or if RPM was not dedicated to transporting hundreds – now THOUSANDS! – of animals to safe homes, Charlie absolutely would not be here with us today.

I already cannot imagine our life without Charlie. I guess the saying is true… Who rescued who?!

But seriously, you guys do absolutely incredible work. If I could quit my job tomorrow and rescue full-time with you, I would in a heart beat. 🙂

Kristen, Trevor and Charlie

If you’ve adopted a former RPM dog or cat, we’d like to hear how thing are going! Please email with your story, and feel free to include photos or videos. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Success Story Saturday: Charlie.

  1. kathy baksi - February 22, 2014

    Charlie was so special that she and her sibs actually had three fosters!! Griffin took them for a night or two but ended up bringing them to me when she became concerned . I bottle fed them until they got on mush and then I gave them to Holly. She was kind enough to take them when I got sick. Lucky for them that Holly is a professional photographer. Now they are immortalized on the RPM wall for everyone to see!! It was Christmas time so we named them Noel, Rudy and Elfie. They were sick little pups but they came around nicely. I have a photo of her on my intake if you would like it. It’s true, they were 45 minutes away before Griffin drove down to get them. It’s Griffin who saved their lives.

  2. Kristen Evans - February 24, 2014


    Holly mentioned that she’d had more than one foster! Thanks so much for taking care of our sweet girl! I’d love any pictures you have!

  3. Griffin Kanter - February 26, 2014

    I was the one who did pickup your Charlie as well as her 2 siblings. I responded to the plea to pickup up the pups late in the afternoon and with Houston traffic barely got to BARC before closing. My husband stopped and got bottles and puppy milk and I fed the pups that night. I teach at a massage school and brought them to school the next day and two of my students helped feed them that morning. I am not an experienced bottle baby foster so RPM put me in contact with Kathy. I was concerned because one of her siblings was not nursing. My husband and I drove the pups to Kathy’s house on the north side of Houston so that they could be cared for by a more experienced foster. I am so happy to hear about how much you love your new baby and so glad that she is going to have such a wonderful home.

  4. Judy Indest - June 7, 2014

    Please ask Colorado families who DO adopt our foster dogs to send photos and stories. That’s all that keeps us going….I keep looking for a photo of my fostered pups in someone’s lap in Colorado.

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