Success Story Sunday: Apollo (formerly Monet)

Success Story Week comes to a close with Monet, who was adopted by Arete in Colorado. Monet is now named Apollo and, judging from the above photos and below note from Arete, he’s having the time of his life now.

I’m very happy to tell you that Apollo loves it here in Colorado. I live far up in the mountains and he runs free all day. (Don’t worry there aren’t any animals near my house that can hurt him.) I’m sorry if I’m wasting your time but I would love to tell you more about him! I really do love him. When he naps, which he does a lot, he will jump on the couch with me and lay right on my lap. He’s the cutest little guy if I do say so. I have also taken him to a few different lakes, and he is quite the swimmer. He’ll come into my kayak with me and just stare dreamy eyed at the water going by. He also decided it was a good idea to jump into the lake. That’s how I found out he can in fact swim quite well…in January my dog, Angel, of 11 years passed away. I hadn’t been able to move on for a long time. [This] summer I chose to take the step of getting a new puppy. I visited many shelters and searched online for a long time, but when I saw the 4 paws 4 life website I decided to go to an adoption event. I held another puppy first. She wiggled and wiggled and I wanted a calmer dog. So I put her back and asked to hold one of the two brothers. Apollo was the first out so I held him. He turned in my arms and wrapped his front legs around my neck. He just stared at me in the most intelligent way. I knew right then he was perfect! He’s been my savior, lately.

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  1. marika - September 10, 2014

    Okay, that one teared me up.

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