Success Story Sunday: Bella.

Bella was rescued by local animal welfare organization Adore Houston last February. Adore made RPM an offer we couldn’t refuse. They made sure Bella was completely vetted and up to date with her vaccinations, found a foster home for her, and offered to sponsor Bella’s transportation to Colorado to one of our partner rescues. We don’t normally venture outside of partnership with BARC, but we made an exception in this case because we had room on that week’s transport and found a rescue for Bella to go to very quickly, and because Adore was very cooperative and willing to work with us. Not long after we moved Bella to Colorado, we received the following email and above photos from her new family:

We found Bella at a local rescue where they were giving her excellent care. From day one she was sweet, friendly, eager to learn, and [has been] happy in her new home. Bella has been spayed, has been to our personal vet, and is very healthy and playful. She sleeps with me and plays with [everyone]. We have another canine family member who we also rescued. He is 13 years old and we have had him for 10 years. They are great friends. I will include pics of them together. When we think of all the loving effort it took all of you to get Bella to a place where we could be Blessed with her…it leaves me speechless. Please know she is loved and will always be cared for with us as her family. God Bless You All.

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