Success Story Sunday – Hippos

Hippos arrived at BARC as a tiny, week old pup with his mom, Fancy, and his eight brothers and sisters. After a short stay with a foster in Houston, Fancy and pups all went to their Colorado. They spent more than six weeks together with their foster before they were weaned and ready to be spayed/neutered and listed for adoption. Fancy and eight of the pups were adopted immediately.

The last remaining pup had been affectionately named Hippos by his Colorado foster family because he had looked so much like a baby hippo with his white fur and pink skin. A week later, Hippos had an adoption application pending and was due at an adoption event for his Colorado rescue. His foster mom woke up to find a note from her children taped to her door – “We want to keep Hippos!” With his adoption already pending and a house full of animals, his foster mom just couldn’t agree to keep him. They were late, but Hippos went to the adoption event. His foster family went home with lots of tears and a broken heart. A couple of hours later, his foster mom got word that he had not been adopted. The pending adopter had selected another puppy. In her words,

“I was speeding all the way back to get him. It was the best feeling to pick him up and kiss his black nose again. I was so happy. Right there I knew. No matter what, I want to see this pink face, floppy ears, and black nose in my house and not in that crate again. I don’t think I could ever have as many hugs from my kids as that night I told them ‘Hippos got adopted… by us!!’ We were so happy.”

Hippos1 Hippos3 Hippos4

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