Success Story Sunday- Iko

Success Story Sunday – Iko

Last spring, Iko was found living under a bridge in Houston with a momma dog and her puppies. He was a sweet guy, but in terrible shape. He was heartworm positive, covered in mange, and very sick. We started treatment here in Houston, and his forever mom, Becki, has continued his treatment in Colorado. We’re happy to report that Iko is happy, healthy, and his strength is improving every day! He’s a true Colorado dog, with cross-country skiing and hiking being two of his very favorite activities.

Thank you Becki for giving Iko such a wonderful, nurturing home!

Iko1 Iko2 Iko3

1 thought on “Success Story Sunday – Iko

  1. Judy Indest - January 10, 2016

    Wow! How happy and healthy that pup looks now in all kinds of weather. Blessings to Becki for a wonderful heart and effort

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