Success Story Sunday – Jarvis (fka Sully)

RPM doesn’t just transport and place dogs and pups, we also save cats and kittens!

Jarvis (fka Sully) traveled to Colorado as part of the “Disney Crew,” with momma Elsa and six siblings. Jarvis was scooped up practically the moment he arrived, and he is happily settling in to his new home. From his adopters:

Sully, now named Jarvis, is doing amazing. He fits great with our family. He is so playful but yet so cuddly. He always wants to be with us! Thank you for rescuing him so we can have the perfect little boy in our life.

We had the opportunity to touch base with the Disney crew’s Houston fosters, Katie and Ally, as well. As you can imagine, fostering eight crazy kitties was an adventure! From Katie:

This was definitely one of the most fun groups to foster. They were at the perfect age of pure madness! They would run all over the place and attack each other or you. They loved toys, like any toy; they could have been great cat toy testers! Once they’d all start to fall asleep, it was silence for a couple of hours, and then they’d be back at it again. Seeing stories like Sully’s turn out so well makes fostering worth it. Knowing he has a loving home is what makes loving eight kittens for two weeks, then letting them go, easy.

We’re so grateful to Katie & Ally for opening their home to the Disney Crew, as well our Colorado partner rescues and the forever families, for giving these babies a life and a home! We couldn’t save these animals without the team effort!

Jarvis1 Jarvis2 Jarvis3

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