Success Story Sunday- Lucy

Success Story Sunday – Lucy (fka Scar)

Lucy (formerly Scar) was a cruelty case from BARC, and she was in horrible shape when she came to RPM. She spent ages at the vet as they stabilized her, and then another two months in foster care before being ready to go to a forever home. She nearly tripled her body weight and regrew a beautiful coat over her months of RPM care. At 10 years old, she’d lived a life full of cruelty and neglect, but somehow still maintained a beautiful personality. Her foster was amazed at how boldly she investigated her new home, and how trusting and sweet she still was! She’s a friendly and loving kitty, bold and curious about her surrounding and other animals, and loves toys and cuddles. We’re thrilled that she has found a forever family right here in Houston that will spoil and provide Lucy with the life that she so deserves.

Lucy Before:


Lucy in Foster Care:

Scar_foster1 scar_foster2 scar_foster3

Lucy in her Forever Home:

scar_forever1 scar_forever2


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