Success Story Sunday – Lucy

Poor, sweet Lucy (formerly Chica) arrived at BARC as a confiscation case. She had been left to die in an abandoned apartment without any food or water, and had been there for some time when she was finally found. As a victim of horrible circumstances, she was terrified when she arrived at BARC, and her fear and shyness lead to her being marked for behavior. She was an unlikely candidate for adoptions, but managed to earn extra time because of her pending abandonment case. Despite the extra time, she quickly found herself on BARC’s Length of Stay list and again in danger.

It was at this point that Lucy’s luck really began to improve. She was pulled from BARC by RPM and transported to one of our partners in Colorado. She was adopted immediately upon arrival, and her new family is absolutely thrilled with her. Despite her rough start in life, she holds no grudges and has been fantastic from the moment she arrived. She loves her new family, is already house trained, knows basic commands, and is even ignoring the cat.

Photo and comments from her new family:

Bella1Totally blissed out in a very weird position after her bath, which she was a perfect little lady for. She is definitely housebroken, can sit, shake, and almost lay down on command. Continues to be pretty much disinterested in the cat, and he felt safe enough to jump down and walk in front of her to get to his food. So smart, and so wiggly this morning that she was slapping herself in the face with her tail! We named her Lucy, and she is ours forever. Thank you so much!

We’re so thrilled to have been a part of Lucy’s second chance at life. She has grown into a wonderful ambassador for her breed, and how a little love can change a dog’s life.

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  1. Alexi - March 11, 2015

    awwww…. my heart is so happy for Lucy

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