Success Story Sunday – Melvin

Melvin was special to Amanda, his Houston foster. Not only was he her family’s first foster, they’d actually seen him on the BARC adoptions page and considered adopting him! They decided they weren’t quite ready to adopt, but would try fostering to get their feet wet. (What better way to adjust to the responsibility of having a pet than to save a few lives in the process?!) Amanda joined the RPM mailing list, and was beside herself when none other than Melvin appeared on the foster plea. Of course, she immediately snapped him up. He was only five weeks old when pulled from BARC, but was sweet and smart. He played well with Amanda’s 18 month old, and quickly started to pick up potty training.

It was hard to let him go, but Melvin had a wonderful family waiting for him. He transported to Colorado in February and is doing so well in his new family! He loves playing all day and cuddling all night. He has doubled in size, is almost completely house trained, and can sit on command. He just started puppy classes, and will no doubt continue to pick up tricks. From his new dad, Ross:

“One thing is certain, he is now truly a member of our family.”

We couldn’t continue to do what we do without our Houston fosters. Melvin is lucky to have his forever home in Colorado, but he would have never gotten there without the love and compassion of Amanda and her family.

Melvin Playing with his Foster
Melvin Cuddling with his Forever Family

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