Success Story Sunday: Ninja & Minnie Cooper

Fosters! Do you complete a Foster Report Card or send a letter for each of your temporary babies? Aside from it being a cathartic way to say goodbye, foster insights into the personality of each foster baby can greatly help with placement and transition into their forever homes in Colorado. If you choose to provide your contact information on the report card, you may even receive updates from some families!

One of our RPM fosters sent both Ninja and Minnie Cooper to our rescue partners in Colorado. She recently received these photos and word from their forever families that both are doing great and loving their new lives! It’s great to hear that Ninja and Minnie are doing so well!


Minnie Cooper - Success StoryMinnie Cooper

If you need a copy of the Foster Report Card, contact our lovely foster coordinators and they can get a soft copy sent to you. Just complete the details and bring a printed copy to Transport!

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