Success Story Sunday – Roo (formerly Boo Boo)

Roo was found last summer with a broken and badly injured leg that had to be amputated upon her arrival at BARC. After recovering with a foster in Houston, she transported to Colorado and was adopted by Sue, a veterinary technician perfectly suited to care for a 3-legged dog.

Fast forward a year, and Roo has been a busy dog! She is healthy and happy, and is best friends with her three dog and four kitty siblings. She goes to daycare twice a week, and even earned her therapy dog certification this past March! She now visits hospice patients and nursing/healthcare facilities with Sue, putting smiles on many faces.

Roo couldn’t have found a better family in Colorado. It’s fantastic to hear how her life has turned around, and the wonderful ways that she is helping others.

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3 thoughts on “Success Story Sunday – Roo (formerly Boo Boo)

  1. marika - July 26, 2015

    That last pic is adorable … and look at her she was given a chance and she is the best a dog can be!

  2. Sue - July 28, 2015

    That last pic is actually the first pic I ever took of her when I picked her up from the RPM transport in Denver. Happy girl!!!

  3. Becky - July 28, 2015

    Sue, you and Roo are doing good work! What a wonderful life and opportunity for this beautiful dog.

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