Success Story Sunday: Scarlet (formerly known as Gayle).

photo (3)

At the end of March we moved Gayle to MaxFund Animal Adoption Center, one of our no-kill rescue partners in Denver, Colorado. She was adopted by a wonderful family and renamed Scarlet. Her adopter, Shannon, commented on this post on our website and said:

Hi, we recently adopted a dog that you transported to Colorado. You know her as Gayle. She is in a photo from March 27, 2014. We adopted her from a no kill shelter in Denver – The Maxfund. I want to tell you how happy we are with our new family member. She is very high energy and keeps us on our toes – especially our cat! She loves riding in the car and playing with Kong Air Balls and Kong rubber toys. She was also thrilled to discover that we have many squirrels and rabbits in the neighborhood to chase. In a few short days I have already increased my running speed in order to keep up with her! Our daughter loves to play fetch and other games with Scarlet in our backyard.

I emailed Shannon and asked her if she could send us some photos of Scarlet. Shannon sent me the following note shortly thereafter, along with the photos in this post:

I love what you are doing to try to find homes for so many dogs. We are lucky because Scarlet really wants to please us. She hasn’t had an accident in the house at all which I was expecting. She is well behaved in her crate and sleeps all night without a sound. She is quite a chewer so my daughter is getting a good education on keeping things put away and her bedroom door closed. My daughter picked her out at the shelter because Scarlet loves to play as much as my daughter does. Scarlet has a lovely personality and is trying very hard to learn the house rules–don’t chase the cat and don’t chew on anything but dog toys.

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