Success Story Sunday – Scout (formerly Tulip)

Scruffy Scout is growing quickly and settling comfortably into her new life in Colorado. Her new family loves her cute personality! From her new mom:

“She is growing SO fast.  She’s gained two pounds since we’ve had her.  We have all fallen hard for her.  She’s incredibly cute and has such a funny personality.  She enjoys things like chasing her own tail and falling over when she’s trying to get at an itch at her back end.  She’s in puppy school and is a quick learner, she’s mastered sit, down and working on sit/stay among other things.  She is fearless, she’s already attacked a squirrel in our backyard and is getting lots of dog park time and walks. We took her over to the Chatfield Dog Park this weekend and she got into the water for the first time and had a blast splashing around and trying to bite the water.”

We’re so happy to hear that Scout is having a wonderful time, growing and learning like crazy in her new home!

Scout1 Scout2 Scout3

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  1. marika - June 14, 2015

    now this makes me smile

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