Once again, team work means success!

Meet Mona Lisa and Buddy, two dogs who’ll find their homes in Colorado thanks to the combined efforts of RPM and Homeless Pet Placement League. Here’s what HPPL President Debby Ryan shared:

These two wonderful dogs came into BARC in horrible shape, so our friends at RPM agreed to take them. And of course, HPPL agreed to help underwrite medical care. Mona Lisa had her ear completely ripped from her head and a bulging eye; both likely as a result of inhumane treatment. But she’s a cutie now with one ear up and an ear flap on the other side. Her whole body wags to say thank you. Buddy boy was found with a fractured femur, tibia and pelvis. To add insult to injury, he had mange! With a great surgeon and a terrific RPM foster mom, he overcame his injuries in fine fashion. We know they made it safely to Colorado last Friday and now we are waiting to hear who opens their hearts and homes to these sweeties. HPPL was founded to provide life saving medical care to animals. Proof positive with these two …not to mention another opportunity for two Houston animal organizations to come together and make a difference. Are you smiling!

Another success story: Rodney

Here’s an update from our friends at Houston’s Homeless Pet Placement League:

Meet Rodney, calm as can be, before boarding the van and riding to his forever home in Colorado. Once again HPPL and Rescued Pets Movement have partnered to save a great animal. Rodney came to BARC with two fractures, leg and hip. BARC reached out to RPM and RPM reached out to HPPL. As a result of all parties working together, this sweet dog had surgery, received plenty of love and care in his RPM foster home and after his “trip to the Rockies” met his adopter last weekend. We hope you never tire of these heartwarming stories of team work resulting in lots of smiles because HPPL has more coming up in the next few weeks.

This is what happens when rescue groups work together, and we’re proud of our partnership with HPPL.

A Letter from Farfel’s Farm in Colorado


We received this lovely note and pictures this morning and wanted to share them with all of you. We often hear people questioning what RPM does: how we manage to save the number of dogs and cats that we do (2,467 transferred to date!), whether our pets are in good health when they arrive in Colorado, and whether the pets we save are going to reputable rescues there. We hope this letter and these pictures shed some light on those questions and put a smile on your face like it did ours.

We want to say “Thank You” to each of you — our volunteers, fosters, local transporters, drivers, donors, and word-spreaders — who make it possible for RPM to do what it does.

Thank you,

Your Friends at Rescued Pets Movement

A Note from Farfel’s Farm Rescue
in Colorado About Its Mission
and RPM
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Sandy Calvin. My partner Jeff Richey and I have owned Farfel’s Farm (farfels.com), a dog & cat boutique on the lovely Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder for the last 10 years.

Farfel’s Rescue (farfelsrescue.com) was born 9 years ago of our passion to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Our long-term goal has always been to use our rescue experiences to set up spay/neuter educational programs for school-age children. They can have such a profound impact on their parents’ decisions. Our hope is that these kids will grow up to understand the importance of fixing all pets and consequently watch our severe overpopulation numbers go down until euthanizing for space is an antiquated memory.

We have set out on a mission to save as many lives as possible in a responsible and loving way. With the aid of Colorado State University Veterinary Science Center, as well as rescue-friendly vets and trainers, we set up a program that has met with great success.

The concept is to procure a commitment upon arrival from Texas for a 2-week foster with intention of adopting. During this period, Farfel’s provides premium food, a safe harness, treats and chew toys as well as vet care for any issues that may arise. We also require a 5-page application process (with follow-up with any questions or concerns), initial interviewing of all family members, home visits with photos, and reference checks with vets and neighbors. These dogs deserve no less! If at any time in this 2-week period the potential adopters perceive it’s not a match, we move the pup into a Farfel’s foster home to work on any behavioral challenges that may have arisen. We are so grateful and thrilled that this program has met with incredible success.

We are very excited with the responsible placement of almost 450 dogs in 2013 — 3 becoming Meeters & Greeters at retirement communities, 6 joining families as companions to autistic children, 1 becoming a service dog for a hearing impaired 3-year old child, 2 becoming wheel chair companions for paraplegic veterans, and 4 becoming the life-line for dementia/Alzheimer’s patients. I’m sure you can understand our gratitude (as well as that of families that these dogs have bestowed their gifts on) to Rescued Pets Movement and the gift they’re bestowing in both Colorado and Texas.

We had never before experienced the professionalism, loving care, and meticulous follow through that is evident on each and every RPM transport. We are always aware that if a problem arises (and isn’t that the very nature of what we’re trying to accomplish?), an RPM representative is always there with support, advice, and follow through to effectively deal with any issue. And this is all offered with the utmost of respect and caring concern. I feel completely safe in saying that this loving and responsible help (with follow through) is highly unusual in the frenetic rescue world.

I look forward to saving many more Texas lives with the guidance and partnership of RPM. It really does take a village to accomplish our goal of a “kill-free nation.” RPM and the city of Houston have brought us a very important step forward in fulfilling our goals.

I’ve attached photos to give real-life insight into the manifestation of all our efforts and its impact in the community.

Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the animals.

Best Regards

Sandy Calvin

Magna and RPM

Magna and rpm (2)

Thank you, Magna Legal Services, for donating 5% of legal services purchased in your Houston office to RPM! For more information, please consult the above flyer and contact Denise Spencer at DSpencer@MagnaLS.com to arrange legal services and donate to RPM at the same time.

1080 Saved! RPM’s January Month in Review.

Rescued Pets Movement (RPM) started the new year off right by moving 52 adoptable pets to Colorado on January 3. The dogs and puppies were given a new lease on life, and we were given a new lease on a van! Because photowe raised six thousand dollars from donors like you, a very generous donor matched what we raised, which meant we had enough money for the downpayment on a 2013 Freightliner commercial sprinter van. Unfortunately, a deer hit our van on the return of its maiden voyage. Luckily, there were no pets in the van and our driver, Mike, was unharmed. The van, however, was a bit banged up. While it was in the shop being repaired, retrofitted, and having a heater installed, our generous donor caught wind of our trouble and donated funds for the downpayment on a second van. We must be doing something right! Now we have two vans. This also means we have two van payments to make each month, so keep your donations coming, please!

Speaking of generous donors, Dixie Messner answered our call for a place to use as our office by giving us her gallery space. There were two years left on her lease, and they’re ours now! BetRxp6CUAA9mUU.jpg-large We’re thrilled to have a location where we can work in one place, together, and meet with fosters and volunteers. We made a mad dash to Ikea to furnish the space and threw a somewhat impromptu party for our volunteers. So many fantastic people help us out daily in so many ways and we wanted to thank them. We also wanted to make sure everybody understands what we’re doing, so we put together a small presentation about what we do and how we do it. (Hopefully, we’ll have this on our website soon so you can see it, too.) Afterward, there was a brief question and answer period. From what we understand, it was an informative and fun evening! We certainly thought so.

As a cost saving measure, we recently started administering booster shots to the puppies in our foster program. Because we vowed to leave no puppies behind in BARC, we have a lot of puppies in various homes in Houston! Our puppies are quarantined in their foster homes for about two weeks to keep them safe from potentialphoto illnesses like parvo and distemper. During this time we give them their booster shots, usually their second set. Before we had our office, scheduling vaccinations and driving all over the map to do them was a bit maddening. But now our fosters can come to us at the office, which makes things a lot easier!

Our last adoption event in December had been cancelled because it was extremely cold, so we were looking forward to having one in January. The weather hasn’t been that great, but Saturday the 25th proved to be a good day to be outside with the dogs in our adoption program. Our amazing cook team set up our “RPM Cafe” and served hot dogs, hamburgers, and other tasty treats. Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Adore Houston, and Texas Sled Dog Rescue joined us for this event, so there were a lot of fabulous dogs for people to choose from! We enjoyed meeting and talking with other people in the rescue community. Everybody was very supportive, and we’re looking forward to having as much fun at the next adoption event.

At the beginning of the month we learned that BARC’s live release rate for December 2013 was 64.7% and in December 2012 it was 52.7%, which is about a 12% increase. BARC’s live release rate in January 2013 was 58.8% and this year is currently at 71.9%. However, BARC is currently open today (Jan 31) and dogs and cats will be adopted, transferred, etc., so this number will change. However, it’s still an amazing number!

“We are honored to be working with Rescued Pets Movement on this effort,” said Ashtyn Rivet, BARC Marketing and Outreach Lead. “We’ve never had the opportunity to partner with a rescue group to save this many lives on such a large scale. Our live-release rates are increasing because of the amazing work of Rescued Pets Movement. We are forever grateful for the dedication of this group to save more of Houston’s homeless animals than ever.”

safe_image.phpWe did five transports in January, which means a total of 279 dogs and puppies were moved out of BARC and saved from being euthanized. When we formed our organization at the end of September, we wondered how long it would take us to rescue 1,000 dogs and cats. We’re excited to learn that the answer is four months! Currently, we’ve saved 1080 adoptable pets and can’t wait to move more so they can find good homes, like little Jonah who traveled from Houston to Colorado and was adopted by Dana Randolph and renamed Webster.

Rescued Pets Movement is excited about what’s ahead for us. We hope you are, too! Thank you for donating, fostering, volunteering, and offering support for what we’ve accomplished and for what we still hope to do.

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