RPM needs cat fosters!

We’re very pleased to say that RPM needs cat fosters! Because we’ve recently partnered with some amazing cat rescue organizations, we’ve ramped up our cat program and are rescuing more cats from BARC. We have some mamas and nursing kittens that need foster care, as well as some young single cats.

If can open your heart and home to them, please email katie@rescuedpetsmovement.org ASAP. If you haven’t fostered before and would like to, please fill out our foster form. RPM covers all vetting and fostering costs. If you can’t foster but can open your wallet to help fund their foster care, we’d appreciate any donations you can offer.

Griffin, one of our fosters, sent us the below video in which you can see her foster kittens, Simone, Sangria, Sake and Summer playing and having a good time.

Love Travels

Enjoy the photos of the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado last week to find their new homes. They were a rambunctious bunch, excited to get on the road and loaded under the watchful eye of Ruger.

The fosters, transporters, and organizers were coming and going quickly and very busy, but we were able to get a few to stand still long enough for a group shot. RPM’s success in its partnership with BARC depends on our volunteers, boarders, vets, and donors, and we appreciate you all–and so do more than 1600 (and counting!) dogs and cats!

Long Gone

As we prepare another group of pets for transport, we remembered that we hadn’t shared photos of last week’s lucky travelers. It’s never too late to celebrate dogs and cats finding their forever homes! Here are most of those who made the journey last week.

Thanks to everyone who helped! Now let’s do it again.

Colorado My Home

All the dogs and cats from the most recent transport are safely snuggling in their foster and forever homes in Colorado now. Here are those who traveled.

Here are just a few of those who helped them board the vans. Thanks to BARC, our Colorado partners, and the fosters, transporters, boarders, vets, drivers, and all the other volunteers who made sure these thirty-four dogs and ten cats will have great new lives!

Nothing but blue skies

Last week we had another great day for dogs and cats to travel–and they did. Twelve cats joined sixty-eight dogs on the journey to new homes. Here are our travelers.

Here are a few of the crew who helped them get aboard. All of you who make this happen each week are every pet’s best friends! Thanks especially to Mike and Joe for getting everyone there safe and sound.

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