Nothing but blue skies

Last week we had another great day for dogs and cats to travel–and they did. Twelve cats joined sixty-eight dogs on the journey to new homes. Here are our travelers.

Here are a few of the crew who helped them get aboard. All of you who make this happen each week are every pet’s best friends! Thanks especially to Mike and Joe for getting everyone there safe and sound.

Along for the ride

It was a big transport day–two vans with seventy-eight dogs and cats are on their way to their forever homes!

A note about the cats: Though you see multiples in some crates, that’s temporary while they’re waiting to board. Each cat has an individual crate with blanket, litter box, and water.

Thanks to BARC and the many, many fosters, transporters, veterinary staff, volunteers, donors, and sponsors. You’re saving lives and we couldn’t do any of this without you!

A special thanks to Taylor, who manages the RPM office, and to our drivers, Mike and Joe, who take such great care of this precious cargo.

Going, Gone

A fantastic sixty-six dogs and one cat are on their way to their new homes in Colorado today. That number officially puts us over the 1000 transported goal. (We’d already exceeded the 1000 mark with animals pulled and placed in foster, vet, or boarding care until they’re ready to travel.)

We have pictures of almost everyone who’s in our two RPM vans under the able care of drivers Mike and Joe.

Here are the six board members who tirelessly coordinate all the elements that make this work, pulling together volunteers, pets, organizations, and donors.

As Katie called them: two guys in funny hats and four blondes.
Dana, Timothy, Laura, Cheryl, Katie, and Cindy.

Here are a few of those who showed up on a really cold and windy day to get everybody and everything loaded. Thanks so much!

Our last view of the vans as they moved out. Safe travels, Mike and Joe!

From an email to RPM:

Happy Friday,
In 5 days, Rufus and our other cat have become good friends! We couldn’t be more delighted. Thank you so much for helping get Rufus to us, his forever home. Angels, you, and Rufus.
Happy holidays,


Rollin’ Home

At the last RPM transport of animals from death row to new homes in Colorado, 68 dogs and nine cats made the trip. We know what you want to see: PUPPIES!

You know who else loves puppies? Our friends at Winrock Animal Clinic.

We all love the big dogs, too!

We also love the kittens and cats.

Thanks to all the volunteers, fosters, donors, friends, BARC and Winrock staff, boarders, transporters, board members, adopters, and Colorado rescuers, we will continue our quest to leave no puppy behind!

All these beautiful dogs and cats arrived safely, and many have already been adopted. Thank you to everyone who assists with this effort. We couldn’t succeed without you.

Nor sleet, nor snow…

It was warm when we began loading two vans of dogs and cats taken from BARC to make their journey to Colorado on Thursday. But while our volunteers, fosters, the vet staff, board members, and drivers were working hard to get on the road, the Houston temperature dropped thanks to the cold front affecting several regions of the country. We’d delayed the transport by a day so much of the storm would be over, but it was still a slow journey northwest because of road conditions. Thanks to the dedication and conscientious driving of Mike and Natasha, all 71 dogs and 5 cats were delivered safely.

We’ve heard six puppies are already adopted–we love you, Colorado!–and Nadia and her very young pups are doing well. You can see her photo along with the photos and most of the names of the others who made the trip below.

Those are the faces of gratitude and hope because of all of you who donate your time, energy, money, and items like toys, food, collars, and blankets to RPM. We couldn’t save these lives without you!

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