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Homeward Bound: How RPM Helps Animals Get off the Street & into Their Forever Homes

Learn What Sets Us Apart from Your Traditional Animal Rescue Organization

If you’ve spent any time around Rescued Pets Movement, then you’ve seen that some people are confused by what exactly we do as an organization. While part of that issue stems from the fact that what we do is unique, we want to clear up any confusion about our mission by breaking down what is it we do and how we do it.

What Rescued Pets Movement Does

Our number one priority at RPM is to save the lives of homeless pets throughout the Greater Houston area from needless euthanasia. The process by which we achieve that priority can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. We pull homeless pets from BARC, the city pound for Houston, Texas, and other area shelters;
  2. Our volunteers and partner veterinarians rehabilitate and foster these pets in their homes;
  3. Our drivers transport the rescued pets to reputable animal welfare organizations throughout the United States and Canada who ensure the pets are adopted out to their forever homes.

The Difference Between RPM & Traditional Animal Rescues

The most common misconception about RPM is that we are an animal rescue or animal shelter, i.e. that we adopt pets out in Houston. That is not the case. Our mission is to save as many pets from BARC and other area shelters as possible and, after rehabilitating them, to transport them to one of our animal welfare partners up north.

Think of Rescued Pets Movement as the “middle man”—we’re just a stop on a pet’s journey to his or her new home and forever family.

How We Do It

Houston has a serious problem with homeless pets, and a serious problem typically requires a lot of hands on deck. After working and volunteering with several different rescue groups over the years, the team that founded RPM realized that there had to be a better way to save these animals on a large scale. They decided to build relationships with highly regarded rescues in areas of North America that have a need for adoptable pets and deliver these pets directly to them.

So, what does this look like in practice? It’s an efficient five-step process that keeps us busy and ensures our animals are safe.

  • Every week, BARC (and sometimes other area shelters) reaches out to us with information on the pets that they have scheduled to be euthanized due to overcrowding.
  • Our volunteers spring into action to get these animals out of the pound as quickly as possible.
  • The pets receive medical attention from our veterinarian and, if necessary, from a team of partner veterinarians.
  • The pets are set up with a foster who will house and care for them during their rehabilitation.
  • Once they’re fully rehabilitated, our drivers load up our passenger vans and transport the pets to our animal welfare partners out of state, where they are eventually (and, most often, very quickly) adopted to approved families.

Without the tireless work of our volunteers, fosters, drivers, staff, vet team, partner veterinarians, and partner animal welfare groups, Rescued Pets Movement wouldn’t be able to do what it does best—save lives!

How You Can Support Us

While we are lucky to have an army of dedicated volunteers, the work we do requires resources. From providing pet supplies and food to paying for veterinary care and gasoline for our transport vans, we can’t do it on heart alone. We think the work we do is important, and we hope you do too.

If you want to show your support for RPM, you can make a one-time donation or sign up to give monthly here.

Interested in volunteering or fostering with us? We’re always looking for devoted animal lovers who want to make a difference in the lives of these pets. Learn how you can become a volunteer here or a foster here.

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Fourth Quarter 2017–Lots of Movement!

It’s been such a busy few months that your volunteer photographer can’t keep up with all the dogs and cats (and don’t forget the pigs!) who have left for their forever homes. All the animals from the last quarter of 2017–October, November, and December–are featured in this post by month.

The first week of October, these were our lucky travelers.

1. Mickey; Whirly; Wallace; Lola; Floyd 2. Gertie; Peggy Sue; Rosita; Benedict; Brandon 3. Fallah; Cookie; Ben; Newton; Vicky 4. Duncan; Keats; Auden; Otis; Orville 5.Lola; Lyla; Shelley; Julius; Raelynn 6. Gleason; Carney; Culver; Blanche; Dalyn 7. Leroy; Windy; Wishes; Allan; Daisy Fay 8. Nels; Abbott; Costello; Mackie; Channing 9. Ryan; Ferris, Trident; Pixy; Sunkist
1. Ashton; Zelda; Zia; Britt; Wendy 2. Browning; Wordsworth; Rossetti; Stewie; Homer 3. Oreo; Shrody; Otis; Hamlet; Loretta 4. Biscuit; Fonzi; Frank; Bacon; Rodeo 5. Binky; Griffin; Lola; Polo; Batman 6. Cooper; Sylvia; Leah; Major;Olaf 7. Caroline; Kenzie; Kenzie’s puppies Brownie, Bruce, Oscar, Midnight, Luna, Karma, and Tigger; Pria; Pria’s puppies Klyden, Yaphit, Isaac, Grayson, Bortus, Alara, Malloy, Mercer, and Finn 8. Sylvia’s puppies Sistine, Syndi, Satin, Sheena, Suzie, Sly, Scooter; Drake; Dessie; Dessie’s puppies Downey, Delta, Dori, Derna, Deering, Dudley, Dilly, and Daska; Bertie 9. Beppa; Bella; Bella’s kittens and Stephanie; Smores; Flash
1. Santana, Artie, Puck, and Finn; Johnny; Henry and Michelle; Minnie and Mickey 2. Jen; Jackie and Jeannie; Cottonball, Princess, and Sparkle; Casper, Selena, and Cheese

These are the dogs and cats who left on the second transport of October.

1. Jasime; Jinny; Julie; Jessie; Drew 2. Sophie Do; Coco; Fidget; Foxy; Stuart 3. Josie; Betty Anne; Luke; Dottie; Hamill 4. Hatcher; Bonita; Brutis; Lexie; Zeus 5. Isadora; Jaclyn; Milo; Clementine; Max 6. Marley; Nokosi; Huey; Roman; Rubble 7. Olivia; Duncan; Joey; Maria; Atlas 8. Frisco; Cookie; Tiana; Abby; Verity 9. Juicy; Tony; Patricia; Sydney; Havana
1. Mia; Mia’s puppies Oscar, Olive, Ophelia, Opal, and Otis; Joey 2. Irma; Jose; Penelope; Ike; Katrina 3. Skylar; Betty; Karen; Rosario; Muffet 4. Sheila; Lucy; Dapper and Dabby; Dacie; Bowman 5. Reggie; Pricilla; Kadia, Kallen, and Keddy; Kathy and Kirby; Misty Lee 6. Sage; Drew; Flynn; Cow; Oleta 7. Greta; Bolt; Harpo; Harlie; Olive 8. Lady; Dolly; Sherry; Tyson; Zulu 9. Lindsey; Carmela; Samson; Max; Jeannie
1. Zach; Zena; Zara, Zane, and Zoey; Zion and Zeke; Zander 2. Zaharra; Sasha; Malia; Whiskey; Darla 3. Olive; Darla’s puppies Dimity, Deiter, Delphi, Dirk, Deedee, and Dawber; Ishmael; Isabeau; Impala 4. Bando; Felix and Fae; Fiona, Ferris, and Felicity; Blinky and Pinky; Inky and Clyde 5. Gabe and Echo; Garnett and her kittens; Magnolia; Magnolia’s black kittens; Magnolia’s red kittens 6. Josie; Chip, Murphy, Tabitha, and JJ; Joey, Jake, and Jeremiah; Elouise

The next week, these great looking dogs and cats boarded the vans for their forever homes!

1. Foxy; Bundy; Lava; Jamie; Nolan 2. Khloe; Kaylee; Charlie Brown; Dulce; Lacie 3. Russel; Blue; Lucy; Todd; Jack 4. Layla; Tizzy; Teegan; Carson; JR 5. Old Man Wally; Carlene; Penelope; Penelope’s puppies Patterson, Pocket, Pepper; Pico, Poppy, Pope, Porkie, Polly, Patty Cake, Pita, and Pecan; Hermione 6. Harry; Coleridge; Coral; Lennie; Lulu 7. Joshua; Rufus; Nick; Carissa; Wiley 8. Cyan; Wilma; Russ; Rizzo; Wilbur 9. Luke; Gidget; Sally; Cosette; Moose
1. Rossy; Cloyce; Otis; Georgia; Kyle 2. Jacob; Gator; Genie; Stella; Cash 3. Neville; Lilly; Kovu; Dwight; Harvey 4. Suzette; Sinatra; Isaiah; Duke; Mary 5. Springsteen; Luna; Char; Gigi; Elwood 6. Norman; Boomer; Archer; Adele; Mickey 7. Flora; Frankie; Jacob; Daphne; Athena 8. Autumn; Gordo; Easton; Blue; Copper 9. Patrick; Cleo; Dee Dee; Nelson; Shelly
1. Nikki; Jennie Annie; Oreo; Zima; Zeus 2. Brownie; Prissy; Chandra; Carla; Brittany Ears 3. Fleayonce; Hairy Underwood; Drool Barkymore; Cara; Kevin 4. Rachel; Marcel; Miracle; Jolene; Josie 5. Jeremy; Lynelle; Lady and her kittens; Samantha; more of Lady’s kittens 6. Sasha and her kittens; more of Sasha’s kittens; Prudence, Piper, and Phoebe; Jove

These are the dogs and cats who traveled the last week of October.

1. Gonzalez; Baxter; Lilibet; Tango; Hadley 2. Oakie; Odette; Ossie; Orloff; Gunter 3. Regina; Ripcord; Oso; Rigley; Jill 4. Opal; Oren; Gabsy; Garbo; Lana 5. Neck Feathers; Whitey; Lilee; Ozzy; Rhonda 6. Bobo; Jaxon; Joy; Juno; Bear 7. Abiline; Reba; Ally; Maggie; Mauricio 8. Dustin; Fiona; Henry; Misty; Momma Bear 9. Brady; Paulette; Custard; Caliope; Connie
1. Belinda; Leila; Lady; Lucy; JoJo 2. Jet; Jazzy; Lily; Whoopee; Heidi 3. Renny; Manila; Chino; Shepard; Beckett 4. Baylie; Baxter; Cici; Lillith and her kittens; Lucy and her kittens 5. Clarissa, Petey, and Brandi; Cameron and Christian; Sushi; Lizzy; Precious 6. Ruby; Lord Aaryn aka Orange Julius; Autumn; Pretty Mama aka Marble Rye; Simone LeBone 7. Gale Pawthorne; Jewels; Sapphire; Donny and Marie; Snazzy 8. Shadow; Remi and River; Munchkin; Frankie; Mindy

November provided beautiful weather for our first transport of the month. These dogs caught their ride on a van to Chicago with one of our rescue partners.

1. Dudley; Horatio; Bella; Belle; Kat 2. Fifi aka Pumpkin; Claudius; Ginger; Douglas; Rupert 3. Scruffy; Juno; Foxy aka Fifi; Bishop; Luna

These were the rest of our lucky travelers that day.

1. Boots; Sophia; Shallowater Leia; Susan; Oscar 2. Beowulf; Shafter Lake Luke; Henry; Melissa; Telewink 3. Balu; Satin Lucy; Shady Shores Sam; Cassie; Addie 4. Carin; Moxie; Barca; Bonnie; Shelvyville Angel 5. Sheridan Blonde; Lincoln; LazyBoy; Jalapeno; Samson 6. Hunter; Blueberry; Asher; Korus; Oliver 7. Happy; Jackson; Bozeman; Rickie; Matlock 8. Marcus; Seneca; Sienna; Sybil; Ellis 9. Pippi; Pizzaz; Pasha; Katy Hairy; Louie
1. Hyson; Asia; Alec; Aubree; Albert 2. Aubie; Alfie; Abby Wambark; Twyla; Cora 3. Mugsy; Maui; Holly; Dakota; Bella 4. Miles; Casey; Ralphie; Milton; Poppy 5. Celia; Olive; Alexis; Maya; Josesito 6. Betito; Annabelle; Roberto; Jeremy; Billy 7. Tilly; Monty; September; Sage; Azul 8. Doby Gillis; Maynard Krebs; Christopher; Lulu; Beauty 9. Andy; Raggedy Ann; Chacho; Astro the Pig; Tracker
1. Fabian; Fletch; Stella; Dexter 2. Lucy; Pearl; Agnes, Edith, and Margo; Olive, Juno, and Macy 3. Buttercup and Wesley; Jamison; Tristan, Beth, and Maria; Rita and Bama; Dezzie and Zee 4. Nala and Pumba; Ines, one Ines kitten, and Riggs; Ines’s other kittens; Torchy and Tommy 5. Veronica and Valerie; Nimzie; Orabelle, Bobbin and Velcro; Vivi, Vinnie, and Vance

Here are the pets who traveled on the second transport of November.

1. Saltillo; Nemo; Seyla; Nina; Scout 2. Briley; Grantham; Felicia; Samuel; Trinity 3. Foxy; Sally; Tyson; Astro; Blaze 4. Sierra; Galahad; Fabrice; Skye; Max 5. Moochie; Izzie; Patty Duke; Barney Fife; Luna 6. Randall; Buddy; Beans; Billy; Lala 7. Stella; Bear; Jasmine; Oreo; Laurel 8. Emma; Chico; Marcie; Tess; Kiara 9. Deidre; Pierre; Delma; Ian; Sookie
1. Fancy; Fancy’s puppies Fido, Fenway, Falcon, Finn, Flap, and Furbie; Garry; Organza; Organdy 2. Tyson; some of Daisy’s pups Doozy, Dahlia, Dainty, Decan, Decker, Dino, Damon, Drayco. Dove, and Damsel; Katerina; Austin; Ameryn 3. Orbit; Holster; Oracle; Tommy; Reptar 4. Tristan; Leila; Leila’s puppies Leta, Langley, and Lizbeth; No-No; Olive’s puppies Spinach, Popeye, Wimpy, Sailor, Olive Oyle, IC Biggy, Sweet Pea, Bluto, and Brutus 5. Olive’s puppies continued; Olive; Maisie; Donnie; Wellington 6. Whitney; Watkins; some of Daisy’s pups Doozy, Dahlia, Dainty, Decan, Decker, Dino, Damon, Drayco. Dove, and Damsel; Daisy; Gwen’s kittens 7. Gwen; more of Gwen’s kittens; Cici, Celia, and Casie; Ben and Jerry; Rowan, Ripley, Rae, and Ralph 8. Ginger and Holly; Daisy’s kittens; Daisy; Cupcake; Cupcake’s kittens Mini Cupcake, Goldie, Chocolate, and Lucky 9. Sasha; Carly; Treasure; Kana; some of Daisy’s pups Doozy, Dahlia, Dainty, Decan, Decker, Dino, Damon, Drayco. Dove, and Damsel

These dogs and cats went to Colorado on the third transport of November.

1. Cathy Zeta-Bones; Roxy; Blahnik; Axle; Bruno 2. Natasha; Nomi; Anya; Bandit; Jonah 3. Earl; Gaby; Remi; Toby; Azul 4. Ronin; Bogie; Frank; Bacall; Molly 5. Bonita; Remy; Lexi; Daphne; Oreo 6. Snow; Boris; Linus; Halcyon; Brownie 7. Horatio; Flora; Flurrie; Jamie; Tippy 8. Nala; Downy; Gallagher; Juliet; Tunchi 9. Zeus; Jakie; Waggo; Liza; Puffin
1. Pekoe; Bri; Pupkin Spice; Wednesday; Ava 2. Rosemary; Boss; Sansa; Wilbury; Petty 3. Orbison; Harrison; Marlie; Carrie; Maple 4. Maple’s puppies Emory, Sylvan, Aspen, Magnolia, Rowan, Olive, Banyan, Acacia, and Juniper; Wyatt; Lenny; Caryl; Clarke 5. Theo; Cash; Christa; Elaine; Elaine with her pups George, Delores, Sue Ellen, and Kramer 6. Samantha; Lucy; Meadow’s kittens; Windy and her kittens; Astro and Bolt 7. Owen; Abby and Tony; Marshmallow, Marzipan, Meringue, and Macaron; Roux; Belle and Dottie 8. Meadow; Laverne and Shirley; Starfire and Leela; Reisling and Syrah

These lucky dogs and cats traveled in time to have their Thanksgiving dinners in Colorado.

1. Jensen; Jimbo; Jazzy; Ginger; Misty 2. Climber; Bessie; Baby; Brennan; Cristyl 3. Dobby; Crissie; Bobby; Cassie; Cargo 4. Casino; Cadet; Caper; Beethoven; Mr. T 5. Phat Boy; Baby Girl; Cosgrove; Elena; Chablis 6. Chanel; Stubs; Singer; Chase; Lillie 7. Dixon; Sally Mae; Sissy and Sonia; Stanley; Starchy and Suzy 8. Miah; Meyer; Marla and Melina; Maudie; Cecily
1. August; Hazel; Flo, Fall; Kermit 2. Tiff; Tess; Lavender; Fanny; Chanel 3. Chanel’s puppies Chana, Charlize, Chayla, Chaz, and Cheryl; Cindy Lou; Benny; Jason 4. Gaffer; Carrie; Sonic; Ariel; Otis 5. Rose; Sally and June; Corey and Cara; saying goodbye; Jacy gets last kisses from Christy

Our last transport of November was a big one, with lots of dogs and cats riding into their futures. And the three “little” pigs caught a ride to new homes, too!

1. Malcolm; Janko; Jessamy; Cyrus; James 2. Asia; Bunny; Starsky; Mac; Cameo 3. Bradley; Emily; Hulk; Coach; Zorro 4. Tom; King; Moon; Keith; Jason 5. Millie; Sonny; Darling; Zip; Zane 6. Colby; Nadia; Sam; Gretta; Astro 7. Swan; Scrappy; Mickey; Merlin; Bandit 8. Lexie; Buck; Delta; Chloe; Lexi 9. Daisy; Astro; Millie; Bella; Frank
1. Chacho; Crystal; Josie; Pablo; Olivia 2. Quinn; Fitz; Mellie; Howler; Babe 3. Haylee; Danny Boy; Kristen; Maddie; Popy the Pig 4. Monty; Paisley; Merlin; Annie; Charles 5. Rhia; Alex; Bart; Poppa; Malu 6. Lipton; Reno; Mimi; Winona; Wilhelm 7. Beau; Bina; Sonja; Jeremy; Cosmo 8. Kirby; Rider; Townshend; Winter; Willa 9. Opal; Entwistle; Mallory; Bear; Daltrey
1. Cressida; Ernie; Marie; Patches; Maxene 2. Pumpkin; Frank; Spencer; Elvis; Plato 3. Polly; Mikey; Milo; Tyson; Gorda 4. Archie; Kate; Maggie; Fiona; Squeaks and Squish 5. Stewart and Sia; Sprout, Sunny, and Smudge; Samantha; Didi; Digby, Dizzie, Doc, Dodger, and Doodle 6. Mom; Megan, Madison, Mason, Mya, Milo, and Marcus; Raquel; Samantha and Hershey; Lillian, Liliah, and Lilly 7. Butterscotch, Sapphire, and Jasmine; Acorn, Hawkbit, Speedwell, and Pipkin; Snow Kat; Peggy and Pippin; Sandra and Sebby
1. Dallie, Miles, and Sparks; Charlie and Quentin; Mama Kat/Tigger; Sam and Dean 2. Lucy; Hocus; Ruby; Kaylee; Daisy and her kittens 3. Ruby’s pups Rex, Ria, Rio, Rogan, and Rover; Pickle and Pepper; Erica Goldie Hawn 4. Tinkerbell; Sammy; Zam and Valentine; Timmy and Penelope; Bosley 5. Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto; Brittney and her kittens; Wee Pig; Beavis the Pig

Then it was December! It was a rainy day, but we kept these dogs and cats warm and dry as they were loaded on the first transport of the month.

1. Sitka; Foxy; Poppy; Cody; Jen and her pups Jimbo, Jana, Jake, and Jan 2. Iceland; Gretchen; Gretel; Gavin and Garnet 3. Gwendy, Glenda, and Gomez; Beau; Gwen; Blake; Rose 4. Edith Ann; Everly; Estella; Gail; Brutus 5. Apollo; Trooper; Dalton; Guinness, Gabby, and Gambit (Gayle not pictured); Gabby 6. Barry and Maurice; Leslie; Kiki and Keno (mama Kaylee skipped the photo table); Gretchen; Penny 7. Sheldon; Iggie; Pookie and Pluto; Pinky and Perla; Garrett 8. Sherman; Jinx; Dinah; Kilo; Cubby 9. Roxy; Tasha; Tasha’s puppies Justin, Lance, Destiny, Jose, and George; Lily; Dora
1. Matilda; Enzo; Josephine; Sultan, Max 2. Goldie; Duke; Dolly; Darlene and Dodger; Julius 3. Doug and Dory; Boris; Olivia; Olivia’s puppies Oliver, Odie, Omar, Orion, Oscar, Odyssius, and Ophelia; Dexter 4. Dallas; Domino; Stella; Max; David 5. Nobel; Pooska; Casey; Buddy; Pumpkin 6. Odessa; Odessa’s puppies Onyx, Oriana, Orlando, Osborn, and Otto; Balto; Genesis; Judas 7. Kim; Catalina; Catalina’s puppies Cecil, Cecily, Char, and Charade; Chip, Collin, and Will
1. Ferdinand, Eliot, and Vesper; Luna, Ron, and Hermione; Tina, Tommy, and Tristan; Fred and Harry 2. Smokey and Sue; Sherman, Herman, Stripey, and Spot; Sox and Emaiee; Matilda; Holiday’s kittens 3. Lottie and Alex; Stacey; Holiday and kittens; Sarah

These are the dogs and cats who transported the second week of December.

1. Hobbs; Hazel; Melissa; Tony; Russell 2. Tucker; Johnny; Bessie; Kadia; Nicolas 3. Tank; Greenlee; Toto; Cabot; Kenzo 4. Ziggy; Kyle; Cloud; Ramona; Nova 5. Hershey; Princess; River Dog; Kimberly; Vivette 6. Sally; Peony; Kevin; Cocoa; Oliie, Oakie, Olette, and Ozzie 7. Pinky; Jason; Rowdy; Kasey; Presto and Portia 8. Paolo; Parker; Robin; Chance; Mikhail 9. Hope’s puppies; Liv and Lizzy; Roll; Tootsie
1. Cory; Anna; Cici; Gordo; Jenna 2. Vena; Babette; Billy; Lita; Krackle 3. Lisa; Gable; Jai; Flor; Ingrid and Sloan 4. Serena and her kittens; Sweets; MooMoo; Seymour; Sammy Hagar 5. Penelope; Boo and Kelso; Faye; Lyndsey; Right Turn, Odell, and Bear
Jupiter also caught his ride to Colorado!

Christmas came early for these dogs and cats who traveed toward their forever homes on the third transport of December.

1. Amelia; Elaine; Spike; Boots; Yukon 2. Hope; Sasha; Baxter; Mora; Hooch 3. Chili; Chong; Cheech; Georgia; Lea 4. Fantine; Jodie; Jodie’s puppies Jack, Jackie, Jake, and Jed; Miranda; Cidra 5. Carolina; Lefty; Pauline; Carly; Dorado 6. Manchu; Jo-Jo; Daisy; Dixie; Tipitina 7. Jessie; Taurus; Teddy; Chopper, Chelsey, Chipster, Chicklet, and Cherri; Muffin 8. Chloe; Esperanza; Esperanza’s puppies Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner, Prancer, and Vixen; Zeke; Coco 9. Bear; Lindy; Tuffy; Lizzie; Clarissa
1. Midge; Barbie; Rocky; Casha and Caisy, and Caldo; Casper and Caine 2. Hannah; Chickpea; Zeke; Jeff; Gigi 3. Calina; Candra; Cantor; Simon; Aspen 4. Duke; Luna; Phillip; Molly; Cimmaron 5. Fig; Pancho; Molly’s puppies Maggie, Marlo, Marty, May, and Milo; Lefty; India 6. Jax; Rita; River; Raven; Rags and Ruffles 7. Christine; Cameron; Danny; Danno; Kobi 8. Kiwi; Glen; Daisy; Sissa; Sassy 9. Sissy; Taz; Cynthia; Lulu; Mama
1. Mambo; Korie; Noel; Cami; Ava and her kittens Ace, Addy, and Ari 2. Clint; Ella, Angel, and Valentina; Chillie and Breezy; Nya Belle; Lucas 3. Molly; Bella; Samantha; Oliver

These are the dogs and cats whose journey finished December and a great fourth quarter for RPM.

1. Kandy; Gator; Gatsby; Busy Bee; Holly 2. King; Calla; Swiss; Bette, Bingley, and Bethy; Peppa 3. Tanya; Dodi; Diamond; Jack; Steven 4. Thor; Anaise; Raven; Shadow; Pumpkin 5. Elvira; Mike; Maggie; Edward; Robin 6. Candy; Coco; Sugar Plum; Twinkle; Max 7. Baxter; Manchas; Balboa; Molly; Lilly 8. Skellington; Cleo; Feery and Freddy; Rayburn; Fiona 9. Augustus; Fanta; Fifi; Samson; Fenmore and Filene
1. Apollo; Brylie; Macie; Missy; Merry 2. Gloria; Buddy; Luke; Violet; Daisy aka Peluda 3. Jaxon; Chiquita; Henry; Victoria; Bella 4. Lola; Sophia; Brimley; Kilo; Colby 5. Della; Willow; Dawn; Violet and Velvet; Babsie 6. Babka; Pop; Sonic; Dane; Fiona 7. Karma; Kelsi; Felix; Melody; Hudson 8. Marvin; Wade; Patti; Allison; Chrissy
1. Georgia, Taco, and Pico; Penelope; Willie, Winnie, and Weenie; Misty; Dash, Dancer, Cupid, Comet, and Vixen 2. Vader; Jack, Maggie, and Isabel; Taco, Tamale, and Queso; Holly and Berry; Bobby

These are some of the people who helped organize the transports for the entire last quarter. They couldn’t do it without our donors, fosters, transporters, volunteers, and shelter and medical partners. Thank you, everyone!

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After the Flood

It was a very busy September! Our first transport after the Harvey floods was one of our largest ever. We worked with rescue organizations from all over the country to clear the shelters and make room for animals displaced by the storm. We also worked hard to move many of the dogs and cats in our program to their new homes so our fosters would have space for dogs and cats waiting for their families to find them or to take care of animals who had no homes to return to.

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled the first week of September.

1. Zeb; Zelda; Stefan; Damon; Avery 2. Della; Dagny; Lulu; Reese; Ressa 3. Elena; Delma; Brinley; Belina; Toby 4. Socrates; Adele; Bernadette; Brandywine; Poncho 5. Remy; Milly; Verble; Viceroy; Mel 6. Tucker; Dell; Grant; Tigrita; Churro 7. Anna; Anna’s puppies Brianna, Rhianna, Trina, China, and Adonis; Kefir 8. Scarlett; Carreen; Queso; Margarita; Tula 9. Rimmel; Afton; Canela; Willow; Wella
1. Wincy; Addison; Saucie; Sassie; Calista 2. Wakefield; Whitby; Eclipse; Sebastian; Seven 3. Bonnie; Bliss; Annie; Suguar; Miles 4. Marleen; Huey; Grayson; Gabi; Roscoe 5. Garner; Goran; Moochie; Gala; April 6. Ally; Austin; Asher; Gil: Garson 7. Gail; Bear; Jonelle; Kevin; Birdwell 8. Trapper; Gilly; Amity; Miley; Miley’s puppies Macie, Maggie, Marcie, and Mallie 9. Miley’s puppies (cont); Lia; Alex
1. Lessie; Leyka; Leona; Angelo; Jack 2. August; Ash; Mango; Tigre; Ezekial 3. Ransom; Raspberry; Yetti; Grantley; Glitter 4. Geary; Sansa; Cersei; Gilbert; Glennis 5. Hank Williams; Ghita; Gabby; Maxine; Julian 6. Ms Orange Dot; Miller and JJ; Mr Smooth; Foggy, Forrest, and Elektra; Desi 7. Gemini; Maling; Rosie and Sandie; Clay and Tux; Susanna 8. Tyler; Moose; Duncan; Domino with kittens Barney, Angie, and Jenna; Spice 9. Fuz Bucket; Olivia; Buster; Schmee; Caramelo
1. Cassy and Charlie; Averil; Toby; Tim; Lola and her kittens 2. Suri; Sadie; Jetty; Jordan; Pinta 3. Whistler; Whisper; Klaus; Kiko; Jay 4. Suellen; Marcus; Rooney; Risto; Radcliff 5. Regis; Wyndham; Allie; Darrin; Justice 6. Sol; Martha; Martha’s puppies Mr Tibbs, Miss Daisy, Mr Buckley, Miss Peach, Mr Chips, and Mr Rogers; Chino 7. Dave; Sable; Radison; McGruff; Arnetta 8. Rowdy; Ripples; Starch; Aileen; Chickie 9. Tish; Taffeta; Tannice; Tinko; Tamla
1. Lexa; Axel; Kina; Lennie; Peppino 2. Fresa; Saber; Apple; Keely; Kaleb 3. Kolette; Kadet; Kaye; Krista; Khan and Kandy 4. Koko; Kaboom; Keri; Karoll; Kamp 5. Jengee; Gallant; Beecee; Fanta; Colette 6. Arya; Hodor; Tyrion; Brienne; Jon Snow 7. Catelyn; Bran; Ygritte; Nebu and her kittens; Piper 8. Pettigrew; Sai; Jasmine, Jett, Jeyd, and Jonathan; Prentice; Perkins 9. Pepper; Onyx, Twix, Snickers, Boots, Midnight, and Tux; Chip; Chap

These wily pups skipped the photo table: Gerri and Caroline

These are the dogs and cats who traveled the following week.

1. Lilly Ann; Barrett; Mitsy Maggie; Mitsy Maggie’s puppies Miles, Milton, Mack, Marty, Mace, Mico, Micah, Mason, Mia, and Mercy 2. Mitsy Maggie’s pups (cont); Trombone; Alma; Chester; Adam 3. Kale; Tank; Pebbles; Jensie; Rocky 4. Diahann; Sangria; Olaf; Cabo; Calhoun 5. Roxie; Blair; Sandy; Jax; Porter 6. Silver; Cooper; Prissy; Hendrix; Hootie 7. Richard; Soto; Lucille; Darja; Karl 8. Lucy; Helena; AJ; Golda; Rosie 9. Binky; Brigid; Doodle; Brody; Jolisa
1. Jilly; Rumble; Gretchen; Mireya 2. Cara and Claire; Frannie; Willow; Cate; Carrie 3. Cherry; Clarabelle; Celia; Sandy; Sandy’s kittens 4. Eliza and Essie; Watson and Blue; Sweet Pea and her kittens; Scarlett and her kittens

On the third transport of the month, these dogs and cats headed for their forever families.

1. Dagny; Swiftie; Tinker; Felix; Little Juan 2. Padma; Parton; Donna Reed; Metzi; Delilah 3. Pickett; Tulla; Maggie; Marta; Jules 4. Sophia; Glenda; Max; Murdock; Makayla 5. White Tail; Calvados; Cleburne; Rocket; Dagny 6. Liz; Irene; Harvey; Bodee; Prewitt 7. Patsy; Austria; Samoa; Jamaica; Cuba 8. Tosha; Mathers; Morrisey; Marsten; Melora 9. Bitsy; Benti; Billy; Benny; Gemma
1. Elise; Saffron; Saga; Verone; Vern 2. Reina; Sera; Seismo; Sharpie; Shortie 3. Scampi; Elvira; Hannah; Alfie; Katy 4. Zinger; Snow; Papacitos; Bugle; Gardetto 5. Meg; Taylor; April; Rafiki; Francine 6. Nora; Marina; Lilly; Pelham; Petula 7. Serafina; Miley; Marla; Murphy; Ruby 8. Ruby’s puppies Chief Acevedo, Chief Pena, Harvey Two, Judge Emmett; Mayor Turner, Sheriff Gonzalez, Stormborn; Maggie; Blaze; Toby 9. Freckles; Henry; Harry; Hank; Puddin’
1. Neo; Noah; Petunia; Nova; Cornelius 2. London; Pippi; Prisma; Freckles; Ron 3. Hulk; Hercules; Andy; Ellie; Baby 4. Winks and Tinks; Trooper; Fink and Link; Boone and Barbi; Mauritania and her kittens and Charlie

These are the dogs and cats who traveled the last week of September.

1. Piper; Cody; Pepper; Melvin; Pluto 2. Colin; Cannie; Capone; Buddy; Daisy 3. Dagwood; JP; Elvis; Aimee; Annie 4. Adel; Gizmo; Alexa; Libby; Boris 5. Buddy; Laurel; Reyko; Radar; Fergi 6. Beebee; Tigger; Papi; Annie; Hitchcock 7. Gidget; King; Carter; Barney; Tito 8. Julia; Max; Roxi; Todd; Oreo 9. Coco; Titus; Juno; Meg; Steve
1. Sharona; Martha; Jonjon; Jaime Lee; Jed 2. Biffy; Jessica; Trina; Frida; Daffy 3. Dani; Gingersnap; Sasha; Autumn; Ella 4. Goldie; Glossy; Godiva; Gerda; Ganya 5. Gwyneth; Boo Radley; Ladybug; Lenore; Abraham 6. Chimi; Puff; Fluff; Galileo; Little John 7. Glimmer; Gracelyn; Pequenia and Chaparra; Chica; Enana 8. Lawrence; Stella; Tegan; Barney; Ringo and Ella 9. Baji and Grace; Porter, Peyton, and Piper; Robin; Parker, Pandora; and Paloma; Maitea and her kittens
1. Tiger; Tiger’s kittens (2 plus 2 more); Stormy and her kittens 2. Oliver and Blossom; Rodger; Goose and Turtle; Piper; Wendy, Willow, Wylie, Wesley, and Warner 3. Nora’s kittens; Nora and one kitten; Karat; Jewel and her kittens; Mimi 4. Oscar; Fiona; Pugsley; Roxy, Cooper, and Connor; Lola, Gina, and Amber 5. Mr. Mistoffelees; Wednesday; Meeko and Achilles; Calypso and Lapua

From all of RPM to all of you, thank you for volunteering, fostering, transporting, donating, and sharing what we do on your social media sites. We think you’re all kind of a big deal.

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End of summer transport at RPM

The End of Summer

August began hot and busy with our first transport of the month. These are the dogs and cats who traveled that day.

1. Scrapper; Stoney; Anna; Rocky aka Roxy, Nico 2. Nemo; Paige; Pauline, Miranda; Monty 3. Buzz; Butterfly; Bumblebee; Bramble; Beeline 4. Tochie; Kent; Gael; Lara; Cameron 5. Sampson; Tapps; Tatra; Patsy; Carmel 6. Clio; Olema; Mimi; Shanice; Rowdy 7. Mathias; Major; Bianca; Trey; Topher 8. Sheba; Holly; Piston; Pinto; Pammy 9. Paddy; Abby; Amy; Iris; Iris’s puppies Irwin, Ivan, Ivy, and Ira
1. Sheila; Beatriz; Taz; Dora; Tomlin 2. Mickey; Minnie; Magla; Noodle; Sienna 3. Solange; Nando; Sybil; Copper; Danna 4. Dane; Bach; Molly; Wally; Wilma 5. Samara; Signy; Sabine; Madge; Estee 6. Becky and Barbie; Habana; Dash; Pongo; Petra 7. Falcon; Peabody; Parisse; Pandora; Anastasea
1. Bessie; Babette; Fletcher; Bob Barker 2. Cookie; Chulo; Kim; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 3. Ranger, Zelda, Ayra, Rielle, and Simba; Kirby and Fergie; Cupcake and Gracie; Hera and her kittens

These are the dogs and cats who traveled the second week of August.

1. Tim; Rachel; Brita; Beanie; Button 2. Niko; Gerdie; Bear; Tigre; Faith 3. April; Trina; Lauren; Louis; Harry 4. Tanya; Maisy; Rainey; Gabby; Ross 5. Chacha; Perry: Roxy; Freddy; Mike 6. Serenity; Havana; Trooper; Bravo; Ike 7. Harmony; Sarge; Bella; Nyla; Carmella
1. Yana; Yana’s puppies Yates, Yosef, Yogi, and Yuri; Trisha; Dexter 2. Daisy; Sam; Omar; Maisy; Christopher 3. Chocolate; Tennille; Lobo; Tessa; Denny 4. Pugsley; Mary Jane; Mary Jane’s puppies Manila, Myrrh, Muffy, Mercer, Medley, Mystery, Magnum, Mayor, and Meg 5. Mary Jane’s puppies cont; Piggy Banks; Alex; Meeka 6. Meeka’s puppies Masha, Marcus, Mister, and Manny; Milo; Benny 7. Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday; Bridget and her kittens; Price; Tara and her kittens; Gleaves

It was another scorching morning when these dogs and cats left for the cooler Colorado climate and their new homes.

1. Winnie; Freeda; Bubba; Keets; George 2. Star; Olive; Roto; Rourke; Raven 3. Rene; Robin; Zara; Lisa; Lucy 4. Blue; Darwin; Mocha; Sam; Rocky 5. Jessie, Jacey, and Jade; Brownie; Caddie; Magic; Lily Bug 6. Josie; Jensen; Latte; Salinas; Juke 7. Tani; Tarko; Peter; Paul; Ecko 8. Bullwinkle; Nia; Precious; Charlie; Dozer 9. Peanut; Moose; Lady; Molly; Loki
1. Salvador; Sabrina; Fawley; Izzy; Clark 2. Penny; Pippa; Ping; Pixie and Pinky; Brook 3. Josie; Sammy; Cupcake; Crockett; Cara 4. Eli; Maia; Sirona; Virgil; Atlanta 5. Cicero; Patton; Nathan; Oreo; Jadyn 6. Jody; Jake; Milton; Marta; Moxie 7. Zen and Xeni; Lanie; Iris and her kittens; Janie and her kittens; Hope 8. Vivian and Victoria; Ocky and Pixel; Google and Em

The fourth transport in August was supposed to be the next-to-last of the month. A force of nature named Harvey had other ideas. Here are the lucky dogs and cats who were safely in Colorado before the rains and floods came to Houston and the fifth transport of the month had to be postponed!

1. Hagen; Kincaid; Chiquis; Smoke; Plum 2. Blanca; Daphne; Rudyard; Sedgie; Arlo 3. Barch; Larry; Rebeus; Vicar; Vanda 4. Nilla; Noreen; Glen; Chloe; Campbell 5. Koober; Endora and Serena; Samantha; Bombay; Shiner 6. Mildred; Varina; Tyla; Sandra; Kyzer 7. Tandy; Taran; Tina; Texarkana; Star 8. Mabel; Maxus; Mardi; Macy; McDuff 9. McGruff; Fern; Cassidy; Mamie; Chambers
1. Farleigh; Teron; Elliot; Maurice; Larry 2. Winnie; Turbo; Nadia; Nadine; Nelly 3. Radar; Morey; Manny; Caddie; Cadence 4. Robby; Oscar; Elmo; Pheobe; Weasley 5. Little Bit; Cami; Niles; Arthur; Clara 6. Rosemary; Hilda; Gary; Niko; Jaycea
1. Harper; Hetta; Gilmer; Tulip 2. Gus; Haley; Eugenie; Gavin; Beatrice 3. William; Gordo; Pistacio; Peanut; Aspen 4. Gatito; Bridget’s kittens; Ms Jackie; Mr Socks

Thank you so much to our donors, fosters, transporters, volunteers, and supporters for all you do to get dogs and cats off the streets of Houston and into their new homes! Please join us on transport mornings–the best day of our week!

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Moving Midsummer Morning at RPM

Moving Midsummer Mornings

These are the dogs and cats who transported to their forever homes in July, the middle of summer, kicking off with our first transport of the month.

1. Johnny Lee; Mishka; Minnie; RiRi; Reba’s puppies Rafe, Rusty, Remus, Roddy, and Ryder 2. Reba; Paisley and Pammy; Shannon; Helen; Theus 3. Little John; Dakota; Brynn; Audrey; Cash 4. Chloe; Peanut; Sport; Tweed and Tara; Taffy and Tilda 5. Trista, Twinkle, and Trolley; Thessa; Dilley and Diana; Chestnut; Griselda 6. Honey; Buster; Eastwood; Snoopy; Penelope 7. Esperanza; Chesney; Casey; Ruby; Echo 8. Camille; Petunia; Ginny; Carly; Cameo 9. Waldo; Phoebe; Portia; Cordell; Lola
1. Mykonos; Kea; Rudy; Pippin and Paloma; Zelma 2. Jackie; Kiko; Karma; Karma’s pups Kail, Kimberly, Kemper, Koretta, and Kiva; Tuck 3. Marvin; Culver; Coburn; Selma; Six 4. Penelope; Mary-Ann; Frankie; Nikki; Ronda 5. Max; Buck; Cliff; Bud; Betsy 6. Padma; Albert; Anne; Rain; Dex 7. Melbourne; Dunhill; Zeke; Inga; Lobo 8. Arthur; Alice; Rasta; Mathis; Chase 9. Elton; Zinnia; Charity; Karina; Elton
1. Dodson; Florien; Dezi; Kacy, Little Bear, Pancake, Biff, and Loki 2. Allison; Antonio; Biggie; Gentilly; Rockford 3. Nice, Brice, and Gric; Gypsy; Scooter; Jules, Jet, and Jetta; Cletus 4. Cuddles and her kittens; Alice; Bella; Clover, Marigold, Petunia, Juniper, Ivy, and Poppy 5. Alice’s kittens; Marko; Sato; Charlie, Bailey, Julia, Claudia, and Sarah

On the second transport of July, these are the dogs and cats who were on their way.

1. Russel; Wesley; Weeble; Wynona; Whisper 2. Winston; Tempest; Lillie; Lorelai; Dewey 3. Astoria; Rueger; Finola; Ramon; Dannie 4. Darla; Waffles; Whimsy; Bear; Kylah 5. Kalyn; Hero; Aaron; Sparkman; Kichy 6. Camrose; Riley; Derrin; Derby; Minnie 7. Orlinda; Memphis; Sardis; Paris; Norris 8. Macon; Luray; Farina; Ewing; Heinz 9. Hollins; Miss Murphy; Corduroy; Lucy; Hayden
1. Kemba; Hanna; Coriander; Caraway; Creole 2. Powder; Apollo; Molo; Eliza; Taz 3. Cayley; Delia; Jethro; Ellie May; Raelene 4. Florence; Mary; Diana; Quinn; Polly 5. Daisy; Limerick; Haiku; Picasso; Ceaser 6. Cedric; Ned; Nugget; Flower; Dino 7. Rocky; Kenyon; Rumsey; Nicolet; Sabina 8. Shea; Sade; Sacha; Caroline; Virginia 9. Arizona; Peanut; Buddy; Georgia; Lou
1. Hattie; Cal; Ringo; Dakota; James 2. Martha; Boston; Tex; Indy; Diamond 3. Petunia; Bentley; DeNiro; Cagney; York 4. Nelly Faye; Watson; Wilma; Ten and Flame; Harlow and Hattie 5. Claire; Halia; Hara; Harold; Ringo, Katie, Tabitha, and Samantha 6. Athena; Sunset and her kittens; Athena’s puppies Adler, Amaya, Akins, Ascott, Aren, Albert, Anja, and Aura 7. Captain Jackie and Mary; Zoey’s kittens; Zoey and one kitten; Zoey’s kittens; Frankie

We had more sunny weather on our third transport of July, and these are the dogs and cats who boarded the vans that week.

1. Dixie; Heather; Pomona; Shandon; Corolla 2. Dustin; Lolo; Liberty; Legend; Brioche 3. Melanie; Maddie; Lexie; Darby; Cacao 4. Cashew; Coconut; Scooter; Hydra; Rosebud 5. Utopia; Toyah; Stella; Swan; Shadow 6. Shakira; Crystal; Cleveland; Corfu; Chico 7. Olson; Bartlett; Hoffman; Chadwick; Gavin 8. Lariat; Lucian; Nell; Nick; Layla 9. Samantha; Scotty; Nash; Trixsy; Mila
1. Bonbon; Baker; Nanda; Winfred; Wendy 2. Wally; Slim; Pico; Natalia; Gracie 3. Harlan; Helina; Herbie; Mabel; Kodak 4. Hiram; Hettie; Helga; Selinda; Sue-Sue 5. Neil; Quail; Nala; Fiddler; Freesia 6. Parker; Aldo; Harper; Powell; Sunray 7. Hubert; Tiffany; Anise; Alanis; Otto 8. Twix; Butterfinger; Galaxy; Sergio; Spring 9. Anise’s puppies Alain, Aletha, Annie, Arla, Abigail, Adam, Amber, Arnie, Avery, Adkins, and Agador
1. Storm; Kady; Steve; Sarge; Samantha 2. Sully; Bear; Firefly; Sammy; Dean, Sam, and Ruby 3. Welby; Lazlo; Laffy; Pickles; Beignet 4. Blanch; Missy; Tootsie; Benz; Fiji 5. Dasani; Grace; Cherish; Adobe; Burrito 6. Ziggy; Velvet; Cayenne; Nellie; Howie 7. Harvey; Horace; Summer and her kittens; Lily; Hildy
1. Hazel; Kestrel; Sparrow; Chickadee; Darcy 2. Lovey; Blue, Moe, Meenie, Enie, Minie; MaryAnne, Professor, and Ginger; Mr. Howell, Gilligan, and Skipper; Lissie 3. Dusty and Blue; Flame and Smokey; Kyrie and her kittens; Precious; Bryan

We finished off July with another big transport. Here are the dogs and cats who left that week.

1. Neva; Tampa; Zephyr; Yulee; Dandelion 2. Champ; Cady; Xara and Xena; Nesmith; Bruce 3. Topanga; Mork; Mindy; Kai; Zira 4. Tassie; Patches; Naomi; Nanuk; Cynthiana 5. Dunbar; Wooly Bully; Brownie; Barlow; Stetson 6. Emerson; Asher; Rania; Grayson; Gloria 7. Goofy; Coco; Mecca; Niland; Timmy 8. Rosie; Babs; Sheba; Bonnie; Gulliver 9. Camry; Charlotte; Regina; Fritz; Hazel
1. Demi; Bonzai; Bloom; Jake; Jasper 2. Cisco; Santos; Sylvester; Roscoe; Patience 3. Mitsy; Evan; Erika; Tandy; Cliff 4. Venturi; Maya; Apollonia; Elgin; Enzo 5. Theresa; Sandra; Phoenix; Bly; Bertie 6. Marcilo; Artie; Wilkinson; Passie: Passie’s pups Pandi, Paulie, Pango 7. Passie’s pups (cont) Paulo, Patina, Palina, and Pari; Arden; Nora and Nougat; Nettie 8. Alfredo; Michael; Dory; Sonny; Matfield 9. Girard; Gonzo; Shiloh; Pop; LeeLee
1. Emry; Enya; Electra; Everett; Ellen 2. Tilly; Cocoa; Edison; Evette; Elden 3. Toostie; Tippy; Tyler; Sugar; Tammy 4. Espy; Elnora and Elmo; Tally; Timber; Oliver 5. Oreo; Faulkner; King; Brindle; Sweetie 6. Kay; Connie; Sweetie’s puppies Spiffy, Scrappy, and Sporty; Abigail;Banks 7. Tabitha; Precious; Stella; Buddy and Dusty; Bandit and Brody 8. Roselie; Roselie’s puppies Reagan, Riley, River, Rylan, Robin, Rune, Rory, and Reesie: Alexander, Madeline, Jason, and Perry; Star; Delilah, Gary, Leo, and Benny

As always, RPM couldn’t help this many animals without you. Thank you for donating, fostering, transporting, and volunteering from all the dogs, cats, an occasional pig, and people of RPM!

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Roll Along Summer at RPM

Roll Along Summer

Who traveled to Colorado in June? We’re glad you asked. We just happen to have a few photos beginning with the first transport of the month.

1. Lucy; Tucker; Gingersnap; Levi and Lark; Lamb 2. Lance; Alice; Beverly; Morgan; Jason 3. Wisteria; Wisteria’s puppies Wynne, Wendy, Wishbone, Wally, Wanda, Weezie, Winona, and Willa; Stephanie; Lula 4. Bowie; Bayberry; Brewster; Bucky; Jordan 5. Krystle; Blake; Carrington; Faye; Fido 6. Jeffrey; Doodle, Damsel, and Dinky; Gibson; Janet; Dorothy 7. Dorothy’s puppies David, Daniel, Douglas, and Deborah; King; Rio; Francesca; Carter 8. Brian; Brenna; Brisco; Barney; Bethany 9. June; Safara; Keeno; Dorothy; Bonnie
1. Carla; Felicity; Luke; Casio; Charlie 2. Blanche; Riddle; Stratton; Polly; Safara’s puppies Sabi, Shalyn, Sanford, Shilo, Sooki, Stacey, Seth, and Shawn 3. Safara’s puppies continued; Shelley; Sophie; Francis 4. Rose; Bear; Sheba; California; Luna 5. Sol; Oreo; Brownie; Tiny; Nina 6. Jolie; Mia; Chiffon; Chiffon’s puppies Chevy, Cheyenne, Chanel, and Charmaine; Egypt 7. Gwen; Georgio; Gigi; Diamond’s puppies Damsel, Dozer, Dazzle, Drexel, Denzel, Ducky, Daphne, Dinky, and Dolly 8. Diamond; Spot; Rocky; Everest; Baxter 9. Daisy; Egypt’s puppies Essex, Erin, Edison, Elsa, Eliot, Eden, Elinor, and Elkins
1. Vincent; Schroeder, Violet, Linus, Snoopy, and Marcy; Fantasia 2. Ashley’s kittens; Ashley; Jasmine; Arthur; Abigail 3. Abigail’s kittens Chickie, Bruiser, Olive, and Robin; Stacey; Brahms; Gambit, Piper, and Gracin 4. Sofia; Rudy, Charlie Chaplin, Johnny, Maria, and Madison; Snow Flake; Black Panther, Arrow, Huntress, Ella, and Vixen; Gary 5. Shawna, Steven, Sandlin, Shelley, Sapphire, Sable, and Shay 6. Christine; Wolfe and Columbo; Tango; Storm

The second week of June, these lucky dogs and cats caught a ride on our vans to their forever homes.

1. Jack; Janet; Chrissy; Tyro; Whitman 2. Tina; Flannery; Greer; Greta; Timmy 3. Brownie; Marana; Missy; Kelvin; Matisse 4. Sazzy; Ashton; Melissa; Garner; Garnet 5. Gala; Joey; Bucky; Jerro; Mia 6. Sky; Alison; Tinkerbell; Maisy; Janet 7. Kohl; Belle; Belle’s puppies Bryan, Berkin, Bambi, Bosco, and Brie; Lola 8. Boone; Robin; Wren; Finch; Penelope 9. Abe; Angie; Luther; Trudy; Jeanie
1. Rocky; Chester; Melanie; Tazmin; Tinker 2. Hailey; Carlos; Yoshi; Juliet; Whiskey 3. Bambi; Ursula; Friar Tuck; Marion; Princess 4. Kewpie; Kizzie; Kenny, Koko, Kressy, Keitha, Kandy, Kipling, Karen, Keesha, and Kody 5. Slider; Elisa; Bosc and Anjou; Bartlett; Hubbard 6. Lovey; White Lightnin’; Buddy Love; Don; Spot 7. Chico; Sansa; Phil; Big Mo; Blue Moon
1. Ben; Lucy; Eeyore; Buttersocks and Cheeto 2. Betty and Beaux; Jacob, Edward, and Bella; Ms. Kitty and Kat; Gabriela, Avery, Reina, Isabelle, and Camren; Frito, Cheeto, and Dorito 3. Goldy; Pippin, Boo, and Mischief; Goldie’s kittens; Bandit and Ninja; Lilo and Stitch 4. Peaches; Isabella; Leslie; Goldie

Was your foster one of those who traveled on the third transport of the month?

1. Bowser Boy; Whitney; Jane; Gilda; Bonnie Bell 2. Tamryn; Lemon Drop; Pongo; Boscoe; Lady 3. Mellyn; Jennie, Justine, and Joshua; Martin; Pepin and Pia; Petula 4. Creak; Mary; Jedi and Jolene; Sabine and Skerry; Sera 5. Saffi; Skyler; Krider; Mullen; Josselyn 6. Nevens; Irwin; Lindy; Penny; Hulk 7. Nokie; Nanna; Brinleigh; Hermosa; Peluchin 8. Rafferty; Regina and Rhiannon; Zsa Zsa; Magda; Ruffles 9. Rocket; Thea; Floyd; Faith; Fable
1. Gillette; Angel; Captain; Gretna; Heflin 2. Jackie; Tipper; Jacob; Joshua; Coco 3. Julia; Skywalker; Mia; Maxwell; Molly 4. Monroe; Victor; Manville and Morey; Faust; Clyde 5. Shanelle; Myer and Mick; Maxie; Milton; Madry 6. Yarra; Marlow; Marcie; Chadrick; Charleigh 7. Sabine; Skippy; Kona; Tinkerbell; Lucy
1. Addie; Sarge; Lucy; Austin and Dallas 2. Jill; Rosalind; Ziggy, Tibby, Binx, and Raven; Addison, Ranger, and Trinity 3. Waverly and Wiley; Woody and Wally; Bear, JiJi, Shadow, and JoJo

During the fourth week of the month, it was time for these dogs and cats to go to their new families.

1. Skyler; Jacob; Nelson; Claudio; Snow Flakes 2. Miles; Dillon; Forsyth; Jamie; Hardy 3. Cara; Eva; Toby; Tupelo; Adelaide 4. Gunther; Gunner: Miracle; Sam; Magnolia 5. Marly; Marko; Marybelle; Michi; Carrie 6. Dudley; Cosmo; Butterbean; Kovach; Belushi 7. Amy; Luther; Aeden; Mr. Smiles; Laredo 8. Gertie; Gretchen; Gavin; Gretel; Navi 9. Leah; Simba; Alberta; Arden; Aletha
1. Gator; Tauris; Brenda; Shorty; Patty 2. Rambla; Rumple; Minnie Mouse; Tinkerbell; Hercules 3. Morley; Sidney; Baker; Malta; Erin 4. Ruckus; Drogon; Lily; Tallulah; Teralynn 5. Banana; Laurie; Tiffany; Evangeline; Guacamole 6. Enchilada; Masa; Jalapeno; Huevo; Meatball 7. Ham; Crystal’s puppies Speck and Snow; Crystal; Mullins; Rose 8. Dill; Lyla; Chop; Julius; Marley 9. Sausage; Brisket; Petunia; Coconut; Sheba
1. Mango; Pickle; Bacon; Fajita; Millie 2. Slade; Mitchell; Marigold; Jacy; Alexa 3. Ajax; Monarch; Monterey; Alayna; Amelia 4. Avery; Angelica; Aaron; Aiden; Annelise 5. Morris; Shannon; Polly; Robbie; Misty 6. Izzie; Moby; Moses; Mozart; Liliana, Lucia, and Lucca 7. Gia and Arianna; Flash; Shimmer; Dazzle and Glint; Jackson 8. Gunneson; Dillon; Sunny and Cher; Collins and Jackson; Cozy, Abby, Milo, Binkley, and Opus 9. Julius, Antony, and Othello; Romeo and Titus; Magic, Marabelle, and Mimi; Vanilla; Bean

What’s better than four transports in June? FIVE transports in June. The cats decided to wait until July to travel and generously gave more dogs and pups their tickets to ride.

1. Myra; Foley; Emelle; Sonora; Pablo 2. Pedro; Gemma; Galaxy; Glory; Elle 3. Martin; Dixie; Comet; Dorritt; Buffy and Bangle 4. Jasmin; Jerry; Sassy; Sizzle; Twin Two 5. Sultan; Sweet Cheeks; Twin One; Baby Two; Peggy 6. Gideon; June; Montana; Laurel; Libby 7. Sheridan; Sheila; Duke; Lita; Lyndy 8. Lorraine; Big Girl; Big Red; Merlin; Smores 9. Hershey; Murphy; Chewy; Cherry; Declan
1. Danita; Judith; Boe; Vernon; Jessie 2. Tess; Tess’s puppies Tabor, Taffeta, Tesla, Tayra, Tippet, Tootle, Telstar, Tatou, Trellis, and Teej 3. Duke; Pansy; Sheriff; Chase; Tasha 4. Gigi; Beryl; Bram; Robinson; Sophia 5. Pebbles; Boaz; Bessie; Trey; Tilbury 6. Bibbs; Beecher; Bardin; Cora; Vernon 7. Dallas; Clooney; Clover; Clancy; Betty Boop 8. Ashley; Henry; Olivia; Joplin; Kennett
1. Sergio; Maxwell; Kipsy; Mercury; Pearl 2. Oakley; Maybee; Geneva; Camden; Byron 3. Lucille; Duncan; Dhalia; Locket; Hadley 4. Parma; Novi; Livonia; Kendall; Toot O Loo 5. Tibbs; Bogart; Bronson; Roscoe; Stryker

Whether you foster, donate, volunteer, transport, or say nice things about us on social media, RPM can’t thank you enough. Join us for a transport so you, too, can be hounded into being part of the group shot. We may work hard and sweat, and there may be a few goodbye tears, but transport days are the best days!

We also want to give a special shout-out to VIP Petcare for the donation of their time and services on transport days in June. What a great group of people to partner with!

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