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How Do I Become a Foster with RPM?

Join our Foster Network

We say it all the time, but our foster volunteers truly are the heart of Rescued Pets Movement. While we could save every single animal from local shelters, our work would be impossible without homes where they could stay.

As the first stop on any pet’s journey to its forever home, our foster volunteers play a crucial role in the rehabilitation of the animals we rescue. By providing temporary shelter, food, care, and (most importantly) love, our fosters must give a lot, and they do so willingly.

If you love animals and can offer the shelter and care these pets need, we always want to grow our network of fosters so we can do the work that matters – getting these homeless pets out of shelters and one step closer to their forever homes.

How Foster Care Works

When you decide to become a foster, RPM will provide you with an estimated length of time the pet will be staying with you. This length of time can vary. It may be as short as one night, or as long as two weeks. If you’re fostering a young puppy, the time may fall to the longer end, because our protocol is to hold puppies for a minimum of 10 days before delivering them to their new loving families

A typical foster process looks like this:

  1. Typically, your foster animal will come to you from the Houston City Pound (BARC) or another local shelter.
  2. While the shelters do provide vet-care in-house, it’s always possible your foster animal may need to visit RPM’s veterinarian. In this case, we provide a hotline number you can use should your foster need additional vet care.
  3. Once your foster is in good shape, you simply need to care for and love your foster for the agreed-upon length of time.
  4. On transport day, our volunteers load up our passenger vans with pets, and our drivers transport the animals to one of our reputable rescue partners in areas that have a need for adoptable pets.

One thing we want to reiterate: Fostering is temporary. We work diligently to ensure these animals only stay in your home for the original duration requested. Why? Because we want to get them to their final destination as soon as they’re ready to be adopted. We’re happy to work with you around your schedule, as every little bit helps, even if it’s just one night.

How to Apply to Become a Foster Volunteer

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a foster with RPM? All you need to do is take a few minutes to fill out our foster agreement. We’ll need a few things from you, including:

  • Your contact information
  • The kinds of pets you’re interested in fostering
  • A little bit of information about any current pets you have
  • Any foster experience you may have
  • Whether there are any children in your home
  • How you plan to house and care for your fosters

Once we receive your foster agreement, we’ll contact you with any questions we may have, as well as any other relevant information you may need.

Other Ways to Help RPM

Want to give back to RPM, but don’t have the time, space, or living situation to offer yourself up as a foster? We are always in need of donations. All funds we receive from donors go toward the life-saving work we do. From vet care and medication to food and toys, every bit helps improve the lives of these animals.

To learn more about why your donations matter and how you can help Rescued Pets Movement achieve our mission, visit our Donations Page.

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