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March On at RPM

March On

March is the month that RPM went over 19,000 dogs and cats saved just from BARC! What great partnerships we have here in Houston and in other states. It wouldn’t be possible without our fosters, transporters, volunteers and donors, so we love showing you the lives you helped save.

This crew left the first week of the month.

1. Leo; Cagney; Augie; Zena; Rocket 2. Comet; Colonel; Patches aka Madeline; Shayla; Polo 3. Dora; Alec; Lil Pup; Jon; Jess 4. Calhoun; Joey; Chewy; Leia; Reese 5. Charlie; Sheena; Nelson; Lia; Lent 6. Legon; Lester; Bella; Max; Ebbony 7. Carlos; Brownie; Stefano; Nacho; Martin 8. Naomi and Krissy; Brady; Giselle; Gus; Panda 9. Gordo; Buffy; Taco; Chalupa; Chipster
1. Randa; Randa’s puppies Radcliff; Rhea, Ramona, Redburn, Roger, Rawson, Rowan, Rosemary, Rhett, Racquel; Phyllis 2. Rhoda; Carney; Gleason; Dolly; Corrine 3. David; Doodle; Devon; JB; Dontay 4. Amy Fagan; Paulie; Esme’s puppies Emoji, Ecru, Encore, Ermine, Elsie, Ellery, and Emma; Esme; Lars 5. Luke; Lucy; Billy; Julian and Jessica; Jetta 6. Kelly, Zach, and Lisa; Kuvo; Dot, Meg, and Eve; Cinder’s kittens; Felicity and Famika 7. Kit Kat, Baby Ruth, and Snickers; Julia and Julio; Bogey; Callie; Malcolm 8. Kory; Josie; Vera and Sully; Snuggles; Nina 9. Nina’s puppies Nolan, Nell, Nathan, Nick, Nesmith, Nubbin, Noah. Nan, Nya, and Nor

Here are the animals who transported the second week of March.

1. Dora’s puppies Raleigh, Kaydee, Finley, Brooke, and Perry; Jack; Dora; Martini; Baby 2. Cooper; Frankie; Grace; Timber; Landro 3. Odin; Sangria; Maggie; Mimosa; Charlie 4. Izzy; Zoey; Mara; Liberty; Chocolate 5. Tanner; Tilly; Gardner; Ms Lady; Cressy 6. Cathy; Dina; Dandy; Gerta; Bellini 7. Cleo; Genni; Darby; Derik; Dollar 8. Verne; Reggie; Chablis; Camper; Gumbo 9. Chablis’s puppies Chakra, Chally, Chuffy, Charade, Cherish, and Chomsky; Gaddy; Ike; Ashton

1. Alan; Carla; Mary; Gouda; Grits 2. Gumdrop; Cooper; Claudia; Cynthia; MJ 3. Goji; Finnegan; Cadet; Roxy; Sheila 4. Nixon; Webber; Isadora; Alice; Max 5. Roxanne and Ruth; Damian; Chewbacca; Josephine; Star 6. Olivia; Smokey Burri; Judy and her kittens; Franny; Foxy 7. Charlie; Bunny; Reggie; Lola; Bishop 8. Edith Anne; Star’s pups Soda and Soupy, Suzette, Stinger and Sarah, and Sissy

The next week, we wished bon voyage to these dogs and cats who traveled to their forever homes.

1. Jack; Derry; Debra; Shalin; Shawna 2. Rhianna; Marius; Armand; Buddy; Mo 3. Knight; Iris; Dakota; Desiree; Gwendolyn 4. Olivia; Maggie; Mike; Gatsby; Olga 5. Tuffy; Punkie; Caress; Caddie; Teddy 6. Marla; Pixie; Vienna; Norman; Nita 7. Nelwyn; Bailey; Snickers; Pandora; Claudia 8. Carrera; Vittorio; Bonnie; Bella; Taryton 9. Grinch; Hans; Franz; Marlboro; Thorne
1. Izzie; Lizzie; Beau; Norris 2. WInston; Merit; Ray; Shane 3. Kent; Ammie; Victoria; Jennifer; Judy 4. Abby; Sienna; Seneca; Clyde; Shiloh 5. Henry; Marolynn; Mama; Lady; Brittany 6. Julia; Gemma and her kittens; Tip, Dahlia, Violet, and Wells; Paige; four little kittens 7. Rene, Cooley, and Pepper; Smokey; Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse; Scarlett

Our Wisconsin partner joined us for the fourth transport of the month, giving a ride to these lucky pups.

Row 1: Diego, Tulip, Tansy, and Felicity — Row 2: Peaches, Champagne, Vanna and Vanna’s puppies Valeen, Vance, Vicky, Vito, and Vonny — Row 3: Zelda and her puppies Zane, Zeb, Zeke, Zephyr, Zion, Zondra, and Zoro, Marissa, and Jeanie

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled that same week to Colorado.

1. Mack; Maddox; Mariner; Morgan: Lambo 2. Roxy; Maggie; Shiva; Mojo; Polar 3. Colo; Diesel; Ace; Odin; Marco 4. Fifi; Talia; Sofrito; Timon; Porter 5. Rufus; Teo; Archie; Catherine; Lydia 6. Susan; Ally; Cabot; Jeff; Jaclyn 7. Bobby; Cindy; Terence; Karl; Buddy 8. Regina; Rolla; Linden; Abigail; Kenley 9. Nela; Mickey; Tiki; Penelope; Adam
1. Sundance; Butch; Roma; Ravenna; Reno 2.Rockford; Milicent; Moses; Pumpkin; Dacie 3. Spot; David; Reims; Rosario; Darco 4. Daisy; Donegal; Pumpkin’s puppies Apple, Strawberry, Berry, Banana, and Cherry; Adam; Diane 5. Queen B; Queen B’s puppies Quincy, Quinto, Quaid, Quartz, Quatro, Quasar, Quebec, Quentin, Quanda, Quiggy, Quixie, and Quill; Danny; Patriot; Brady 6. Lucille; Zayla; Axle; Aurora; Addison 7. Ava; Alexis; Angel; Abigail; Avery 8. Alyssa; Alaina; Astro; Andrew; Diana and Phillip 9. Fergie and Eugenia; Margaret and Charles; Elizabeth and Beatrice; Blondie; Cyndi
1. royal pups; Vanessa; Mr Cuddles; Peanut and Citrus 2. Jinx; Teddy Bear; Tim Brown; Mr Diva aka LeStat; Samantha 3. Samantha’s kittens Stormy, Stefan, Sasha, and Starla; Gina; Jake; Juniper 4. Oates; Grace, Kate, King, and Olivia; Alexa; Stella and her kittens; Hall 5. Carlisle; Diana and her kittens Tippy, Blaze, and Spot; Belinda; Bowie; Jillian 6. Jeb; Judy; Boston; Rembrandt

March came to a close with a fifth transport day. It was beautiful weather for the dogs and cats who traveled that week.

1. Dennis; Dior; Deacon; Dakota; Dirk 2. Sura; Lin; Beverley; Sonya; Bella Rose 3. Melrose; Rafael; Jocelyn; Jelena; Jorja 4. Nala; Nala’s puppies Nugget, Napolean, Neon, and Nash; Skyler; Simone 5. Tiger; Sela; Sadie; Shania; Sabrina 6. Silas; Scot; Nellie; Nellie’s puppies Nancy, Nick, Nina, Ned, Nova, Nemo, Nigel, Nikita, Naomi, and Natalia; Beebee 7. Milton; Myles; Steve; Ashleigh; Kristine 8. Grace; Macie; Dodie; Tony; Caddy 9. Caddy’s puppies Calvin, Carrie, Cassie, Charles, Crisley, Chris, Chuck, and Cookie
1. Rocco; Hombre Joe; Max; Hazel; Florrie 2. Richelle; Meesh; Kendall; Brett; Wallace 3. Ming; Bonnie; Benny; Bitty; Betsy 4. Bonky; Sugar Rae; Phoebe; Hailey; Wolfie 5. Jeff Wallin; Hakeem; Harden; Corona; Pilgrim 6. Russell; Skippy; Zeus; Drexler; Zorro 7. Landon; Kells; Freida; Panda; Neil 8. Drexel; Salli and her puppies Cupcake, Sprinkles, Doughboy, Chocolate Chip, Baker, Sugar, Ginger, and Snickerdoodle; Tammy
1. Georgia; Gypsy; Noel; Lizzy and Butterscotch 2. Stacy; Leeza’s kittens; Leeza; Bunny and Bambi; MaryAnne and her kittens 3. Dodo, Ursula, and Heaven; April and her kittens Ashton, Abner, and Anson; Tonya and her kittens; Stacy’s kittens; Arabella and her kittens 4. Symbie; Symbie’s kittens Ellie, Rasputin, Leroy, Lisa, and Bruce; Sunday and her kittens

If you’ve never joined us or stayed around for a full transport morning, we invite you to check it out. We can always use more help, and we really love being able to include lots of people in the group shot we take right before the vans leave. We may be a little silly by that point.

Work, play, save lives: It doesn’t get any better than this.

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RPM February Stars

February Stars

February was a short month but a busy one! Here are all the dogs and cats who moved toward their new homes, beginning with the month’s first transport.

1. Angora; Aries; Cinnabon; Worf; Roo 2. Millie; Frenchie; Sandy; Nala; Simon 3. Spike; Erick; Carlie; Josie; Fiona 4. Bobby; Evelyn; Wesla; Tracker; Aphrodite 5. Ritz and Puffin; Arya; Aby; Victor; White Cloud 6. Orange Crush; Honeylamb; Foxy; Alejandra and Alicia; Tiberius 7. Sweetie; Marlo; Gloria; Wills; Harry 8. Everly; Everly’s puppies Everly’s puppies Egor, Ebony, Emery, Elmo, Egon, Echo, Erin-Claire, Evelyn Rose, Egbert, and Ender; Valerie; Chico; Vinny 9. Jasmine; Bishop; Barrett; Lupe; Cristina
1. Shando; Scooter; Jemma; Velma; Styx 2. Paulina; Shade and Hazel; Savari; Bonnie; Whitey 3. Buttons; Minnie; Mary Jane; Licorice; Ashton 4. April; Aileen; Lindor; Lemon; Lillipop and Lipton 5. Lonka; Kristy; Aurora and Ariel; Belle; Laffy 6. Lance; Danny Sue; Orlando; Nadia; Tiana 7. Cinderella; Stoney; Miss Piggy; Fable aka Molly; Daisy 8. Sam; Tyson; Frankie; Rita; Sinatra
1. Ricky and Trina; Mikey; Sylvester; Dexter 2. Emmy and Scarlett; Juliet; Cinder’s kittens; Felicia, Felicity, and Famika

Early the next week, these dogs were on flights to two of our Canadian rescue partners.

1. Samantha; Honey; Miss America; Pluto 2. Heaven; Cubby; Peanut; Rose

Later that week, these cats and dogs traveled to Colorado.

1. Mason; Dudley; Gunner; River; Forest 2. Raelynn; Maddie; Trixie; Ricky; Anna 3. Kia; Kaiser; Reba; Luke; May 4. Carlie; Millie; Hadley; Hewitt; Panda 5. Hector; Hayden (his brother Holden skipped the photo table); Caliope; Murray; Elijah 6. Black Jack; Purple Rain; Kisses; Kolt; Kandra 7. Cinnamon; Pepper Dumpling; Marcia; Soda Pop; Celia 8. Midge; Hoss; Robin Hood; Farrah; Kuni 9. Kerstin; Mali; Mumu; Happy; Teddy
1. Buddy; Apollo; Mary; Miki; Rachel 2. Billy aka Howl; Iggy; Rio; Murphy; Allison 3. Odie; Dublin; Polly; Halee; Heide 4. Hanley; Hubble; Hilly; Bella; Axel 5. Nellie; Nossie; Sam; Chase; Lindsey 6. Misty; Princess; Stuart; Gringo; Pierce 7. Pepsie; Pammy; Grant; Gevin; Glint 8. Gabby; Tommy; Presto. Pacino; Franky 9. Nina; Chloe; Axton; Abilene; Abel
1. Avalon; Magda; Lisa; Daisy; Donnie 2. Fesi; Lucy; Bunny; Putt Putt; Pollux 3. Felly; Faisy; Totem; Francis; Vollie 4. Vella; Vegas; Phoenix; Dove; Pink Swirl 5. Green Day; Mingo; Bear Jr Nels; Celia; Selena 6. Cash; Janie; Megan; Bryan; Tay 7. Atlas; Sugar Smacks; Rachael; Ragu; Rainbow 8. Rojo; Racer; Ribbons; Rayne; Ralph 9. Angus; June; Raider; Ranger; Radar
1. Feena; R2; Rookie; Flynn; Lizzie 2. Queenie; Kate; Minna; Sunday; Dean 3. Tonton; Myrtle and Margie; Lucy and Sophie; Sere; Silvia 4. Silvie; Marigold; Patrick; Sonya; Sita 5. Tinker; Equinox; Equinox’s kittens; Julius; Veronica 6. Tigger and Oliver; Nugget and Goldie; Flash; Pace, Parker, and Pax; Chica 7. Marcella; Candy; Theo; Lana; Tyler

These dogs and cats kept us busy getting them on the road the following week.

1. Rose; Bonnet; Annie; Buddy; Jason 2. Baltus; Baxter; Cheeto; Jukie; Jombie 3. Hercules; Amber; Coco; Benji; Ransom 4. Luca; Jack; Jill; Collin; Nanette 5. Pooch; Arizona; Fritzi; Lynnie; Lolo 6. Lawrence; Princess; Oswald; Charlie; Maxie 7. Xena; White; Butterscotch; Riley; Toya 8. Whiskey; Leland; Paris; Dorothy; Tigger 9. Julia; Ninka; Roxy; Anne-Marie; Ambrose
1. Anton; Mellow; Cody; Leo; Moby 2. Darrell; Daniel; Nina; Niblet; Presleigh 3. Nino; Leah; Wilfred; Minion; Lucky 4. Izzy; Aramis; Alexander; Sir; Stella 5. Tiger Lily; Dolly; Brownie; Cash; Mio and Oreo 6. Runty; Raven; Charley; Mr Chubbs; Captain 7. Annie; Sealy; Stephy; Milly; Lambert 8. Christy; Winston; Seuz; Logan; Kaiser 9. Samuel; Nesta; Nigel; Nixie; Babis
1. Dorothy; Rockie; Dinah; Dupont; Dorcas 2. Adella; Buster; Petra; Boss; Clark 3. Spenser; Dusty; Dibsy; Zach; Melissa 4. Melissa’s puppies Cream, Coffee, Cocoa, Caramel, Latte, Mocha, and Bonbon; Lexie; Barnabas; Liesl; Liddy 5. Walker; Oreo; Max; Nickel; Abby 6. Athena; Shelly; Miranda; Ketchum; Captain 7. Tess; Tootie; Gary; Gale; George 8. Chantilly; Tipsy; Scout; Lily; Little Dog aka Mercy 9. Hazel; Hazel’s puppies Hank, Harrison, Hudson, Halcie, and Hobo; Sampson and Saffron
1. Tandy’s puppies Tangier, Tenpin, Terin, Tewan, and Tiffin; Tandy; Sylvester; Penny and Parker; Popcorn 2. Cantu; Heidi; Cece; Elsa, Amelia, and Ana; Ace and Merida 3. Cookie; Frannie; Panda; Kirby and Kenzie; Sara and her kittens

On our last transport day of February, our Wisconsin partner came to pick up these dogs.

1. Jenny Lee; Jenny Lee’s puppies Jared, Jitty, Jupiter, Jet, Jojo, Jenelle, and Jazzy; Marlowe; Marshall; Campbell 2. Birdwell; Lucy; Clinton; Olive; Pearl 3. Nexus; Mia; Pineo; Mya; Bilko 4. Betty Boop; Ruthie; Ruthie’s pups Ramie, Regina, and Rambia; Steinbeck; Sara

That same day, these are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado.

1. Herschel; Fred; Sebastian; Cookie; Princess 2. Lulu; Butterball; Blackie Chan; Sweetie; Vanessa 3. Xochitl; Xitlalli; Remington; Najak and Normie; Frills 4. Norma; Piper; Luke; Bailey; Belinda 5. Bazel; Benjamin; Minnie; Minnie’s puppies Marilyn, Mila, Mindi, Mickey, Mansen, Mork, Monroe, Munch, and Merlot; Satsy 6. Lady; Boz; Belinda; Barry; Rosie 7. Jonde; Pink; Pink’s puppies Parson, Pita, Petula, and Peggy; Jessie; Belding 8. Jenna; Sanford; Rosebud; Cowboy; Bally and Betzie 9. Chico; Diesel; Halee; Champ; Dahlia
1. Becca; Dallas; Two-Bit; Slash; Kip Winger 2. Joe Perry; Chocolate; Roxy; Miranda and Smith; Guerro 3. Barby, Buckley, and Booker; Janie; Lizzie; Harmony; Stewey 4. Abigail; Earl; Yoda; Sonar; Groucho 5. Harpo; Bing; Darcy; Bret Michaels; Steven Tyler 6. Charlie; Fitz; Glinda; Bernard; Echo 7. Rosco; Godiva; Godiva’s puppies Cupid, Romeo, Juliette, Valentina, Sweetheart, Valentine; Fagan; Fallon 8. Samantha and Charlotte; Carrie; Shortstack; Satellite; Thelma 9. Louise; Siggy; Samson; Zach; Frankie, Frosty, Freckle, and Fissell
1. Gomez; Sultan; Sonia; Sezana; Bondo 2. Andy; Takita; Lisa; Wendy 3. Barbara; Halli; Harriet; Holmes; Kenny 4. Harley; Mikey; Natasha; Twiggy; Lucky 5. Lucky’s puppies Lexi, Laney, Lulu, Luna, and Landon; Ruby and Rachel; Preston; Elsa; Maybelline, Loreal, and Pantene 6. Anna; Cinder’s kittens; Paulie and Tate; Mitchum; Ben-Ben and Benji 7. Anna; Jake; Kippy; Cinder

It’s never been more true that we need all of you to make a difference to Houston’s homeless pet population. Thank you to our fosters, donors, and volunteers; rescue, vet, and shelter partners; transporters and staff.

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This is the New Year at RPM

This is the new year

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled in January, beginning with our first transport of the month.

1. Lollie; Sachi; Beowulf; Byron; Bubbles 2. Bonnie; Jelly; Princess; Jenny; Forest 3. Pepper; Milton; Jonah; Diana; Gordita 4. Abbi; Maverick; Missy; Seymore; Ivanka 5. Chance; Chikis; Dawson; Clayton; Callum 6. Colton; Carey; Borra; Terry; Frankfurt 7. Oshi; Nicole; Victor; Smidge; Farren 8. Benny; Rudy; Gretel; Hansel; Snow White 9. Mystique and Pom; Alpha; Bravo; Charlene; Laverne
1. Luna; Theo; Cara; Cara’s puppies Cabo, Carver, Colin, Clarice, Christy, Candide, and Cassidy 2.Rita; Comet; Bailey; Gabriel; Hamlet 3. Pelly; Tundra; Penny; Daphne; Velma 4. Shaggy; Fred; Lovey, Leath, Libby, and Ladybug; Lantis; Jenny 5. Selena; Hugo; Tigger; Bane 6. Manny; Clarissa; Juan; Norland; Grace 7. Kathy; Blaze; Gretta; Mona, Van, Michael, Angelo; Whitney Mews, Mariah Catey, and Katy Purry 8. Eclipse and Esprit; Cleopatra; Skittles; OJ; Sheila 9. Esther, Stu, and Neil; Firecracker; Onyx; Thelma and Jimbo

Here are those who traveled the second transport of January.

1. Winter; Rockwell; Lucy; Lucy’s puppies Ari, Buster, Katie, Alissa, Lilly, and Jewels; Randolph 2. Missy; Rusty; Coffee; Steve; Willow 3. Camo; Dasher; Nova; Nova’s puppies Corvus, Orion, and Andromeda; Addi 4. Andy; Toby; Vincent; Benny; Maybelline 5. Griffin; Hank Williams Jr.; Nessy; Clancy; Chili 6. Beth; Amy; Jo; Meg; Valerie 7. Dexter; Scrappy; Ingrid; RJ; Dino 8. Frank; Sebastian; Samantha; Tipton; Tolly 9. Tarleton; Tish; Dusty; Angela; Grant
1. Niles; Pepper; Pepper’s puppies Peanut, Plucky, Pretzel, Pizazz, Pampa, and Pekin; Huey; Zoe 2. DaVinci; Max; Jonas; Taffy; Tinker 3. Grandma; Zeek aka Clark Kent; Fennel; Friar; Maggie Mae 4. Lane; Dippy; Chuck; Tiny; Wrinkles 5. Little Man; Goatee; Powder Donut; Samantha; Grant 6. Sandy; Tuff; Trouble; Pibble; Mischief 7. Scooter; Sassy; Kacy; Kacy’s puppies Kori, Koko, Kirinia, Kendy, Kaprice, Kassius, and Kaya; Benny 8. Odessa; Otto; Opal; Octavia; Outlaw 9. Coco Chanel; Daisy; Scruffy; Marjorie; Marjorie’s puppies Micah, Millhouse, Matthew, Milo, Maeve, Marlene, Melissa, and Maddox
1. Rommel; Rafferty; Astaire; RoRo; Silver 2. Zeppelin; Elena; Brutus; Sam, Alex, Mauve, Hugo, and Jillie; Chester 3. Norman; Fonzie; Benny; Callie 4. Callie’s kittens; Salt and Pepper; Pub, Dougie, and Robin; Ria; Olly 5. Blue and Purple; Eden; Dante; Annie; Abby 6. Keeley and Finney; Ellie, Eliza, Eli, and Elmer; Cara, Cullen, and Calvin; Gia and Geo

Here are the dogs who traveled to Wisconsin on the third transport of the month.

1. Habu; Bailey; Destiny; Muneca; Vince 2. Fito; Kristy; Kenzie; Ketch 3. Vincent; Gracie; Byron; Lola; Sox 4. Milly; Dean; Nala; Jordan; Pockets

The same day, these dogs and cats went to Colorado.

1. Rocco; Sunny; Mony; Bistro; Juneau 2. Bella; Charm; Cruise; Jubilee; Franny 3. Minnie; Lola; Frieda; Freckles; Felicia 4. Alex; Susie; Magee; Zado; Zeke 5. Loren; Bobo; Bijou; Alexis; Mariss 6. Onyx; Lainey; Zed; Les; Roxy 7. Arthur; Dutchess; Midas; Lantis; Zillo 8. Zimba; Lenny; Tolbert; Toro; Miss Daisy 9. Gigi; Rascal; Vino; Shiloh; Hazel
1. Ella; Lola; Ringo; Lokie; Shelby 2. Taz; Ike; Mally; Virginia; Angel 3. Polly; Mattie; Mariah; Patti; Marianne 4. Harper; Goldy; Leopold; Sher Khan; Stella 5. Cassian, Jyn, and Nopal; Collie; Morris, Randy, and Frolic; Marky; Pepe and Zozie 6. Lacey; Bob and Bella; Harley, Quinn, and Kyle; Nat and Nadi; Argyle 7. Antoine; Flip; Flicka; Fiona; Sam 8. Pam; Chip; Nora; Mick; Keith
1. Sunshine; Cassie; Chanel; Sam; Freddy 2. Dexter; Rigo; Bethany; Ferina
Fauna and her puppies Boo, Lilo, Pom Pom, Tiana, Dottie, Ariel, Dory, Nemo, and Aurora caught a flight out this month!

On the last transport of January, these dogs and cats traveled.

1. Osito; Girl; Mandy; Reggie; Selena 2. Beauford; Farrah; Bruce; Cherry; Cinnamon 3. Tucker; Schwartz; Gerald; Steffi; Sybil 4. Sida; Selma; Chuck; Charley; Mellow Yellow 5. Red Hot; Colette; Chocolate; Salinas; Troy 6. Clyde; Precious; Chubbs; Humphry; Flower 7. Sally; Angel; Jasper; Toby; Chapo 8. Swift; Princess; Alexis; Linda; Linus 9. Pony Boy; Bruno; Leo; Bruce; Preston
1. Bonnie; Blaze; Tessa; Rosco; Ram-Jam 2. Billy; Belle; Odie; Gwen; Gordon 3. Hazel; Hazel’s puppies Howie, Haven, Hannah, Helen, Honor, Hedy, Herbie, Hector, Hefner, and Haddie; Miro; Kahlo; Dali 4. Picasso; Georgia; Lolly; Dottie; Radar 5. Nicole; Princess; Carlos; Tod; Sunni 6. Tony; Terrence; Heather; Ray; Rizzo 7. Picasso; Voltaire; Sylvia; Condi; Julia 8. Carson; Caleb; Felicity; Mig; Damon
1. William; Trouble; Minnie; Nancy; Donovan and Darren 2. Tommy; Marisol; Sandra Dee; Einstein; Liv and her kittens 3. Jack; Eddie; Jose; Tito; Annie
Hawk is another handsome guy who flew to Canada to his new home in January.

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” — Mister Rogers

Thank you to all of RPM’s helpers!

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Remember December at RPM

Remember December

It seems like it’s been a long time since December, but we know you haven’t forgotten all the wonderful dogs and cats who traveled. We’re in the middle of a fundraising campaign to ensure there will be many more photos and journeys for Houston’s homeless pets to go toward their forever homes. (If you want to help, please click here: Donate Now.)

Our Wisconsin partner joined us on the first transport of the month and took these great dogs to their new lives.

1. Emily; Mike; Rayban; Tough Guy; Nellie 2. Bella; Addie; Addie’s puppies Angel, Ava, Addicus, Ainsley, Alexa, Andy, Archie, Asher, Annabelle, Abner; Socrates; Wainwright and Walker 3. Clarissa; Natalie; Natalie’s puppies Naomi, Noah, Nico, Nick, Nala, and Niall; Whitley; Wilson 4. Marla, Maggie, and Macy; Nathaniel; Eileen; Oliver; Mandy 5. Melissa; Theo; Ky; Teresa; Teresa’s puppies Terrence, Tassie, Turbo, Tamala, Toledo, Talulah, and Tiffany

Wadsworth and Wishes skipped the photo table that morning because they were so eager to catch their ride to Wisconsin!

On that same day, these are the dogs and cats who loaded the vans to Colorado.

1. Bellamy; Marietta; Franny; Vitaly; Bernard 2. Stratton; Jolie; Midge; Charming; Iokua 3. Charlie; Rhett; Scarlett; Sealy; Charles 4. Eboni; Fortney and Fletcher; Garrick; Jessie; Lucy 5. Deuce; Hannah; Sandy; Mateo; Eugene 6. Churchill; Melanie; Nike; Waldo; Betty 7. Jaime Lee; Charli; Warren; Yang; Ying 8. Merlot; Tillman; Patina; Kaley; Jesse 9. Lilly; Bloomer; Portia; Adidas; Brendan
1. Ella; Otto; Chip; Bean; Patches 2 and 3. Milo; Fluffy; Patina’s pups Pansy, Pippa, Puzzle, Plum, Pinta, Parson, Pate, and Packard; Buckingham; Beverly; Scrappy 4. Alison; Mario; Bono; Bon Jovi; Bruce 5. Eden; Benji; Nola; Dream; Hannah 6. Jack; Twitch; Roxanne; Annie; Megan 7. Rupert; Sweetie Pie; Lola; Tessa; Laika 8. Frankie; Angel; Robert; Humphrey; Elsie 9. Emily; Sparkie; Romeo; Cookie; Eve, Janey, Jasper, Jaden, and King
1. Anessa; Jason; Sanders; Margie 2. Sayler; Sunny; Star; Gabriela; Chandra 3. Shiraz; Shadow; Bella; La Chompis; Frankie 4. La Chona; Eddie; Emma; Donatello; Lilac 5. Cinnamon; Jellybean and Thor the Destroyer; Faith and Diamond; Grayson; Cocoa, Nutmeg, Pepper, and Saffron 6. Trapper; Micah, Mason, Mazy, and Moses; Benny, Bethany, Cooper, and Estrella

The next week, these great dogs and cats left for their new lives in Colorado.

1. Lucy; Jax; Jeff; Bear; Goldie 2. Dee Dee; Momma; Snickers; Champ; Onyx 3. Gidget; Cooper; Jet; Jessi; Ticktock 4. Taper; Cami; Camile; Carson; Coco 5. Cadillac; Franklin; Cassie; Cooper; Cricket 6. Cecile; Nixon; Kenyon; Reed; Nokia 7. Rex; Goldie; Megan; Marvelous; Gia 8. Diego; Dory; Tute; Snoopy; Celine 9. Freddy; Raina; Raina’s puppies Rheta, Rona, Rina, Ressa, Rusty, Ramses, Reno, Roarke; Mia; Martin
1. Bowser; Violet; Waffles; Pumpkin; Miracle 2. Marbles; Misty; Marley; Sara; Kara 3. Morgan; Milan; Dulce; Morrow; Dandie 4. Daisy; Ahab; Suzanne; Champion; Mia 5. Mac; Majesty; Mami; Helene; Kelley 6. Gunnar; Star Cookie; Wednesday; Gretchen; Hope 7. Sara; Sofia; Regina; Alessia; Berenice 8. Keenan; Risotto; Truman; Serenity; Reese 9. Zoey; Zelda; Gwen; Oswald; Robin
1. Tom; Gwen; Tony; Adrian; Zenith 2. Zed; Gio; Fendi; Fifi; Ferdinand 3. Felix; Foxx; Fiona; Minute 4. Kita; Jack; Minnie; Daisy 5. Beau; Spiegel; Emerald, Eddie; Tamra; Vicki; and Heather; Jess and Jessica; Gizmo 6. Cinnamon and Basil; Sophia; Minka; Renaldo; Sammy 7. Teddy, Sophie, and Tommy; Irene and Anna; Benny; Tig, Fig, and Mig

Our third transport of the month was another big one.

1. Sandy; Tammy; Cecily; Bobi; Poco 2. Howie; Dorothy; Anthony; Valencia; Venus 3. Ace; Flex; Chopper; Britton; Mya 4. Tony; Buckwheat; Peanut; Madison; Rhonda 5. Serena; Sugar; Paco; Paquita; Wyatt 6. Judith’s puppies Jimbo, Jakey, Jaslo, Jock, Jory; Johnny; Jandy; and Jerome; Jojo; Malorie and Marvin; Brock and Toby 7. Rexton; Rebel; Winnie; Whitney; Bella 8. Claudia; Claire; Rhiannon; Bronson; Chloe 9. Duke; Buddy; Julian; Tamara; Holly
1. Canela; Luly; Oreom; Harlan; Pepper 2. Pancho; Posey; Tangle; Twinkle; Pamela 3. Olivia; Ariana; Polly; Jackson; McKenzie 4. Lula; Poppy; Lizzy Lou; Charley; Jonesy 5. Rosie; Carly; Tyler; Gordo; India 6. Jackson; Bunker; Ollie; Mike; Benny 7. Luke and Lane; Snowbell; Kirk; Woodlyn; Dean 8. Chu Chis; October; Nevaeh; Christopher, Finn, and Logan; Jess 9. Sookie; Miriam; Miriam’s puppies Mab, Maddie, Marnie, Melia, Merryn, Minda, Mitch, and Meyer; Ana; Olaf
1. Hal; Billy Bob Joe; Pebbles; Annie 2. Meadow; Skye; Sammie; Perdita 3. Oliver; Pixie aka Waldo; Reece; Sherry; Reuben 4. Serenity; Charity; Jennilee; Ice; Rumer 5. Ridley; Ruffles; Rhodie; Patsy; Mercy 6. Unity; Harmony; Judith; Carly; Bowser 7. Damon; Ariel; Marcus; Maybelle; Lilly 8. Snap, Crackle, and Pop; Davis and Geena; Frankie, Farrah, Felix, Finn, and Franklin; Nala and Zazu

The last transport before Christmas meant these dogs and cats were headed for safe, warm homes in time for the holidays!

1. Nyla; Bianca; Jill; George; Tara aka Pinky 2. Genese; Pelham; Bentley; Rocky; Dante 3. Buddy; Styron; McCoy; Leeza; Oso 4. Garth; Anita; Lola Bunny; Chloe; Kylie 5. Skye; Calvin; Gem; Holly; Lenore 6. Cullen; Susannah; Cookie; Johnson; Falstaff
1. Litter; Batman; Willow; Arthur; Diana 2. Clarabelle; Champ; Sedgewick; Jacob; Jethro 3. Cecile; Linnae; Maggie; Fay; Stevie, Lindsey, and Mick 4. Ross; Joey; Sweet Pea; Pepper: Marshall 5. Telstar; Stella, Coco, and Gaston; Gabe, Georgia, and Gia; Juicy Fruit; Sue 6. Parker and Peter; Monica; Chander; Leda

The last transport of the year was a time to celebrate not only the rescue of these dogs and cats, but all the accomplishments of 2016. We helped BARC finish out the year with a successful second month of their 90-for-90 challenge, with a better than ninety percent save rate for the month of December. As we moved toward 18,000 saved, it was hard to believe we began with a single rental van of dogs in October of 2013. What a great journey this has been!

1. Pepper; Lana; Bingle; Ginger; Chaya 2. Autumn; Debby Lou; Kiara; Boo; Mickey and Jasmin 3. Tammy; Phoebe; Scarlett; Gordo; Rosie 4. Sparkle; Sarah; Sarah’s puppies Sassy, Skar, Starla, Sugar, and Sumo; Holly 5. George; Autumn; Mark Anthony; Betty Boop; Hobbs 6. Casey; Fresi; Falcon; Finka; Kourtney 7. Jerry; Tom; Slade; Pilgrim, Palisade, and Pum Pum; Guiness 8. Gillespe; Gabriela; Kim; Brolly; Rachel 9. Gail; Stella; Joey; Khloe; Devon
1. Cher; Puddin and Cheetos; French Fry; Pickles; Cheerio and Waffles 2. Coral; Shasta; Molly; Molly’s Baby; Isabella 3. Isabella’s puppies Ivan, Inky, Iggy, Ikon, Indira, Ivy, Idol, Icarus, and Iris; Rowena; Renee; Pinky 4. Simba; Nala; Dino; Toby; Irene 5. Trey; Tilton; Bruno; Lorelei; Terrel 6. Traci; Tappo; Calista; Cole; Isabela 7. Roberto, Ricardo, and Reva; Penny; Phoebe, Lizzie, and Gabe; Penny, Pax, and Presley

From all of us to all of our volunteers, donors, transporters, and fosters, THANK YOU!

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November Speels Sweet Memory at RPM

November Spells Sweet Memory

November gave us many reasons to be thankful and celebrate. With more than 450 dogs and cats transported during the month, RPM passed the 17,000 saved milestone! That’s more than 17,000 dogs, cats, and two pigs given their chance at better lives in three years! In addition, BARC’s live release rate for November–the first month of their 90-for-90 challenge–was 91.1 percent! In the world of rescue, that’s a “no kill” number. Congratulations to all the hardworking people at BARC who’ve made this possible with their rescue partnerships and adoptions. We’re so happy to be part of your team!

Our Wisconsin rescue partner came the first week of the month to take these lucky pups to their new homes.

1. Chandler; Lacey; Koda; Rosie 2. Gia; Sadie; Madonna; Marlin 3. Maverick; Melvin; McKenzie; Macie

These are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado that week.

1. Lacey; Arwen; Adriana; Matilda; Margeaux 2. Charlie; Charcoal; Siri; Cady; Baby 3. Logan; Magnum; Nancy; Lil Midnight; Sallee 4. Sallee’s puppies Stevie, Silas, Sheba, Stanley, Solon, Spiro, Sookie; Malorie; Duquesa; Teddy 5. Toni; Griselda; Buchanan; Wilco; Peanut 6. Lorelai; Carly; Cutie; Chunky; Saffi 7. Izzy; Finley; Dac; Junebug; Betty Jo 8. Jean; Mark; Lupe; Bismarck; River 9. Marlin; Abagail; Billie Jo; Catrina; Simon and Buttercup
1. Jasper; Fritz; Mable; Brylee; Brian 2. Bria; Floyd; Bizzy; Bobby; Boogy 3. Pumpkin; Bonnie; Berry; Bee Boy; Rambo 4. Maverick; Deigo; Darla; Rita; Mariposa 5. Pelon; Stanley and Shelton; Sneaker; Jagger, Jazlyn, Jodie, Junee, Jessica, and Janna 6. Darla; Darla’s puppies Dereck, Damica, Dawn, Dessa, Dinky, and Dotty; Adam; Mama Mia and her kittens Venus, Benji, Moose, and Big Joey

The second week saw these beautiful, healthy dogs and cats boarding the vans on their way to new lives.

1. Channel; Fawna; Blaze; Blackie; Orson 2. Wallace; Milo; Tonka; Ballerina; Jackpot 3. Jenna; Tragan; Quentin; Otis and Dell; Boomer, Apple, and Ollie 4. Dash; Flap; Cooper; Josh; Fairlea 5. Fairlea’s puppies Flurry, Flash, Frankie, Feivel, Firth, Fonzie, and Fuller; Paris; Nicole; Peaches 6. Morticia; Ricky; Wednesday; Ethel; Fawn
1. Domingo; Mona; Mickey; Cody 2. Milla; Donut; Beidler; Bolt; Porter 3. Patton; Grayson; Archie; Boca 4. Carla; Candy; Luna; Connie; Teena 5. Dino; Beatrice; Coburn; Anabel; Brassy, Bitty, and Bashful 6. Darth; Vader; Aleman; Connor; Colleen 7. Colette; Teller; Tania; Taffy

The next week, Wisconsin was back, helping us continue our mission to solve Houston’s homeless pet problem.

1. Salvador; Yoko and Yummi; Leon; Robo; Roman 2. Kit; William; Wyeth; Dot; Genie 3. Georgia; Amelio; Zaza; Despinda; Theo 4. Blackie; Thomas; Bogart; Hogan

Our busiest transport of the month meant these dogs and cats traveled to Colorado the same day.

1. Gavin; Millie; Millie’s puppies Tubbs, Lil Bit, Comet, Charlotte, Pilot, and Booker; Jade; Brownie 2. Charlie; Lucas; Evangeline; Toby; Corky 3. Gilda; Lulu; Sam; Misha; Chap 4. Dwight; Bill; Wyatt; Papi; Brenda 5. and 6. Brenda’s puppies Bambi, Babs, Brock, Bitsy, Boss, Bolt, Bebe, Bunny, Blondie, Bianca, and Blanca; Calhoun; Matilda; Patsy; Henry 7. Drexel; Maddie; Bullet; Werner; Drake 8. Lois; Finn; Hugo; Caesar; Cleo 9. Cicero; Cassius; Missy; Snookie; Zorba
1. Josey; Jersey; Deja; Snickers; Mark 2. Plum; Malcolm; Claudius; Cato; Brutus 3. Max; Tillie; Lance; Adalia; Adalia’s puppies Ansel, Adam, Alanis; Amanda; Anya; Arliss; Arnie 4. Travis; Tandy; Teresa and Tiffany; Minerva; Hadley 5. Millie; Teaberry; Fifi; Coffee; Marissa 6. Melly; Masha; Maruk; Marcus; Darla 7. Lobo; Tommy; Kimiko; Kimiko’s puppies Krista, Kiara, Kinta, Kirk, Kiowa, Kessie, and Kelton 8. Woody; Buzz; Lefferty, Labelle, Leighton, Liddy, and Lennon; Lion; Meigs, Macon, and Madison
1. Darwin; Suzuki; Meryl; Ellison 2. Beauty; Gino; Gina; Nolda; Gypsy 3. Mama Daisy; Pilar, Bianca, Caesar, Lizzi, and Ariana; Phyllis, Phaedra, and Philip; Phoebe; Brea and Bea Mia 4. Olive and Marty; Peanut and Frankie; Beeju and Brau; Bicki and Missy

Because of the efforts of our foster team and dedication of our foster families, we were able to schedule an early transport Thanksgiving week, giving our drivers and staff the opportunity to be with family and friends for the holiday.

1. Amy; Jillian; Kris; Waylon; Lois 2. Marcy; Ranger; Jorgie; Fanta; Bliss 3. Chablis and Cherelle; Chandler; Darcey; Rufus; Tippy 4. Randolph; Brodie; Baxter; Raleigh; Ripple 5. Tori; Demi; Gabriela; Barbie; Caramel 6. Jelly; Jabot; Janis; Sammy; Joanie 7. Jude; Jeanie; Jabber; Jujube; Jinks 8. Amayah; Kelso; Bayley; Betsy and Brandy; Krissy 9. Brady; Buffy; Carrie/Maggie; Hailey; Roula
1. Ebony; Mickey; Blayne; Bumper; Gingersnap 2. Miracle; Mandy; Misty; Absalom; Arabia 3. Acadia; Avena; Abalone; Aiken; Roxy 4. Landon; Chism; Magic and Moose; Tasha; Mario 5. Madeline; Madeline’s puppies Melody, Michael, Mauricio, and Marcus 6. Chata; Chata’s puppies Carl, Cuddles, and Cami; Santino 7. Sadie; Sadie’s puppies Scooter, Skipper, Scotty, Scooby, Skyler, and Skeeter; Peepa
1. Dolly; Dolly’s pups Albert, Blanche, Minnie, and Marge; Kate; Rock 2. Pongo; Joy; Serena; Ricky and Lucy; Dilly, Doodle; Snickers, and Roo 3. Thunder, Spirit, and Cyclone; Sable and Fern; Schwartz, Louie, and Nikki

There’s no way all the great milestones of November would have been possible without our partnerships with BARC and the out-of-state rescue groups who love our dogs and cats as much as we do; our volunteers, fosters, transporters, and donors; and our great veterinary partners. THANK YOU for all you do, and we hope to see you December 3 for our 3rd Anniversary Party!

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October Sun is Shining at RPM

October Sun Is Shining

Do you remember October? It seems like a long time ago to us, too. But thanks to you, for hundreds of animals, October was the beginning of their new lives. It’s when you let them know by donating, fostering, and transporting how much Houston’s homeless pets matter. Here are the fur kids of October who traveled.

We kicked off the month with our Wisconsin partner, who drove these pups–and that’s right, one pig!–to their new lives.

1. Kashmir; Francine; Grizzly; Chance; Donald; Brock 2. Ozcar; Piggy Smalls; Angel 3. Misty; Penny 4.Murray; Bowie; Nina; Sloane; Liberty; Faith

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado that day.

1. Guiness; Poncho; Abigail; Diamond; Delilah 2. Tanner; Thomas; Maribel; Charlie; Bear 3. Hughes; Lamar; Glenda; Glenn; Ivy 4. Bobbi Jo; Eleanor; Eleanor’s puppies Enzo, Effren, and Emmalyn; Nifty; Nettie 5. Max; Mindy and Maurice; Maureen; Muse; Buckley 6. May; Hardy; Athena; Dylissa; Bama 7. Geri; Mitch; Michael; Noodle; Norie 8. Pablo; Tyson; Rita; Dex; Nicholas 9. Norman; Sheba; Shiloh; Ellie; Cody
1. Dexter; Sebastian; Dallas; Pierce 2. Chiquita; Chaplin; Cheerio; Chelsea; Chastity 3. Foxy; Blade and Bessie; Banks; Lexi 4. Brinkley; Blanche; Bindi; Bumble; Sheila 5. Nugget; Mellie; Logan; Patty 6. Madge; Bandit; Minonou; Frosty, Milky, and Sandy Cherry; Mickey, Kelly, and Misty 7. Dakota; OJ and Mona; Ludwig, Bertha, Bouncy, and Cameo; Artemis, Iris, and Gaia

The following week, these jetsetters were up before dawn to catch a flight to Toronto!

1. Sunshine; Rico; Blondie 2. Carlo; Jenny; Igor 3. Storm; Honey; Maxie

Vansportation might be slower, but these dogs and cats were happy to board later that week.

1. Piglet; Scout; Tiberius; Esme; Jack 2. Bravo; Mandie; Hannah; Ressie; Lady 3. Mojo; Boston; Austin; Memphis; Oso 4. Frida; Henry; Jill; Maria; Royal 5. Daniel; Millie; Bruno; Kafka; Kizzie 6. Casper; Nala; Ned; Checkers; Chaz 7. Chelsea; Napa; Nora; Dustin; Gus
1. Yesinia; Talia; Tag; Tassel; Arthur 2. Ian; Simon; Fallon; Oakley; Cody 3. Courtney; Rocket; Skyleigh; Colby; Marie 4. Coby; Sotherby; Willow; Socrates; Rhett, Delilah, and Josslyn 5. Francine; Figgy, Issy, and ZIggy; Daphne; Dixon; Madonna and Lola 6. Dinah; Vince; Shirley; Rocco; Panda, Patches, Crystal, and Ladybug 7. Laverne; Pearl; Shadow

The great Wisconsin folks returned the following week for these lucky dogs.

1. Quinton; Beckham; Connor; Daisy; Pablo 2. Sparrow; Farrah; Farrah’s puppies Savannah, Scarlett, Callie, Champ, Bo, Hamilton, and Rosie; Chandi; Mischka 3. Daisy; Celine; Cici; Deanna; Deanna’s puppies Danielle, Dylan, Duffy, Darryl, Dalton, Dora, and Dooley 4. Beya; Moco; Mac; Bailey; Lena

These dogs and cats traveled to Colorado.

1. Ana; Chula; Ms. Leila Jean; Rapunzel; Flynn 2. Muneca; Lily; Shine; Shaggy; Bonny 3. Paloma; Paloma’s puppies Plato, Pia, Pollard, Putnam, Pete, Pricilla, Perkins, and Perez; Mary Beth; Ansa; Racer, Rupert, and Ruger 4. Jordan; Sarah; Mischief; Lil; Henry 5. Athens; Princess; Treasure; Benjamin; Albany 6. Mocca; Jack; Sally, Simon, Sherilyn, Sigourney, Santos, and Saxby; Reyna; Edward 7. Manny; Caylee; Harvey; Marlo; Missy 8. Piper; Domino; Case; Emerson; Lizzie 9. Nero; Stripes; Ashley; Atlas; Princess
1. Charo; Chip; Chile: Nola; Chip II 2. Chai; Laila; Dayton; Mandy; Jordan 3. Delilah; Eve; Cincy; Baby; Trigger 4. Louise; Ron; Rhoda and her puppies Royce, Rafu, Romy, Raina, and Reuben; Stella; Yoni 5. Harry; Perry; Audrey and Arby; Chance; Rory 6. Mickey; Clara; Jack; Alexandra; Suzie 7. Gwen; Ganan; Gilmore; Loma; Landers 8. Lowell; Lakoya; Lark; Lennox; Loraine 9. Lille; Molly and Willy; Lilac; Lida; Leon

And we finished off the month with this happy crew of cats and dogs.

1. Miley; Miley’s puppies Mercer, Morley, Macy, Maddie, Merilyn, Mungo, Monty, and Miller; Benny; Kain 2. Leo; Gus; Son; Sanders; Raffi 3. Owen, Opal, and Onyx; Lisa; Lexie; Maximus; Goofy 4. Oakley; Cairo; Buddy; Cabot; Minnie 5. Hunter; Tessa; Rudy; Bailey; Lillian 6. Geoffrey; Fresno; Hayley; Noni; Emma 7. Jasmine; Wiggles; Grayson; Rosalynn; Buddy 8. Matt; Blessing; Bentley; Peanut; Trixie 9. Casio; Joey; Vanna; Jake; Mike
1. Teffi; Tatyana; Tolstoy; Jonathan 2. Connie; Eva; Marvelous; Brooklyn; Ava 3. Penny; Oakley; Duke; Cammie; Casey 4. Connie; Barney; Elsa; Bambi; Caleb 5. Rylie; Nancy; Armstrong; Areli; Benjamin 6. Jonathan; Maia; Lenn; Dolce; Malaynie 7. Rhea and Zeus; Garth, Valetta, and Earl; Oliver and Willow; Oreo, Chip, and Cream; Cocoa, Almond, and Chocolate 8. Oliver and Philly; Renee and her five kittens; Ms. Kitty; Jimmy and Timmy

Thank you to all of you for all you do!

November’s photos are on the way!

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