Fosters needed for forty and more.

Good Afternoon Fosters and Friends!
It’s that time of the week (again!) to do a LARGE foster plea. We are looking for temporary fosters FOR OVER 50 PUPPIES AND DOGS! Below are pics and descriptions of 40. We also have some new ones that just came in and a few small scruffy adults–Inky, Pierre, and Beauguard–who have been in boarding and really need to get out. Enjoy the pics as THEY WERE ALL SAVED FROM DEATH ROW. Getting them out of BARC is phase 1, and now phase 2 begins: FOSTERING and GETTING THEM READY FOR THEIR TRIP TO CO. Please consider jumping in for phase 2.

Last, but not least, get ready for this… we broke our own records and SAVED 355 DOGS, CATS, KITTENS, AND PUPPIES during the month of March 2014 from BARC! We are thrilled to be working and saving at such a phenomenal momentum, but need all the help we can get! We appreciate all gifts of time, talents, and treasures:) As always, please share. Email if you can help by fostering one or more of these kiddos short term. Visit our foster form online and provide the information requested at if you’re new to fostering and want to help. Thank you!

Enzo, Emillio, Emma, and Empress; Extra Errrgent!


Happy Monday Fosters and Friends!
Enzo, Emma, Empress, and Emillio have the dreaded black doggie curse and have been looked over and passed by for over 2 weeks. They are stuck at Abbott and are super depressed and THUS acquired runny noses. They will bounce back in no time if they get fosters and are in a loving home! We’ve seen it time and time again–pups and dogs get sick in boarding–they get scooped up by wonderful foster, and they bounce back in a matter of HOURS and the foster home is the BEST MEDICINE!!! They are slated to leave on 3/27. So only a week and a half in your home!!! Their skin has recovered and now we just need to cure the runny nose. Please consider springing one or two from Abbott. Email me at if you can help and SHARE SHARE SHARE AWAY!!!

Thanks so much for ALL you do!
Katie Beirne
RPM Houston Foster Coordinator

3 Tail-Less TV Stars Need to Be Your Houseguests for Just 9 Days!


The three tail-less Tiny Tots that you all so generously helped us save are safe and sound, but they need a foster for nine days. They’re scheduled to go to Colorado next Thursday, February 20th. Don’t you want to show them some of the love they so obviously never received?

Plus, they’re going to be TV stars! They’ve been invited to be featured on the animal segment of Fox26 news this Friday morning. How cool is that? We promise the fame won’t go to their heads, and they’ll still share their puppy breath and puppy tummies with you.

Please, let them be your houseguests for only nine days.

If you can foster these guys, please contact us at

As always, thank you for your help!

Update: Foster found. Thank you, Laura Allen Welch!

Lots of puppy breath awaits…Fosters needed for about 10 days for 16 darlings!

Dear RPM Friends,

RPM’s volunteers have been working feverishly the past few days, and RPM now has a TON of puppies needing fosters. All of these darling puppies were set to be euthanized on Saturday. They are safe now, and they REALLY need warm and loving foster homes to hang out in for less than two weeks (they are slated to go to Colorado on February 20th).

For those of you who are new to fostering, RPM provides you with a Puppy Pack full of goodies and a crate. We recommend you foster 2 at a time because they can comfort one another.

Getting these kids into foster homes is the key to allowing us to save more BARC animals, so we hope you can help. Maybe you have a friend or two who also need a little puppy loving for a couple of weeks? Forward this email to them!

If you can foster one or more of these puppies, please contact us at You can find our foster form at Thank you in advance!

Your Indebted Friends at


1012: A RPM Odyssey


Today we rescued twelve puppies from BARC. They had been thrown in a dumpster, which is a terrible way to start your life. We also rescued a momma dog and her seven newborn puppies from BARC. Then there was a cute, little black lab puppy all alone. We couldn’t leave him behind! And then we moved two little black and white puppies out of BARC, because what’s two more? Why not!

After this group was rescued we realized we’ve saved 1012 adoptable pets since we formed at the end of September. We’re very excited about this news, and we’re very grateful for all the help we’ve received to help us accomplish this. We appreciate our volunteers, supporters, and contributors–near and far–very much!

We’re ready to save one thousand more. Want to help?

With your help, RPM can save 38 pups today.

Dear Friend of RPM,
Rescued Pets Movement is trying to save 38 pups today from the city pound (BARC), including 4 momma dogs and their puppies. You can see all of their pictures below. (Click to enlarge.)

We need donations and fosters! Please click HERE to donate and/or email us at if you are able to foster. You can also send a check to 3139 W. Holcombe Blvd. #135, Houston, TX. 77025. Please help us help them!

Thank you for your help, and thank you for joining the movement to make Houston a no-kill city.


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