A happy tail tale.

Fritz was moved as part of our transport last Saturday. She was added at the last minute to fill a spot opened up by an RPM dog who was adopted here in Houston. She was number one on the euthanasia list for that morning. Our contact in Colorado had this to say about Fritz:

image “Wow! [Fritz] is such a total LOVER! I dropped her off and she went RACING at warp speed around the foster’s yard with his other Pittie hoping to keep up. Ha! She is going to be very happy there. Thanks for saving [her]! I was in love in 1.2 seconds!”

Katie and Clyde: More Success Stories

This is Katie, rescued from death row at BARC, peeking at you on her way to a new home.

This is Clyde. One of our board members was at BARC picking up cats one day when she saw Clyde looking at her through the window. Though he was heartworm positive, she knew Clyde should be saved and took him with her. He was immediately adopted by a family in Colorado. Clyde loves hiking with his new family and is pictured here with Mt. Evans in the background.

Clyde with his new friend Rita hiking near his home.



We love sharing our success stories with all of you who are so supportive of Rescued Pets Movement.

A few of our success stories

Moved from Houston to Colorado on 9/26/13, Eddie has been adopted!
Moved from Houston to Colorado on 9/30/13, Anise has been adopted!
Moved from Houston to Colorado on 9/30/13, Daniela has been adopted!
Moved from Houston to Colorado on 9/30/13, Gidget has been adopted!

A happy rescue email.


The folks at Rescued Pets Movement thought you all might like to receive a rescue email that neither is sad nor asks for money. Below is a link to pictures of some of the 95 dogs and cats who were sprung from BARC on Thursday, September 26th and Monday, September 30th. All of these babies made it safely to Colorado and are now in their respective foster homes awaiting forever homes. We hope you enjoy.

We would also like to thank all of the donors who sponsored these pets, the volunteers who came out to help walk the dogs and load up the van, and the people at BARC who are working hard to save these babies.

Thanks again for joining our movement to make Houston a no-kill city.

Your Friends from

September 30, 2013 FB photoset here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.436649906443929.1073741829.432336290208624&type=1&l=9c297686aa

September 26, 2013 FB photoset here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.436639243111662.1073741828.432336290208624&type=1&l=276a641296

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