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Success Story Sunday- Miss May

Success Story Sunday – Miss May

From Miss May’s forever family:

“The entire (adoption) experience was amazing. The transporters were the best and brought Miss May home to me as a happy little girl… She has an older brother named Scooter who is also a Great Dane mix… She is a happy, healthy, beautiful little girl and I can’t imagine my life without her now.”

Thanks for the update! RPM’s fosters and transport staff work hard to make the transition and big move as easy as possible on the animals and their families. Miss May looks right at home in her new life in Colorado!

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Success Story Sunday- Max

Success Story Sunday – Max

Max is quite the traveler! RPM rescued him from death row here in Houston, then he was adopted to his forever home in Colorado, and now he has moved to Costa Rica with his forever family!! While the mountains were fun, his family says he is loving the beach life. He even has a new kitty best friend. He and Kitty are the best of friends and have a ball playing together.

It’s great to know that Max is living the sweet life with his wonderful forever family!

Max & kitty

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Success Story Sunday- Roxy

Success Story Sunday – Calvin

Calvin came to RPM with a terribly broken leg; he was unable to walk, but maintained a beautiful spirit and a sweet disposition that won everybody over. We were able to work with one of our Colorado rescue partners (and wonderful fosters in both Houston and Colorado) to get Calvin the medical attention that he needed, and we’re so happy to share how far he has come! He’s improving every day, walking well and loving the Colorado winter! We love happy endings like Calvin’s!

Calvin Video

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Success Story Sunday- Roxy

Success Story Sunday – Roxy

Roxy was adopted to her forever home in March, and is loving life with her new family and doggy brother, Bode. From his forever mom, Dawn:

“Roxy was the first dog I met in my volunteer position. She’d come in on the same day and was in the same condo as our boxer that we’d adopted one year before!! I fell in love with her as soon as she crawled into my lap… We scooped her up immediately and brought her home to meet her “brother” Bode the bronze boxer. They hit it off right away. The two of them sleep on top of each other and on top of us every night.

She’s a wonderful soulful girl. We love her deeply and have enjoyed her bull dogness.”

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Success Story Sunday- Lucy

Success Story Sunday – Lucy

We’re thrilled to report that Lucy is settling comfortably into her new home in Colorado! As an energetic dog, she found the perfect active family! One of her daddies is a ski instructor, and Lucy is loving the time on the mountain!

We love when these active dogs find families that can keep up with them! Enjoy the mountains, Lucy!


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Success Story Sunday- Iko

Success Story Sunday – Iko

Last spring, Iko was found living under a bridge in Houston with a momma dog and her puppies. He was a sweet guy, but in terrible shape. He was heartworm positive, covered in mange, and very sick. We started treatment here in Houston, and his forever mom, Becki, has continued his treatment in Colorado. We’re happy to report that Iko is happy, healthy, and his strength is improving every day! He’s a true Colorado dog, with cross-country skiing and hiking being two of his very favorite activities.

Thank you Becki for giving Iko such a wonderful, nurturing home!

Iko1 Iko2 Iko3

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