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Success Story Sunday

Success Story Sunday

Many times, RPM’s pups and kitties are so busy enjoying their forever homes that we simply receive a quick comment and a photo or two. Here are some quick updates!

Brynlee and Mesa
Brynlee & Mesa
Winston fka Beauvoir2
Winston (fka Beauvoir)

Success Story Sunday – Family Reunion

Some time ago, RPM transported a older, pregnant momma to one of our partner rescues in Colorado. She had her puppies, and all were adopted into different, but happy and loving homes. Recently, several of the adopters arranged to get-together and have a big family reunion!! Momma Teresa and a few of the siblings weren’t able to make it, but five pups did! All had a wonderful and special puppy play date.

For those of us on the Houston side, it can be scary to send these cats and dogs so far away, but they have such great lives waiting for them! Special and fun things like this are so great to see. Our partner rescues find loving homes and awesome lives for these animals that never would have had a chance here in Texas.

Family Reunion

(Originally posted September 27, 2015)

Success Story Sunday – Dunkirk

Too many of the animals that RPM pulls are in bad shape – malnourished, sick, and worse. We collaborate with other local groups and our Colorado rescue partners to determine the best course of action to nurse each animal back to full health – sometimes they are treated here in Houston, sometimes in Colorado, and sometimes both.

Dunkirk came to BARC with a long-broken leg, in addition to his great smile and positive attitude. One of our wonderful Colorado partners agreed to work with us to help Dunkirk. He was able to receive the surgery that he needed to reset his leg, and physical therapy to aid in his recovery. Now he walks like a champ and couldn’t be happier!

Thanks to our partnerships with the wonderful rescues in other states, dogs like Dunkirk have another chance at a happy and healthy life.

Dunkirk before and after

Success Story Sunday – Vezina (fka Rita)

We recently received a wonderful update on Vezina (fka Rita) and her new life! From her new mom, Candace:

“I’ve had Vezina for almost a month, and she has been the light of my life so far. She has been doing so good and plays all day with my roommate’s dog. She is a handful at times, but is very smart and catching on quickly to her training. I’m looking forward to watching her grow. She even does great at the vet!!! She is the best thing that has happened to me.”

We’re thrilled to hear that Vezina has found the perfect home!


Success Story Sunday – Jarvis (fka Sully) Update

Jarvis (fka Sully) was one of our first kitty Success Story Sundays (original post here), and we’re thrilled to have another update on this sweet boy! From his furever family:

“Had to share, Jarvis and our dog Snickers, are now best buds. They are not sure how to play together, but they do know how to cuddle!”

IMG_7200 IMG_7201 IMG_7202

We’re so happy for the continued updates on Jarvis, and to see how happy and loved he is in his new family!

Success Story Sunday – Willette

Most RPM dogs and kitties don’t realize how quickly and drastically their lives can change! In less than two weeks, Willette went from the streets of Houston, into the home of local foster Sarah, on to Colorado, and into her forever home! According to her foster and her forever family, she is a sweet girl, and quickly adjusting to her wonderful new life. Her family couldn’t be happier to have had her join them in Colorado!

Willette2 Wilette

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