Big wheels keep on turning

At Rescued Pets Movement, we are grateful every day for the amount of support we’ve received from all of you. For a new organization to have been able to move more than 600 animals from death row and send them to new homes in Colorado is amazing. It’s taken a lot of time and effort and energy from BARC, from our fosters, transporters and other volunteers, and from those who board and vet the animals. We appreciate everyone who has supported us through donations of food, toys, blankets, and collars. We have constant need of collars of all sizes, because every animal who boards the van is required to have a collar along with a comfortable crate, food, a water source, refreshed liners as needed, bio breaks, and individual litter boxes for the kittens and cats.

The financial commitment it takes to save these dogs and cats is a deep one, and there’s simply no way we could have accomplished all we have without our donors. Every bit of money you send us goes to animal care and transport; our board members and helpers take no salaries–in fact, all of them contribute financially, as well. Please consider making monthly donations. When we say no amount is too small, we mean it, but our need for funds grows as we save more animals–at an average of at least $50 per pet. We appreciate every donation. Thank you for making this happen!

If you are currently unable to contribute material goods or money or time, we understand. One thing you can do is share our stories. Link to us from your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow and friend us, retweet and repost us. Share our Tumblr and Instagram photos. As more individuals and companies and groups hear about us, the financial commitment is shared and grows, and our ability to save more puppies and kittens and dogs and cats grows, too.

The mama dogs in the composite below are some of the most loving and grateful we’ve seen on any transport day. We know they understand that we’re saving all their lives. No effort is too great for them. Thank you.

Rollin’ Home

At the last RPM transport of animals from death row to new homes in Colorado, 68 dogs and nine cats made the trip. We know what you want to see: PUPPIES!

You know who else loves puppies? Our friends at Winrock Animal Clinic.

We all love the big dogs, too!

We also love the kittens and cats.

Thanks to all the volunteers, fosters, donors, friends, BARC and Winrock staff, boarders, transporters, board members, adopters, and Colorado rescuers, we will continue our quest to leave no puppy behind!

All these beautiful dogs and cats arrived safely, and many have already been adopted. Thank you to everyone who assists with this effort. We couldn’t succeed without you.

Nor sleet, nor snow…

It was warm when we began loading two vans of dogs and cats taken from BARC to make their journey to Colorado on Thursday. But while our volunteers, fosters, the vet staff, board members, and drivers were working hard to get on the road, the Houston temperature dropped thanks to the cold front affecting several regions of the country. We’d delayed the transport by a day so much of the storm would be over, but it was still a slow journey northwest because of road conditions. Thanks to the dedication and conscientious driving of Mike and Natasha, all 71 dogs and 5 cats were delivered safely.

We’ve heard six puppies are already adopted–we love you, Colorado!–and Nadia and her very young pups are doing well. You can see her photo along with the photos and most of the names of the others who made the trip below.

Those are the faces of gratitude and hope because of all of you who donate your time, energy, money, and items like toys, food, collars, and blankets to RPM. We couldn’t save these lives without you!

Thanks For The Ride

In our last post, we told you about RPM’s successful media launch. With so much activity surrounding the two vans, the media, and the many animals to transport, our photographer wasn’t able to get the photos and names of all 48 dogs and four cats. We never forget that these deserving pets are who we’re working for, so we wanted to share at least a few of their names and faces.

A word about Jonah and the marks on his head. When he and his foster mom were on their way to the event, she stopped at her salon and of course took him inside with her. Her hairdresser covered his sweet head with kisses–and who wouldn’t? He’s wearing the traces of her lipstick.

We love the BARC staff and our fosters, friends, donors, transporters, affiliate organizations, vets, boarders, and the people on the other end of the journey who meet and often photograph the dogs there. All the dogs and cats from this transport are now safe and sound in Colorado. Here are a few photos of their arrival.

Roll On

It was like Mother’s Day when RPM volunteers, fosters, and transporters met to save thirty-eight more BARC dogs and send them to their new homes in Colorado. Sybil and “Mama” were the sweetest, most patient dogs they could be as their puppies were transferred into their cozy carriers for the ride north.

Another little mama, Suzie Q, has six babies whose eyes haven’t opened yet. She and the rest of the dogs were happy to get on board.

We could never accomplish all that we have without people who value the well-being and future of animals who deserve their chance at good lives. Thank you!

Have a safe journey, Jolene and company!

Homeward Bound

Once again, through the hard work of RPM volunteers, fosters, BARC, and boarding and vet facilities, another group of dogs is on the way to new homes. However you support this effort, you are saving lives–from the littlest puppies like Consuela to the gentle old giants like Red. You make a difference and we thank you.

Some helpers who tucked the dogs safely into their travel berths left before we could get a photo, many of them to pick up other dogs and cats to foster or deliver.

Driver Mike is on his way!

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