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Moving Midsummer Morning at RPM

Moving Midsummer Mornings

These are the dogs and cats who transported to their forever homes in July, the middle of summer, kicking off with our first transport of the month.

1. Johnny Lee; Mishka; Minnie; RiRi; Reba’s puppies Rafe, Rusty, Remus, Roddy, and Ryder 2. Reba; Paisley and Pammy; Shannon; Helen; Theus 3. Little John; Dakota; Brynn; Audrey; Cash 4. Chloe; Peanut; Sport; Tweed and Tara; Taffy and Tilda 5. Trista, Twinkle, and Trolley; Thessa; Dilley and Diana; Chestnut; Griselda 6. Honey; Buster; Eastwood; Snoopy; Penelope 7. Esperanza; Chesney; Casey; Ruby; Echo 8. Camille; Petunia; Ginny; Carly; Cameo 9. Waldo; Phoebe; Portia; Cordell; Lola
1. Mykonos; Kea; Rudy; Pippin and Paloma; Zelma 2. Jackie; Kiko; Karma; Karma’s pups Kail, Kimberly, Kemper, Koretta, and Kiva; Tuck 3. Marvin; Culver; Coburn; Selma; Six 4. Penelope; Mary-Ann; Frankie; Nikki; Ronda 5. Max; Buck; Cliff; Bud; Betsy 6. Padma; Albert; Anne; Rain; Dex 7. Melbourne; Dunhill; Zeke; Inga; Lobo 8. Arthur; Alice; Rasta; Mathis; Chase 9. Elton; Zinnia; Charity; Karina; Elton
1. Dodson; Florien; Dezi; Kacy, Little Bear, Pancake, Biff, and Loki 2. Allison; Antonio; Biggie; Gentilly; Rockford 3. Nice, Brice, and Gric; Gypsy; Scooter; Jules, Jet, and Jetta; Cletus 4. Cuddles and her kittens; Alice; Bella; Clover, Marigold, Petunia, Juniper, Ivy, and Poppy 5. Alice’s kittens; Marko; Sato; Charlie, Bailey, Julia, Claudia, and Sarah

On the second transport of July, these are the dogs and cats who were on their way.

1. Russel; Wesley; Weeble; Wynona; Whisper 2. Winston; Tempest; Lillie; Lorelai; Dewey 3. Astoria; Rueger; Finola; Ramon; Dannie 4. Darla; Waffles; Whimsy; Bear; Kylah 5. Kalyn; Hero; Aaron; Sparkman; Kichy 6. Camrose; Riley; Derrin; Derby; Minnie 7. Orlinda; Memphis; Sardis; Paris; Norris 8. Macon; Luray; Farina; Ewing; Heinz 9. Hollins; Miss Murphy; Corduroy; Lucy; Hayden
1. Kemba; Hanna; Coriander; Caraway; Creole 2. Powder; Apollo; Molo; Eliza; Taz 3. Cayley; Delia; Jethro; Ellie May; Raelene 4. Florence; Mary; Diana; Quinn; Polly 5. Daisy; Limerick; Haiku; Picasso; Ceaser 6. Cedric; Ned; Nugget; Flower; Dino 7. Rocky; Kenyon; Rumsey; Nicolet; Sabina 8. Shea; Sade; Sacha; Caroline; Virginia 9. Arizona; Peanut; Buddy; Georgia; Lou
1. Hattie; Cal; Ringo; Dakota; James 2. Martha; Boston; Tex; Indy; Diamond 3. Petunia; Bentley; DeNiro; Cagney; York 4. Nelly Faye; Watson; Wilma; Ten and Flame; Harlow and Hattie 5. Claire; Halia; Hara; Harold; Ringo, Katie, Tabitha, and Samantha 6. Athena; Sunset and her kittens; Athena’s puppies Adler, Amaya, Akins, Ascott, Aren, Albert, Anja, and Aura 7. Captain Jackie and Mary; Zoey’s kittens; Zoey and one kitten; Zoey’s kittens; Frankie

We had more sunny weather on our third transport of July, and these are the dogs and cats who boarded the vans that week.

1. Dixie; Heather; Pomona; Shandon; Corolla 2. Dustin; Lolo; Liberty; Legend; Brioche 3. Melanie; Maddie; Lexie; Darby; Cacao 4. Cashew; Coconut; Scooter; Hydra; Rosebud 5. Utopia; Toyah; Stella; Swan; Shadow 6. Shakira; Crystal; Cleveland; Corfu; Chico 7. Olson; Bartlett; Hoffman; Chadwick; Gavin 8. Lariat; Lucian; Nell; Nick; Layla 9. Samantha; Scotty; Nash; Trixsy; Mila
1. Bonbon; Baker; Nanda; Winfred; Wendy 2. Wally; Slim; Pico; Natalia; Gracie 3. Harlan; Helina; Herbie; Mabel; Kodak 4. Hiram; Hettie; Helga; Selinda; Sue-Sue 5. Neil; Quail; Nala; Fiddler; Freesia 6. Parker; Aldo; Harper; Powell; Sunray 7. Hubert; Tiffany; Anise; Alanis; Otto 8. Twix; Butterfinger; Galaxy; Sergio; Spring 9. Anise’s puppies Alain, Aletha, Annie, Arla, Abigail, Adam, Amber, Arnie, Avery, Adkins, and Agador
1. Storm; Kady; Steve; Sarge; Samantha 2. Sully; Bear; Firefly; Sammy; Dean, Sam, and Ruby 3. Welby; Lazlo; Laffy; Pickles; Beignet 4. Blanch; Missy; Tootsie; Benz; Fiji 5. Dasani; Grace; Cherish; Adobe; Burrito 6. Ziggy; Velvet; Cayenne; Nellie; Howie 7. Harvey; Horace; Summer and her kittens; Lily; Hildy
1. Hazel; Kestrel; Sparrow; Chickadee; Darcy 2. Lovey; Blue, Moe, Meenie, Enie, Minie; MaryAnne, Professor, and Ginger; Mr. Howell, Gilligan, and Skipper; Lissie 3. Dusty and Blue; Flame and Smokey; Kyrie and her kittens; Precious; Bryan

We finished off July with another big transport. Here are the dogs and cats who left that week.

1. Neva; Tampa; Zephyr; Yulee; Dandelion 2. Champ; Cady; Xara and Xena; Nesmith; Bruce 3. Topanga; Mork; Mindy; Kai; Zira 4. Tassie; Patches; Naomi; Nanuk; Cynthiana 5. Dunbar; Wooly Bully; Brownie; Barlow; Stetson 6. Emerson; Asher; Rania; Grayson; Gloria 7. Goofy; Coco; Mecca; Niland; Timmy 8. Rosie; Babs; Sheba; Bonnie; Gulliver 9. Camry; Charlotte; Regina; Fritz; Hazel
1. Demi; Bonzai; Bloom; Jake; Jasper 2. Cisco; Santos; Sylvester; Roscoe; Patience 3. Mitsy; Evan; Erika; Tandy; Cliff 4. Venturi; Maya; Apollonia; Elgin; Enzo 5. Theresa; Sandra; Phoenix; Bly; Bertie 6. Marcilo; Artie; Wilkinson; Passie: Passie’s pups Pandi, Paulie, Pango 7. Passie’s pups (cont) Paulo, Patina, Palina, and Pari; Arden; Nora and Nougat; Nettie 8. Alfredo; Michael; Dory; Sonny; Matfield 9. Girard; Gonzo; Shiloh; Pop; LeeLee
1. Emry; Enya; Electra; Everett; Ellen 2. Tilly; Cocoa; Edison; Evette; Elden 3. Toostie; Tippy; Tyler; Sugar; Tammy 4. Espy; Elnora and Elmo; Tally; Timber; Oliver 5. Oreo; Faulkner; King; Brindle; Sweetie 6. Kay; Connie; Sweetie’s puppies Spiffy, Scrappy, and Sporty; Abigail;Banks 7. Tabitha; Precious; Stella; Buddy and Dusty; Bandit and Brody 8. Roselie; Roselie’s puppies Reagan, Riley, River, Rylan, Robin, Rune, Rory, and Reesie: Alexander, Madeline, Jason, and Perry; Star; Delilah, Gary, Leo, and Benny

As always, RPM couldn’t help this many animals without you. Thank you for donating, fostering, transporting, and volunteering from all the dogs, cats, an occasional pig, and people of RPM!

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