Thank you for volunteering, Caroline!

Many thanks to Caroline Latta for choosing Rescued Pets Movement as the subject of her Girl Scouts community service project! Not only did she explain what RPM does and talk about the importance of fostering with many members of her community, but she also made enrichment toys for the dogs and cats in our program, which you can find in the toy box Caroline made in our clinic lobby. Caroline sent the two tutorial videos below that show how you can make the toys for your fosters, or make more toys for the toy box.

Thank you for being an awesome volunteer and foster, Caroline!

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  1. Chalise Baker - October 22, 2019

    I am here in Houston. However, I am hoping you may know of similar Rescues in Oklahoma. I am desperate to find help for my mom. I could go on and on about my irresponsible brother but that’s just spinning my wheels. He has basically dumped his dog (male) and the 3 pups on my mom Bc he can’t hold a job or keep a home. My mom is disabled and living on a fixed income. She has her own small dog so that’s a house of 5. Financially she is barely able to feed that many dogs but she won’t dump them or put them in harms way or anything, thankfully. We have been trying to find new homes but unsuccessful so far. They are black lab and catahoula mixed with whatever else. I have tried to go on Facebook and ask on there if anyone knows of local rescues and no one has offered any rescue names for me to follow up with. Even if my mom had to continue to care for these pups while they go through an adoption program. So please, if you know of any other Rescues in Oklahoma whether they also transport to Colorado or do local adoptions, let me know the names of them and I will look into them. Thank you!!

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