Rescued Pets Movement
How It Works

How It Works

  1. Rescued Pets Movement partners with reputable rescue groups across the United States to identify animals from BARC (Houston’s City Pound) and other area shelters to transport to our rescue partners across the US.
  2. Each dog and cat RPM rescues are fully examined and treated by our in-house clinic and
  3. The rescued pets are then placed temporarily with volunteer fosters or at our boarding facility until they are ready to transport.
  4. Using our own vans and drivers, RPM transports the rescued pets to our rescue partner organizations throughout the country, where they are quickly adopted into forever homes.

Transport Days

RPM owns 10 Mercedes Sprinter vans, each outfitted to transport approximately 30-50 animals per trip via the following current transports:

  • Twice a week to Denver, Colorado
  • Once every other week to Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Regular trips to Chicago, Illinois (depending on the weather)

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Why I Foster…

In addition to all the mushy feelings, from a logistical standpoint, it’s the perfect compromise for someone not in a place to make a years long commitment to adopting. Pre-COVID I would be out of town 2-4 weeks at a time, and wouldn’t want to be kenneling a pup of my own that long, monthly. Fostering fits with my schedule! And now that I’m working remotely most of the week, having a pup around gives me a routine and forces me to get outside for fresh air and walks which definitely helps my productivity and mental health.


Rescued Pets Movement

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