Is Your Pet Lost?

When your beloved pet goes missing, it can be a distressing experience. Acting promptly is crucial, but where should you begin?

Petco LoveLost national database that reunites lost pets

Here are some immediate steps to increase the chances of a reunion:

  1. Conduct a neighborhood search: Take a walk around your immediate area and engage with neighbors, postal service workers, landscapers, or anyone who might have spotted your lost pet. As their caregiver, you understand your pet best, so focus on locations where they might be curious or feel safe. Remember, most pets are found close to home.
  2. Share their scent: Place a few of your pet’s cherished items near the main entryways of your home, such as the front door and the yard gate. Include items like their favorite bed, blanket, toys, litterbox (for cats), and any frequently used possessions. The familiar scents may assist them in finding their way back home.

Remember, the above steps are initial measures to take when your pet goes missing. Taking immediate action and following additional steps can significantly improve the chances of a reunion.

Next Steps to Find Your Missing Pet:

  1. Utilize Petco Love Lost: Take advantage of our partnership with Petco Love Lost to effortlessly search the national lost and found database. By uploading a picture of your pet or conducting a location-based search, you can create a searchable and shareable alert for your missing companion. Powered by facial recognition technology, Petco Love Lost helps connect found animals with reported lost pets across the country. Visit Petco Love Lost now!
  2. Register your pet on Petco Love Lost: If you haven’t already, ensure that you register your pet on Petco Love Lost. This allows you to create a Lost listing that can be easily shared, and you can even generate pre-made fliers. Additionally, you can receive fliers via text message or email to enhance your search efforts.
  3. Share on social media: Utilize the sharing features provided by Petco Love Lost to distribute your lost pet listing on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Craigslist, and Nextdoor. Broadening the reach of your search increases the likelihood of reaching potential helpers and increasing awareness about your missing pet.
  4. Update microchip information: Verify that your pet’s microchip information is up to date. If someone finds your missing pet and takes them to be scanned, accurate information will ensure that you are contacted promptly.
  5. Contact local animal services, animal control, and shelters: Reach out to your local animal services, animal control, and animal shelters. Call them to inquire if your missing pet has been located. It is recommended to make an in-person visit whenever possible, allowing you to personally check if your pet is under their care. Many organizations also provide the option to file a lost report, enabling you to leave a photo of your pet and your contact information.
  6. Spread the word: Continue spreading the word about your missing pet. Create posters or fliers with relevant information and eye-catching designs. Place them in high-traffic areas and within the vicinity of where your pet was last seen. Large and bright posters are more likely to catch the attention of passersby and potential helpers.
  7. Persistence is key: Remember, finding a lost pet can be a time-consuming process. Don’t lose hope. Regularly check the websites where you have posted information about your missing pet and make updates as necessary. Petco Love Lost and local shelters frequently add new lost and found pets to their databases, so maintaining vigilance is essential.

Don’t underestimate the power of community support and your own determination. With proactive steps and ongoing efforts, there is always a chance to reunite with your beloved companion.

Petco LoveLost national database that reunites lost pets

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