March On at RPM

March On

March is the month that RPM went over 19,000 dogs and cats saved just from BARC! What great partnerships we have here in Houston and in other states. It wouldn’t be possible without our fosters, transporters, volunteers and donors, so we love showing you the┬álives you helped save.

This crew left the first week of the month.

1. Leo; Cagney; Augie; Zena; Rocket 2. Comet; Colonel; Patches aka Madeline; Shayla; Polo 3. Dora; Alec; Lil Pup; Jon; Jess 4. Calhoun; Joey; Chewy; Leia; Reese 5. Charlie; Sheena; Nelson; Lia; Lent 6. Legon; Lester; Bella; Max; Ebbony 7. Carlos; Brownie; Stefano; Nacho; Martin 8. Naomi and Krissy; Brady; Giselle; Gus; Panda 9. Gordo; Buffy; Taco; Chalupa; Chipster
1. Randa; Randa’s puppies Radcliff; Rhea, Ramona, Redburn, Roger, Rawson, Rowan, Rosemary, Rhett, Racquel; Phyllis 2. Rhoda; Carney; Gleason; Dolly; Corrine 3. David; Doodle; Devon; JB; Dontay 4. Amy Fagan; Paulie; Esme’s puppies Emoji, Ecru, Encore, Ermine, Elsie, Ellery, and Emma; Esme; Lars 5. Luke; Lucy; Billy; Julian and Jessica; Jetta 6. Kelly, Zach, and Lisa; Kuvo; Dot, Meg, and Eve; Cinder’s kittens; Felicity and Famika 7. Kit Kat, Baby Ruth, and Snickers; Julia and Julio; Bogey; Callie; Malcolm 8. Kory; Josie; Vera and Sully; Snuggles; Nina 9. Nina’s puppies Nolan, Nell, Nathan, Nick, Nesmith, Nubbin, Noah. Nan, Nya, and Nor

Here are the animals who transported the second week of March.

1. Dora’s puppies Raleigh, Kaydee, Finley, Brooke, and Perry; Jack; Dora; Martini; Baby 2. Cooper; Frankie; Grace; Timber; Landro 3. Odin; Sangria; Maggie; Mimosa; Charlie 4. Izzy; Zoey; Mara; Liberty; Chocolate 5. Tanner; Tilly; Gardner; Ms Lady; Cressy 6. Cathy; Dina; Dandy; Gerta; Bellini 7. Cleo; Genni; Darby; Derik; Dollar 8. Verne; Reggie; Chablis; Camper; Gumbo 9. Chablis’s puppies Chakra, Chally, Chuffy, Charade, Cherish, and Chomsky; Gaddy; Ike; Ashton

1. Alan; Carla; Mary; Gouda; Grits 2. Gumdrop; Cooper; Claudia; Cynthia; MJ 3. Goji; Finnegan; Cadet; Roxy; Sheila 4. Nixon; Webber; Isadora; Alice; Max 5. Roxanne and Ruth; Damian; Chewbacca; Josephine; Star 6. Olivia; Smokey Burri; Judy and her kittens; Franny; Foxy 7. Charlie; Bunny; Reggie; Lola; Bishop 8. Edith Anne; Star’s pups Soda and Soupy, Suzette, Stinger and Sarah, and Sissy

The next week, we wished bon voyage to these dogs and cats who traveled to their forever homes.

1. Jack; Derry; Debra; Shalin; Shawna 2. Rhianna; Marius; Armand; Buddy; Mo 3. Knight; Iris; Dakota; Desiree; Gwendolyn 4. Olivia; Maggie; Mike; Gatsby; Olga 5. Tuffy; Punkie; Caress; Caddie; Teddy 6. Marla; Pixie; Vienna; Norman; Nita 7. Nelwyn; Bailey; Snickers; Pandora; Claudia 8. Carrera; Vittorio; Bonnie; Bella; Taryton 9. Grinch; Hans; Franz; Marlboro; Thorne
1. Izzie; Lizzie; Beau; Norris 2. WInston; Merit; Ray; Shane 3. Kent; Ammie; Victoria; Jennifer; Judy 4. Abby; Sienna; Seneca; Clyde; Shiloh 5. Henry; Marolynn; Mama; Lady; Brittany 6. Julia; Gemma and her kittens; Tip, Dahlia, Violet, and Wells; Paige; four little kittens 7. Rene, Cooley, and Pepper; Smokey; Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse; Scarlett

Our Wisconsin partner joined us for the fourth transport of the month, giving a ride to these lucky pups.

Row 1: Diego, Tulip, Tansy, and Felicity — Row 2: Peaches, Champagne, Vanna and Vanna’s puppies Valeen, Vance, Vicky, Vito, and Vonny — Row 3: Zelda and her puppies Zane, Zeb, Zeke, Zephyr, Zion, Zondra, and Zoro, Marissa, and Jeanie

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled that same week to Colorado.

1. Mack; Maddox; Mariner; Morgan: Lambo 2. Roxy; Maggie; Shiva; Mojo; Polar 3. Colo; Diesel; Ace; Odin; Marco 4. Fifi; Talia; Sofrito; Timon; Porter 5. Rufus; Teo; Archie; Catherine; Lydia 6. Susan; Ally; Cabot; Jeff; Jaclyn 7. Bobby; Cindy; Terence; Karl; Buddy 8. Regina; Rolla; Linden; Abigail; Kenley 9. Nela; Mickey; Tiki; Penelope; Adam
1. Sundance; Butch; Roma; Ravenna; Reno 2.Rockford; Milicent; Moses; Pumpkin; Dacie 3. Spot; David; Reims; Rosario; Darco 4. Daisy; Donegal; Pumpkin’s puppies Apple, Strawberry, Berry, Banana, and Cherry; Adam; Diane 5. Queen B; Queen B’s puppies Quincy, Quinto, Quaid, Quartz, Quatro, Quasar, Quebec, Quentin, Quanda, Quiggy, Quixie, and Quill; Danny; Patriot; Brady 6. Lucille; Zayla; Axle; Aurora; Addison 7. Ava; Alexis; Angel; Abigail; Avery 8. Alyssa; Alaina; Astro; Andrew; Diana and Phillip 9. Fergie and Eugenia; Margaret and Charles; Elizabeth and Beatrice; Blondie; Cyndi
1. royal pups; Vanessa; Mr Cuddles; Peanut and Citrus 2. Jinx; Teddy Bear; Tim Brown; Mr Diva aka LeStat; Samantha 3. Samantha’s kittens Stormy, Stefan, Sasha, and Starla; Gina; Jake; Juniper 4. Oates; Grace, Kate, King, and Olivia; Alexa; Stella and her kittens; Hall 5. Carlisle; Diana and her kittens Tippy, Blaze, and Spot; Belinda; Bowie; Jillian 6. Jeb; Judy; Boston; Rembrandt

March came to a close with a fifth transport day. It was beautiful weather for the dogs and cats who traveled that week.

1. Dennis; Dior; Deacon; Dakota; Dirk 2. Sura; Lin; Beverley; Sonya; Bella Rose 3. Melrose; Rafael; Jocelyn; Jelena; Jorja 4. Nala; Nala’s puppies Nugget, Napolean, Neon, and Nash; Skyler; Simone 5. Tiger; Sela; Sadie; Shania; Sabrina 6. Silas; Scot; Nellie; Nellie’s puppies Nancy, Nick, Nina, Ned, Nova, Nemo, Nigel, Nikita, Naomi, and Natalia; Beebee 7. Milton; Myles; Steve; Ashleigh; Kristine 8. Grace; Macie; Dodie; Tony; Caddy 9. Caddy’s puppies Calvin, Carrie, Cassie, Charles, Crisley, Chris, Chuck, and Cookie
1. Rocco; Hombre Joe; Max; Hazel; Florrie 2. Richelle; Meesh; Kendall; Brett; Wallace 3. Ming; Bonnie; Benny; Bitty; Betsy 4. Bonky; Sugar Rae; Phoebe; Hailey; Wolfie 5. Jeff Wallin; Hakeem; Harden; Corona; Pilgrim 6. Russell; Skippy; Zeus; Drexler; Zorro 7. Landon; Kells; Freida; Panda; Neil 8. Drexel; Salli and her puppies Cupcake, Sprinkles, Doughboy, Chocolate Chip, Baker, Sugar, Ginger, and Snickerdoodle; Tammy
1. Georgia; Gypsy; Noel; Lizzy and Butterscotch 2. Stacy; Leeza’s kittens; Leeza; Bunny and Bambi; MaryAnne and her kittens 3. Dodo, Ursula, and Heaven; April and her kittens Ashton, Abner, and Anson; Tonya and her kittens; Stacy’s kittens; Arabella and her kittens 4. Symbie; Symbie’s kittens Ellie, Rasputin, Leroy, Lisa, and Bruce; Sunday and her kittens

If you’ve never joined us or stayed around for a full transport morning, we invite you to check it out. We can always use more help, and we really love being able to include lots of people in the group shot we take right before the vans leave. We may be a little silly by that point.

Work, play, save lives: It doesn’t get any better than this.

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