Rescued Pets Movement suffers severe storm damage in May 2024

Our clinic and boarding facility is still standing, and all of our pets and team members are safe. Sadly, that’s where the good news ends. 

Back in May when the Derecho wind storm ripped through Houston, our facility suffered severe damages. The roof was ripped off and the interior suffered quite a bit of water damage. 

Despite all of this, wonderful folks came to our rescue and donated towards our hefty insurance deductible and donated supplies to prepare for storm season. We immediately started the process of filing a claim with our insurance and made temporary repairs to our facility to hold us over until repairs began. We kept operating for the most part as soon as power came back on five days after the fact despite all the damage to our facility; we couldn’t let innocent animals lose their lives just because our facility wasn’t in great condition. 

Unfortunately, due to numerous and ongoing insurance approval delays, we weathered Beryl without having any of those repairs even started. 

Fast forward to today – as soon as Beryl passed, we headed to our facility to find that the damages done during the derecho wind storm have become even more severe. We’ve got water actively coming down in a few areas and our entire main dog kennel area has severely soaked insulation and ceilings. All the doors and entrances to the building had extensive water come in from under the doors. 

Realistically, we don’t have a full scope of all the damages just yet as we are without power, like most of Houston. 

At this point, we don’t yet know what our next few months will look like. We hope insurance will approve the damages done during Derecho, but now Beryl, and with an especially nasty hurricane season ahead, we are hoping and praying for animal lovers to help us make some much-needed, overdue upgrades outside of what will be covered by insurance. 

We hate to even have to think about these things while most Houstonians suffered damages themselves, but we can’t spare any time when so many pets in need depend on RPM to save their lives – 89,000+ dogs and cats to date. 

Here’s a recap of some of the major issues we hope to tackle before the next inevitable hurricane comes our way:

1. We had existing structural purlin damages that will not be covered by insurance. This was here before the storms and was revealed during damage inspections. Replacing multiple purlins in our attic space is absolutely critical for the integrity of our building and the safety of both our team and the pets we save. The initial quote to repair these is anticipated to be $10,000. 

2. All four entrances to our facility have water that comes in every time it rains heavily. We are hoping to build up concrete pads and awnings at each entrance to help protect from water coming in through the doors. We don’t yet have a quote for the concrete pads and awnings. 

3. The insulation in our entire building is poorly done or completely nonexistent. We’d like to properly insulate the entire building, which is long overdue and causing issues with our AC units and electricity bills. The initial quote for insulating everything properly is $16,131.

4. The front red portion of our building had quite a bit of old damage. There is old rot that we found after the derecho storm, which means it has been here for quite some time and won’t be covered by insurance. To remove and replace the front roof over just this portion of our building, including new insulation, is going to cost $5,844. 

We know Houston is in shambles and many of you are reading this without power yourselves. We hope everyone suffered minimal damages and that you and your pets stayed safe. With that, we humbly come to you asking for help to cover these serious issues to prepare for storm season, which is off to a horribly damaging start. We just can’t let this hit impact our ability to keep saving lives and hope you will join us in this fight. 

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We started fostering after our personal pets all passed as we hope to travel extensively. Fostering fills the void when we are home and our goal is to fill them with love before their journey. It’s always hard to let go but the posts from other fosters make you know that you are not alone. Plus, there’s always another to help. RPM has made such a difference for Houston area animals. I always feel supported and heard.”


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