RPM Volunteer Program

Rescued Pets Movement HoustonIf our fosters are the heart of our organization, our volunteers are the pulse. We count on our volunteers to help support our efforts, so we can use our funds where they’re most needed — bettering the lives of homeless pets across Houston. We need your help to find homes for the estimated 1 million homeless dogs and cats wandering our city’s streets. Every little bit helps.

RPM’s fundraising committee always needs help planning, organizing, and staffing many different events throughout the year. We also need help with various office tasks.

And our dogs and cats are always on the go! We need local drivers to move dogs and cats out of the shelters and take them to the vet, foster homes, or other local transport locations. Volunteer local transporters are so important because that first ride out of the shelter is how a life gets saved. RPM can find something for anyone who wants to help our city’s homeless pets. If you’re creative, hardworking, and/or dedicated to helping homeless pets, RPM needs your help!

Please fill out the volunteer form to get started and someone will contact you shortly. Thank you for your support!  

Ways to Volunteer

Help with office work
Plan and staff RPM events
Raise Money
Get pets where they need to go
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