We Have a Valentine’s Day Wish List for Our New Clinic!

The Jack C. Alexander RPM Foster Clinic will open soon, and we are so excited! Just last month, you all helped RPM shatter our record of BARC pets saved–we were able to save 542 in January! Crazy, right? We couldn’t have done it without YOU.

The RPM Foster Clinic will help us save even more dogs and cats in the coming months, and of course, we need your help.

We made a New Clinic Wish List for Valentine’s Day. We hope you might want to have a look at it and get the dogs and cats in our program a little Valentine treat.

If so, please click the link below.

Hugs, kisses, and thank you!


Success Story Sunday – Rocket

July 21, 2015 Update: From Rocket’s new mom:

“Rocket continues to do great and is loving his new life in Colorado. Everyone who passes us on our hikes stops to mention how beautiful he is and how they love his two front white socks. He’s doing wonderful on a leash and now stays close by when he is allowed to run free. He knows who his family is and loves to run back to us when we call him.”


When sweet Rocket arrived in Colorado, he was definitely a little worse for wear. As an older dog from the streets of Houston, he was battling malnutrition, heartworms, and painful arthritis. His new mom reports that he is recovering nicely. He is eating, drinking, and sleeping well, taking his medicine, and waking more chipper every morning. He wags his tail a lot and seems very relaxed and happy.

From his new mom:

He is the sweetest little dog and has been really easy to care for. We just love him!! We can’t stop giving him belly and ear rubs and telling him how much we love him.

His new five year old girl loves brushing him, and he enjoys walking around outside. He even got to meet horses for the first time! He growled a bit the first time that he saw them through the window, but quickly warmed up when he met them face-to-face.

There were concerns that it would take a while for him to recover from his various ailments, but a happy and loving home has done wonders for sweet Rocket! We’re so thrilled to hear that he is making himself comfortable in his new life.

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