Fourth Quarter 2017–Lots of Movement!
It’s been such a busy few months that your volunteer photographer can’t keep up with all the dogs and cats
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After the Flood
It was a very busy September! Our first transport after the Harvey floods was one of our largest ever. We
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End of summer transport at RPM
The End of Summer
August began hot and busy with our first transport of the month. These are the dogs and cats who traveled
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Moving Midsummer Morning at RPM
Moving Midsummer Mornings
These are the dogs and cats who transported to their forever homes in July, the middle of summer, kicking off
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Hurricane Harvey: How you can help
Hurricane Harvey: How to Help
  Rescued Pets Movement is a 501(c)3 charity and is undertaking numerous initiatives in response to the Hurricane Harvey crisis.
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Roll Along Summer at RPM
Roll Along Summer
Who traveled to Colorado in June? We’re glad you asked. We just happen to have a few photos beginning with
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That's How Love Moves at RPM
That’s How Love Moves
May turned out to be a great fundraising month for RPM thanks to all of our generous donors. Below are
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All the Right Moves here at RPM!
All the Right Moves
Need motivation to donate to RPM’s Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge? April’s dogs and cats who traveled can remind
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March On at RPM
March On
March is the month that RPM went over 19,000 dogs and cats saved just from BARC! What great partnerships we
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RPM February Stars
February Stars
February was a short month but a busy one! Here are all the dogs and cats who moved toward their
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