April Love at RPM
April Love
April may have one less day than most months, but that didn’t stop Team RPM from pulling more than 680
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Success Story Sunday- Lucy
Success Story Sunday – Lucy (fka Scar)
Lucy (formerly Scar) was a cruelty case from BARC, and she was in horrible shape when she came to RPM.
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Success Story Sunday- Family Reunion
Success Story Sunday – Family Reunion
Some time ago, RPM transported a older, pregnant momma to one of our partner rescues in Colorado. She had her
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This is How We March at RPM
This is how we March
March 2016 was a record-breaking month for RPM. In fact, BARC told us it was our best month yet, saving
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Meet Me in the Morning
Meet Me in the Morning
We began February’s transports before sunrise one morning when we sent these little ones to Canada. Here are the dogs
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Success Story Sunday- Boots
Success Story Sunday – Boots
From Boots’ forever family: “From what I understand the poor little guy was found on the streets in Houston. How
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Success Story Sunday at RPM
Success Story Sunday
Many times, RPM’s pups and kitties are so busy enjoying their forever homes that we simply receive a quick comment
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Success Story Sunday- Sweet Pinky
Success Story Sunday – Pinky
Pinky had a way of carving a special place in the heart of every person that she met, and reminding
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Success Story Sunday- Ridley
Success Story Sunday – Ridley (fka Codi)
Ridley (fka Codi) was transported to Colorado and found her forever family in June 2014. She first arrived as a
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Success Story Sunday- Miss May
Success Story Sunday – Miss May
From Miss May’s forever family: “The entire (adoption) experience was amazing. The transporters were the best and brought Miss May
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