A letter from Mauricio.

On May 29, 2014, Rescued Pets Movement moved 99 dogs and 36 cats to Colorado. Because there were so many cats being transported (yay!), we decided to send them in a special “cat only” van so they could enjoy a quieter and calmer environment. This meant sending three vans, which meant we needed someone to drive it. We asked our friends at BARC if they knew of anyone who would want to make the trip and Mauricio Zepeda said he wanted to do it.

Mauricio is BARC’s Foster and Rescue Coordinator, and he’s well known (and well liked) by many people in Houston’s rescue community. Part of his job is to market dogs and cats to rescue organizations and try to find places for them to go so they don’t get put to sleep. We’re constantly pestering Mauricio with questions about this dog’s skin condition, that cat’s spay status, or that puppy’s broken leg, and he always gamely answers. Missing records? No problem. Mauricio is on it. Sometimes our rescue partners contact him directly with questions about the dogs and cats we send them, and they report back to us that he always answers professionally and knowledgeably. Colorado thinks Mauricio is just as wonderful as we do. We wish BARC could clone him, so we could have a Mauricio, too.

image010But we didn’t have to clone him on May 29th, because Mauricio had some time off from BARC and wanted to drive a van for us. We were excited for him because we know he loves being able to help Houston’s homeless dogs and cats go to good homes, and now he’d be able to go up there and see them delivered to our rescue partners, their fosters, and even some adopters. After the journey was completed, Mauricio sent us the following email.

Transporting cats and dogs from Houston to Denver for RPM was one of the most rewarding things I have done. I was selected to drive their cat van and helped transport 36 beautiful felines. Driving up to Colorado and absorbing the landscape while hearing a symphony of meowing was quite an experience. I got to think about how much I truly enjoy my role in helping these dogs and cats. Being able to participate in the delivery of these cuties that I saw enter the shelter without knowing if they would make it or not is indeed gratifying. […]It was awesome to meet some of the other rescue groups that I have been in contact with from Colorado, and very heartwarming to see the smiles and joy of some of the adopters when they met their new family member for the first time. I really appreciated the professionalism of the drivers and all the RPM family.

I look forward to the continuous partnership between BARC and RPM to save more lives and create more happy families.

I can’t wait for my next trip!
Mauricio Zepeda, Foster & Rescue Coordinator – BARC Outreach


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  1. Griffin Kanter - June 17, 2014

    Mauricio rocks! He is always so easy to work with when I come to BARC to transport an animal to a clinic for RPM or to personally foster.

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