A thank you note to share.

We received a very nice thank you email from someone who adopted Harpo, a RPM dog who was transported a few days ago and has already made a wonderful impression on his new family. Thank you for helping us get Harpo to Colorado and making this family happy. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

Hello! I just wanted to tell you all a huge THANK YOU!! Thank you for saving Harpo from the shelter, and for taking care of him all this time, and thank you for bringing him to Colorado to join our family. Harpo — we renamed him Franklin (AKA Frankie, the Frankster) — has settled in quickly. He and Reyna adore each other. It continues to be extremely cold and the snow has picked up again today, so we haven’t been able to play outside much. Reyna is very sensitive to the cold and gets really uncomfortable, no matter how much we dress her up. But Frankie acts like this insanely cold weather is totally normal to him. He smashes his face into the piles of snow and prances around in it. He bumps himself into bushes so the snow will fall down on top of him. I’m trying hard to get pictures of him, but its hard to get pictures of him standing still. I’m not sure how Ilyana got this really cute picture, but so far this is the only one that isn’t blurry. Despite not being able to play outside for very long, our dogs have found new ways to exercise: Reyna and Frankie wrestle with each other for hours until they both pass out from exhaustion. They are cuddling with each other during naps. We have a toy box for the dog toys, and Frankie has quickly figured out where the toys are and helps himself to the toy box for a new toy when he’s tired of the one he has. Frankie has been really good at only chewing on dog toys — and Reyna’s ears! He has brought so much laughter to our home in the past few days. He is such an awesome little guy. Again, thank you.


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