October Sun is Shining at RPM

October Sun Is Shining

Do you remember October? It seems like a long time ago to us, too. But thanks to you, for hundreds of animals, October was the beginning of their new lives. It’s when you let them know by donating, fostering, and transporting how much Houston’s homeless pets matter. Here are the fur kids of October who traveled.

We kicked off the month with our Wisconsin partner, who drove these pups–and that’s right, one pig!–to their new lives.

1. Kashmir; Francine; Grizzly; Chance; Donald; Brock 2. Ozcar; Piggy Smalls; Angel 3. Misty; Penny 4.Murray; Bowie; Nina; Sloane; Liberty; Faith

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado that day.

1. Guiness; Poncho; Abigail; Diamond; Delilah 2. Tanner; Thomas; Maribel; Charlie; Bear 3. Hughes; Lamar; Glenda; Glenn; Ivy 4. Bobbi Jo; Eleanor; Eleanor’s puppies Enzo, Effren, and Emmalyn; Nifty; Nettie 5. Max; Mindy and Maurice; Maureen; Muse; Buckley 6. May; Hardy; Athena; Dylissa; Bama 7. Geri; Mitch; Michael; Noodle; Norie 8. Pablo; Tyson; Rita; Dex; Nicholas 9. Norman; Sheba; Shiloh; Ellie; Cody
1. Dexter; Sebastian; Dallas; Pierce 2. Chiquita; Chaplin; Cheerio; Chelsea; Chastity 3. Foxy; Blade and Bessie; Banks; Lexi 4. Brinkley; Blanche; Bindi; Bumble; Sheila 5. Nugget; Mellie; Logan; Patty 6. Madge; Bandit; Minonou; Frosty, Milky, and Sandy Cherry; Mickey, Kelly, and Misty 7. Dakota; OJ and Mona; Ludwig, Bertha, Bouncy, and Cameo; Artemis, Iris, and Gaia

The following week, these jetsetters were up before dawn to catch a flight to Toronto!

1. Sunshine; Rico; Blondie 2. Carlo; Jenny; Igor 3. Storm; Honey; Maxie

Vansportation might be slower, but these dogs and cats were happy to board later that week.

1. Piglet; Scout; Tiberius; Esme; Jack 2. Bravo; Mandie; Hannah; Ressie; Lady 3. Mojo; Boston; Austin; Memphis; Oso 4. Frida; Henry; Jill; Maria; Royal 5. Daniel; Millie; Bruno; Kafka; Kizzie 6. Casper; Nala; Ned; Checkers; Chaz 7. Chelsea; Napa; Nora; Dustin; Gus
1. Yesinia; Talia; Tag; Tassel; Arthur 2. Ian; Simon; Fallon; Oakley; Cody 3. Courtney; Rocket; Skyleigh; Colby; Marie 4. Coby; Sotherby; Willow; Socrates; Rhett, Delilah, and Josslyn 5. Francine; Figgy, Issy, and ZIggy; Daphne; Dixon; Madonna and Lola 6. Dinah; Vince; Shirley; Rocco; Panda, Patches, Crystal, and Ladybug 7. Laverne; Pearl; Shadow

The great Wisconsin folks returned the following week for these lucky dogs.

1. Quinton; Beckham; Connor; Daisy; Pablo 2. Sparrow; Farrah; Farrah’s puppies Savannah, Scarlett, Callie, Champ, Bo, Hamilton, and Rosie; Chandi; Mischka 3. Daisy; Celine; Cici; Deanna; Deanna’s puppies Danielle, Dylan, Duffy, Darryl, Dalton, Dora, and Dooley 4. Beya; Moco; Mac; Bailey; Lena

These dogs and cats traveled to Colorado.

1. Ana; Chula; Ms. Leila Jean; Rapunzel; Flynn 2. Muneca; Lily; Shine; Shaggy; Bonny 3. Paloma; Paloma’s puppies Plato, Pia, Pollard, Putnam, Pete, Pricilla, Perkins, and Perez; Mary Beth; Ansa; Racer, Rupert, and Ruger 4. Jordan; Sarah; Mischief; Lil; Henry 5. Athens; Princess; Treasure; Benjamin; Albany 6. Mocca; Jack; Sally, Simon, Sherilyn, Sigourney, Santos, and Saxby; Reyna; Edward 7. Manny; Caylee; Harvey; Marlo; Missy 8. Piper; Domino; Case; Emerson; Lizzie 9. Nero; Stripes; Ashley; Atlas; Princess
1. Charo; Chip; Chile: Nola; Chip II 2. Chai; Laila; Dayton; Mandy; Jordan 3. Delilah; Eve; Cincy; Baby; Trigger 4. Louise; Ron; Rhoda and her puppies Royce, Rafu, Romy, Raina, and Reuben; Stella; Yoni 5. Harry; Perry; Audrey and Arby; Chance; Rory 6. Mickey; Clara; Jack; Alexandra; Suzie 7. Gwen; Ganan; Gilmore; Loma; Landers 8. Lowell; Lakoya; Lark; Lennox; Loraine 9. Lille; Molly and Willy; Lilac; Lida; Leon

And we finished off the month with this happy crew of cats and dogs.

1. Miley; Miley’s puppies Mercer, Morley, Macy, Maddie, Merilyn, Mungo, Monty, and Miller; Benny; Kain 2. Leo; Gus; Son; Sanders; Raffi 3. Owen, Opal, and Onyx; Lisa; Lexie; Maximus; Goofy 4. Oakley; Cairo; Buddy; Cabot; Minnie 5. Hunter; Tessa; Rudy; Bailey; Lillian 6. Geoffrey; Fresno; Hayley; Noni; Emma 7. Jasmine; Wiggles; Grayson; Rosalynn; Buddy 8. Matt; Blessing; Bentley; Peanut; Trixie 9. Casio; Joey; Vanna; Jake; Mike
1. Teffi; Tatyana; Tolstoy; Jonathan 2. Connie; Eva; Marvelous; Brooklyn; Ava 3. Penny; Oakley; Duke; Cammie; Casey 4. Connie; Barney; Elsa; Bambi; Caleb 5. Rylie; Nancy; Armstrong; Areli; Benjamin 6. Jonathan; Maia; Lenn; Dolce; Malaynie 7. Rhea and Zeus; Garth, Valetta, and Earl; Oliver and Willow; Oreo, Chip, and Cream; Cocoa, Almond, and Chocolate 8. Oliver and Philly; Renee and her five kittens; Ms. Kitty; Jimmy and Timmy

Thank you to all of you for all you do!

November’s photos are on the way!

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