Once again, team work means success!

Meet Mona Lisa and Buddy, two dogs who’ll find their homes in Colorado thanks to the combined efforts of RPM and Homeless Pet Placement League. Here’s what HPPL President Debby Ryan shared:

These two wonderful dogs came into BARC in horrible shape, so our friends at RPM agreed to take them. And of course, HPPL agreed to help underwrite medical care. Mona Lisa had her ear completely ripped from her head and a bulging eye; both likely as a result of inhumane treatment. But she’s a cutie now with one ear up and an ear flap on the other side. Her whole body wags to say thank you. Buddy boy was found with a fractured femur, tibia and pelvis. To add insult to injury, he had mange! With a great surgeon and a terrific RPM foster mom, he overcame his injuries in fine fashion. We know they made it safely to Colorado last Friday and now we are waiting to hear who opens their hearts and homes to these sweeties. HPPL was founded to provide life saving medical care to animals. Proof positive with these two …not to mention another opportunity for two Houston animal organizations to come together and make a difference. Are you smiling!

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