7 thoughts on “Over the Hills and Far Away

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    Marika - May 28, 2014

    tell him to take off his hat so I can see his face!

    signed internet stalker of cowboy that loves doggies

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    […] here is a link to last week’s transport blog post!  Look for Juan!  I also took sweet Layla with me, but she was headed to another foster since I […]

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    EMME - June 1, 2014

    My sweet Mia. She’s a perfect doggy.

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    Judy Indest - June 7, 2014

    If Arya, Ned or Rickon made it to your home, please send photos and I’ll send mine to you of their start in Houston….really the fostering was done in Blessing, Texas and that was fitting as they turned out to be real blessings to us. Hope they bless you as well.

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      rescuedpetsmovement - June 9, 2014

      Hi, Judy–thanks for “liking” our Facebook page and following us there. Hopefully some of your fosters’ adopters will share photos or success stories there from time to time. You can be sure that all our Colorado rescue affiliates work hard to find them the right forever homes thanks to the chance you gave them. We really appreciate the dedication of all our foster families. Thank you.

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      Elma - June 25, 2014


      We adopted Rambo (Rickon) and I would love to send you pictures of him. He is an amazing puppy and a true blessing. He’s REALLY smart. Let me know how I can send you the photos. I would also love to know more about where Rambo came from and I would love to see the photos of him when he was in Houston.

      Thank You,


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    Judy Indest - June 26, 2014

    Please send photo of Ricon/Rambo to both my email and if you can to my cell phone as a text photo. I’d recognize those eyebrows of my chunky puppy foster anywhere.

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