Roll Along Summer with RPM

Roll Along Summer

In the last days of summer, BARC was intaking record numbers of dogs and cats, and so many of our fosters were out of town, but we gave it our all and helped BARC achieve an almost 80 percent save rate. Here are some of the dogs and cats who were rescued and traveled the first week of August.

1. Shelby; Shadow; Sonic; Vincent; Pee Wee 2. Taylor; Dash; Waverly; Shipley; Redford 3. Mitch; Cinderella; Hope; Bristol; Sydney 4. Lincoln; Haley; Brady; Lucy; Ingrid 5. Irene; Iman; Tiara; Nubbin and Niblet; Lorena 6. Plato; Butch; Indira; Ivy; Inez 7. Sadie; Zeus; Zahara; Zippy; Conrad 8. Gemma; John; Dada; Darth; Gandalf 9. Gracie; Margeaux; Geo; Mia; Moose
1. Jet; Angela; Dundee; Dancey; Kipster 2. Kaitlyn; Bryn; Frankie; Curly; Patricia 3. Giselle; Gino; Yankee; Gary; Scarlett 4. Olga; Oswald; Kiki; Van; Greer 5. Gilroy; Quincy; Quill; Lucy; Kaylee 6. Jackie; Harriet; Dottie; Pam; Princess 7. Violet’s puppies Vivian, Vicky, Vera, Venetia, Vanna, Vogel, Vanessa, Virgil, and Vista; Violet; Misty, Merlin, and Mia; Cleo, Lee, and Levi

The second transport of August our Wisconsin partner traveled down to pick up this great bunch of dogs.

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled that same week to Colorado.

1. Sylvester; Dilly; Chloe; Jennilou; Beth 2. Joey; Rita; Fishy; Reba; Reinhart 3. Ryanna; Mallory; Donnie; Sperry and Selene; Hyacinth 4. Gianna; Charlie; Whiskers; Henry; Halo 5. Henry; Athena; Athena’s puppies Ariel, Aslan, Arwyn, and Amana; Smo; Jerry 6. Strawberry; Ying, Yang, and Thor; Buckley; Rebel; Howdy 7. Rikki; Rhona; Renay; Raquel; Brad 8. Tim; Keith; Faith; Lady; Siri 9. Paris; Pierson; Pearl; Bruce; Mike
1. Zed; Zarah; Tanzy; Zuzu; Harp 2. Bud; Killian; Zesta; Gus; Sasha 3. Joy; Zeke; Travis; Sorcha; Willa 4. Piper; Rocky; Stanley; Selma; Sita 5. Soloman; Hadley; Hadley’s puppies Harlow, Harley, Hera, Hilda, and Hamlet; Sweets, Spot, Love, and Rain Cloud 6. Paige and her kittens; Luke, Finn, and Jedi; Gloryvee, Glory Gata, and Gibbs; Gabby and her kittens; Karma, Grace, and Chance

Scorching temperatures and flash floods notwithstanding, we were able to get these great dogs and cats on the road the third week of August.

1. Bones; Dahlia; Hawthorne; Rukus; Sitka 2. Ricardo; Rebekah; Roma Hope; Gus; Sam 3. Ellis; Memphis; Drew; Brooks; Orlando 4. Evan; Becca; Monty; Molly; Earl 5. Manila; Macon; Rose; Rory; Clara 6. Clarissa; Casey; Marshall; Duke; Ash 7. Moe; Bonnie; Misty; Ash; Happy 8. Kayla; Joe; Leo; Annie; Olive 9. Clyde; Bonnie; Cailey; Abel; Sandy
1. Dennis and Michele; Carl and Brian; Yoty; Olaf; Raiford 2. Roman; Rio Vista; Robert Lee; Riverside; Rio Bravo 3. Rio Grande City; Rio Hondo; Oakley; Tessa; Daisy 4. Fletch; River Oaks; Robinson; Roanoke; Kara 5. Dudley; Daisy; Iris; Peachy; Berkley
1. Reena; Leonard; Lenore; Forest, Flora, and Fauna; Drake 2. Munich; Liz; Ghita; Ghita’s puppies Gwenda, Gurley, Gaspar, Gidget, and Gonzo 3. Kenley; Kiley; Kibbie and Kismet; Versace and Grayset; Rayada and her kittens 4. Athena and her kittens; Jaime, Jay, Jasmine, Jaylen, and Lexi; Luke, Goldie, George, Chewy, and Yoda; Cali; Greyston, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Julius, and OJ

Here are the beautiful dogs who traveled to Wisconsin the last week of the month. We really love this partnership.

1. Hester; Titan; Luna; Gem 2. Malone; Harris; Maggie; Shelbie 3. Tango; Demerys; Heather; Fresno

And finally, as August drew to a close, here are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado on our last transport of the month.

1. Diamond; Archie; Reggie; Ke Ke; Yenta 2. Yenta’s puppies Yancey, Yoki, Yoshi, Yule, Yolanda, Yazzie, Yogi, and Yumi; Handsome; Thomas 3. Jade; Cairo; Baron; Gordon; Binx 4. Reyna; Lily; Yasmine; Maggie; Squirtle 5. Pikachu; Eevee; Pollywag; Jigglypuff; Darling 6. Spot; Clarence; Hailey; Tucker; Cinn 7. Kristen; Luna; Susan; Susan’s puppies Sienna, Stevie, Shalyn, and Sonia 8. Avery; Drake; Max; Misty; Abel 9. Baby Girl; Blue Eyes; Bella; Peaches; Electra
1. Denver; Junior; Hurst; Princess; Max 2. Logan; Belinda; Peanut; Sheriff; Rudy 3. Chispa; Diana; Jojo; Ray; Lana 4. Nike; Holly; Zorro; Monica; Welby 5. Rafa; Peaches; Boyce; Mercedes and Mirage; Madison 6. Sandy; China; Sunshine, Bella, Snicker, and Mulan; Chula; Tor 7. Ticker; Tesla; Garner; Tempo; Trent 8. Terri; Yulo and Youlie; Pickle and Beast; Justin; Hunter

We can’t wait to see what fall will bring, knowing we’ll be able to keep this movement going thanks to our fantastic fundraising results in the Mickelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge, and with the Best Friends Animal Society’s Stut Your Mutt event just around the corner. Thank you to all of our fosters, transporters, volunteers, donors, partners, and staff for all you do!

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