RPM and Indulge Auctions


Rescued Pets Movement is pleased to announce that we have been selected as Indulge Auctions’ very first Charity of Choice, which means that we will receive a portion of the profits from several of their upcoming sales. If you aren’t familiar with Indulge Auctions, they are an online fixed-price, fixed-quantity flash sale boutique featuring designer, designer-inspired and fashion jewelry, accessories and apparel. Their weekly sales begin at 10 AM Wednesdays, and shipping is free. They operate on a first-come, first-served basis–so be sure to shop early and often. We hope you’ll visit them at Facebook.com/IndulgeAuctions, as well as “Like” and “Follow” them. When checking out, enter the promo code RPM10 to receive a 10% discount off of your purchases. We’re crossing our paws that you’ll do some shopping to benefit RPM!

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